~*~ the scott boys~*~

this story is about 2 bestfriends, since birth being inlove with their bestfriend brinley taylor, one of the scott boys has her rapped around his finger, she changed her ways from being a tomboy to a cute southern girl but when vincent scott goes on a whole summer long vacation she changes, she doesnt wanna be good anymore she wants to be bad, she wants to feel sexy. when beau starts to feel for her will she go with beau or stay with vincent, find out in the scott boys


3. the scott boys

brinleys pov- 
the school day ends and I met up with Vincent at his truck. "you still mad at me?" he asked leaning on the truck one hand on the hood other on my cheek, rubbing my cheek with his thumb "I was never mad Vincent, I just wanted to spend my last summer before going to college with you and I will only get a week" I look down "it's not fair" he stares at me as the afternoon light hit his eyes his brown eyes glowed in sadness "I'm sorry brin" he hugs me tight, Vincent is built like his dad tall, muscular and perfect. I love Vincent scott. 

that night at Vincent's house I watched him put his suitcases in his truck. he was gunna follow them going down there, I leans against the truck and stared at him, he looked at me and sighed, "I'm probably gonna miss you more than you'll miss me vin" 
he chuckles and walks over to me hovering over me "I seriously doubt that" I smile big and kiss him softly. he pulled away and asked, "where's beau?" 
"hey Vin! you gonna leave without sayin bye to your own bestfriend?" we both looked over and saw beau, Vincent laughed an shook his head "I couldn't leave without sayin' by to you bud!" beau and Vincent gave each other a brotherly hug. "didn't think so" beau laughed and looked at me and nodded "hey brin" "hey loser" beau put his hand to his chest "ouch, that hurt brin" he laughed and rapped his arm around me. I roll my eyes and laugh  "good!" 
"hey vin! you ready to go?" Vincent's dad yelled from the camper "yea! I'm ready" 
Vincent looked at me and sighed "ill be back the first Sunday of August okay?" I nod and kiss him softly, he pulls away and whispers "take care of beau for me" I giggle "alright" 
me and beau stepped back as they all pulled out of the driveway.
"you need a ride" he asked slowly walking to his black silverado 
"sure" i follow him to his truck and get in with his help of course. 
"so you going to my field party tomarrow?" "nah" "why not?" "cause it's not my thing" i shrugged "are you ser--" he pulls over and looks at me "what happened to that girl freshman year? she loved to go fishin and muddin and always wore her favorite boots and wore shorts and always wore her hair in a pony tail and--" i interrupted him "well that girl doesn't exist anymore, she grew up and isnt a child anymore, im classy. im a women now" "you can be a women and get down and dirty too Brinley" he disagreed with me. he disagreed with everything i did with Vincent. beau is a bad country boy, yea he went to church but he loved to party And loved to have sex. and he just is a total opposite of Vincent. 
I sigh "i might okay.." i stare at him  , he smile and puts one hand on my knee "by the end of summer your gonna be the that girl i--" he stopped.. and sighed. "what" "nothin" i was so confused

that night i layers in bed and wondered what beau was trying to say. or wanted to say. it was hard to figure out, i just forgot about it and slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

sorry it took so long, i have school tomarrow so i might not be able to post another chapter till Wednesday so be ready :-) 

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