~*~ the scott boys~*~

this story is about 2 bestfriends, since birth being inlove with their bestfriend brinley taylor, one of the scott boys has her rapped around his finger, she changed her ways from being a tomboy to a cute southern girl but when vincent scott goes on a whole summer long vacation she changes, she doesnt wanna be good anymore she wants to be bad, she wants to feel sexy. when beau starts to feel for her will she go with beau or stay with vincent, find out in the scott boys


1. the scott boys

~~8 years ago~~

beau's pov-

"hey vincent, we gonna go fishin later" i said walking to the tree house we built a few days ago. vincent stuck his head out the small window hole and yelled "yea i was just grabbing the bait we got last night" he said as he was walking down the ladder, vincent is my cousin but mostly he's my bestfriend, we've been friends since birth, people think we're twins cause we look so much alike but he has blonde hair and i have brown, but we tell them that we're cousins and our fathers are brothers we boith have our fathers looks. mama always tells me that im my father made over head to toe but instead i have my moms blue eyes and matt has his dads eyes.


we start walking to the creek we always fish at. about 10 feet away from the tree house. its so close that when we look out the west side window we can see the sunset on the creek, its beautiful; "hey beau, did you invite brinley?" he asked sitting down the bucket of worms. "yea, she should be here any minute now" vincent nods and smiles "what?" i ask, his eyes got all googly and they started to sparkle. "nothin, its just brinley is so pretty" i nod in agreement.

brinley is our bestfriend, she lives down the road from us, we met her in school, she was the new girl last year she wasnt a normal girly girl, we had field day we played kickball all the guys did, there was 10 guys on both teams but then one girl changed it, one team had 10 guys and the other team had 10 guys and 1 girl, she is the biggest tomboy ive ever seen, she kicks the ball harder than any guy i know, she has blonde hair and blue eyes, she was tiny but she was tough when we played football we offered to play two hand touch but she said no lets play rough, we played so rough that this kid james burges broke her arm by tackling her, he started to cry and say he was sorry multiple times and she sat there and said "why ya crying? im the one with a broken arm here!" she didnt even shed a tear, not one, i thought 'man that is one tough girl'

she has the cutest country accent, its not too thick of an accent but she has some words that are super thick, country wise.


i threw out the line and we heard cracking behind us; vincent and i turned around and saw a girl with jean shorts on with cowboy boots and a tshirt with no sleaves, it was brinley;

"hey y'all" theres that cute accent of hers, "hey brin, you gonna fish?" vincent asked smilin handing her a pole, she grabs the pole "thats why im here arent i?" she smirks a half smirk and baits the hook and throws it out. brinley was an amazing girl, i couldnt wait to grow up with her, she was just perfect.

~*~ as you read this short little note ill be making the next chapter, next chapter will be them 8 years later comment what you think :)~

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