~*~ the scott boys~*~

this story is about 2 bestfriends, since birth being inlove with their bestfriend brinley taylor, one of the scott boys has her rapped around his finger, she changed her ways from being a tomboy to a cute southern girl but when vincent scott goes on a whole summer long vacation she changes, she doesnt wanna be good anymore she wants to be bad, she wants to feel sexy. when beau starts to feel for her will she go with beau or stay with vincent, find out in the scott boys


2. the scott boys

8 years later

brinley's pov-

having to wake up at 6 am for school is the worst thing in the world, BUT im a senior and after today ill start my summer right. spend it with my amazing boyfriend vincent. the guy ive known and been best friends since 5th grade, and spend it with his cousin beau is is also my best friend, i get up and do my daily routine, shower, sit on my bed for a few minutes on my phone or watch tv, find something to wear if i already didnt do that the night before, i put my clothes on and then start to fix my hair, should i curl it? nah, i dont wanna waste 30 minutes doing that. straighten it, eh maybe.. should i pull it in a pony tail? no.. vincent likes my hair down so im gunna straighten it.

as i finished with my hair, i heard a honk out side my house, i smile as i see vincent walking up to my door, i run to the door and open it before he can knock, "hey beautiful" vincent smiles and kisses my cheek softly. "hey vin" i smile as he kiss my cheek. we walk to his truck and he helps me in, its a big truck and im 5'1 so im gunna need some help, vincent is a church boy, my dad a preacher and he LOVES vincent;

vincent and i have been together for about 3 years started dating in sophomore year and going on stong, but before that we've been friends since 5th grade, him and his cousin beau treated me like one the guys, my mama didnt like me hanging with a bunch of boys cause she thought i was gonna end up like one; i was 10 i didnt know why she didnt want me too hang out with them till now, i understand why, whenever i first started wearing dresses and skirts my mama was so happy, her words exactly were "im so glad you got rid of that fase and became a lady" i figured hell, what guy would like a tomboy so i changed into a girly girl, i dont fish, i dont go muddin, and i absolutley dont wear my boots anymore, heals and sandals, vincent likes that.

vincent gets in the truck and starts driving, he always holds my hand while driving it makes me feel safe. we arrive to school and we park next to beau, he has a a truck too, but his is black and vincents is white, beau started his honking at girls,i roll my eyes and get out,

"beau, honkin and scarin the girls aint gonna make them want you more" i giggle and he turns his head quick "it got you talk to me" he smirks "yea but im different, i have a man" i rap vincents arm around me and he smiles "damn right you do brin" vincent kisses my head and walks inside

the school day goes by and its lunch. im at my locker and it goes black, "guess who" i hear in my ear. "vincent" i smile the light comes back and i turn around to see that i was right, i feel a kiss on my lips gently but pashionatly. i pull away slowly "that was random" i bite my lower lip "i had to do that before i told you something" i nod "okayyy, what?" he sighs and looks at me "i have to go on vacation the whole summer" oh thats fine... wait a minute "what?" i say wanting him to repeat the last part again "i have to go on vacation the whole summer" "the whole summer?" i say getting irritated "i thought we had plans to spend the whole summer together" "we do, we have the last week of summer together sweethear" he grabs my hips " but i dont want to see you for just a week i wanna see you the whole summer, thats not fair we've had these plans since the beginning of senior year" i cross my arms "i know brinley but my dad wants to go to camping the whole summer " i look down, now what do i do all summer.."what am i supposed to do this summer? i made all these plans to do things with you this summer and now we cant, the things i planned arent gunna be done just a week vincent" "why are you getting mad? family comes first im sorry brinley but im going, i cant say no to dad and you know that" he brown eyes get darker. i sigh and lookd own "will you call me everyday?" "of course, if i have service down there if i dont ill write to you" he hugs me. i slowly hug back. "okay..um.. when do you leave?" he coughs and says something under his breath "what i didnt get that?" "um... tonight" TONIGHT!!! "tonight?!?!" "yes, my dad has the camper ready with our stuff and we're leaving as soon as he gets home from work. my summer before being a college student is ruined.


i have to stop, ive been ont he computer for 6 hours HAHA mom is making me. ill write a few later on my phone :) stay tuned

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