Lovely Little Psychopath

Lilly, a cute delicate little name for a girl that isn't so cute and delicate.
She wouldn't have a problem slipping poison into your morning coffee just to watch you writher on the floor in agony, or cutting your breaks and watching you run through a stop light and hit a fire hydrant. Lilly doesn't seem much like a cute little girl anymore, does she?

But, this is a book about a Psychopath, so what did you really expect?


2. Confessions

"Why did you do it?" was the first question out of his mouth. Of course, they always asked why, which she had never understood, it seemed to obvious, the only reason to kill off the male species. If no males existed no males could hurt her. It wasn't a particularly hard concept to grasp, but nobody ever seemed to get it.

Rather than answering she stayed silent, staring into the calm gray eyes of her captor, which were steadily becoming more and more stormy as the time passed in silence. "Lilly, I can't help you if you don't tell me anything."

Still she said nothing, not even an expression on her face to indicate that she had heard him. He furrowed his eyebrows and continued to watch her warily. He tugged at the collar of his white shirt and she tilted her head to the side, examining him. He was nervous. Why? There was no immediate danger to him anywhere that she could see, and she didn't understand why he was so nervous. If anyone should've been scared she should've been, she was the one locked in a room with the only thing that could hurt her, a male.

He cleared his throat, and looked uncomfortable.

"Lilly,-" He started, but she knew he was just going to ask her the same question again, and didn't waste her time listening to it.

"I do it because the less men there are in the world the less likely it is to happen again." She stated blatantly.

He tilted his head and nodded. "Less likely for what to happen?"

She blinked, why was he so stupid? She wondered. He already knew the answer to that.

"Why are you asking me stupid questions?" She wondered aloud.

He looked at her taken aback, but quickly regained his composure. "I just want to make sure that  understand your reasoning."

"My reasoning is that the less men there are in general on the planet the less likely it is for me to be raped again. Is that clear enough for you?" She asked, legitimately attempting to help him understand, treating him like the slow child he obviously was.

"Yes, thank you, now, can you tell me about how many men you've killed?" He asked, bracing himself for her answer.

"Twenty-six," She replied.

"That's four more than we have on record." He said almost to himself.

She nodded, "I know, I was the one who called in most of the tips,  only called when the bodies were recognizable, I never really mean to, it just kind of happens. I'll be walking down the street and see a man with eyes like his, or hair like his, or his face shape and sometimes I'll keep walking, and others... others I just can't take it, it hits me too hard, and I just crack."

He nodded. "Do you regret killing them?"

"I regret having to kill them." She answered evasively.

"You regret being raped, but not what you've done since then," he restated, trying "understand her reasoning."

"Yes. It feels good to kill them, it's reaffirming the fact that he's dead, and that he can't hurt me, and assuring that there's one less man that could hurt me the same way." She shrugged, but inside speaking of what she had done was making something tick. A feeling that she couldn't place, couldn't understand.

"I see, Lilly, are you aware that what you're doing is wrong?" He asked her, and she crinkled her forehead in confusion. Wrong? How was it wrong to protect herself? She was just keeping herself and possibly others safe from these evil men.

"How can protecting yourself be wrong?" She countered, remembering all the death threats she had received from her victims. It was survival of the fittest, and she was no longer a gazelle  among lions, but a lion among gazelles.

"How do you know these men would've hurt you?"

"Men are men, and they have wants, and many of them don't care if a willing partner is satisfying them."

"How would you know, have you asked many men? Maybe the ones you were killing were the ones that would never dream of hurting someone."

"Or maybe they were following some poor innocent girl home from a long day of work and I saved her life." She responded.

He nodded, conceding, "But things like that aren't your decisions to make, that is why we have the police department."

"The police department didn't help me when I was raped, why would I believe that they would help someone else, or help me if it happened to me again. I have no faith in your police department, they already failed me once."

"So you told me, and I'm having the case pulled as we speak, was he ever charged?"

"No, my mother claimed that no man on earth would rape me, because of how undesirable I was, then defended him when I went to the police."

"If you resented her then why did you go to her house to often?"

"I did not resent my mother, I still do not, she saw the error of her ways after it was too late, if I hadn't already been so far gone I'm sure she would've tried to reconcile."

"Then why did you break into your mothers house, surely you knew that we were picking up on the pattern."

"It's the only place I feel safe." She confessed, but did not elaborate.

"Why did you only feel safe there?"

"Because... because it's the only familiar place that I have."

He nodded again.

"Lilly, if I were to let you go right now, just let you walk out the door, do you think you would kill again?" He asked, balancing his head on his chin.

"Maybe, but I don't ever plan to kill, it just happens. It's like I'm taken over by a blind rage, and I just can't control it."

"Do you think you can get better?"

"Better? What's wrong with me?" She asked, trying to keep her tone even. Had she caught a sickness that she didn't know about?

He sighed. "Lilly, I'm going to put you in police custody, okay, and we're going to put you a holding cell, we'll treat you right, so there's no need to be afraid, but this is more for your safety than anyone elses. Everyone knows who the infamous Man-Killer is, and they're angry. We are only trying to protect you, so if you'll just come with me, we'll give you a place to stay."

"Maybe I want to die," She stated as he stood. "Maybe that would be a good thing for me."

"Or maybe it wouldn't be, now come on, I'll have my wife make you some cookies for a snack later."

"It's eleven o'clock at night," She stated, knowing that the insinuation was enough.

"Just the same." He motioned for her to walk out the door.

She shrugged and followed him, knowing that in the end she would have to anyway, and not following him would end the game too quickly.

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