Lovely Little Psychopath

Lilly, a cute delicate little name for a girl that isn't so cute and delicate.
She wouldn't have a problem slipping poison into your morning coffee just to watch you writher on the floor in agony, or cutting your breaks and watching you run through a stop light and hit a fire hydrant. Lilly doesn't seem much like a cute little girl anymore, does she?

But, this is a book about a Psychopath, so what did you really expect?


5. Carousal


She sighed as the detective walked away and sat down on the bench, angrily confined once again to the iron barred prison. She hated it here. She opened the container full of cookies and took a sniff. She should've told him that she was allergic to cinnamon, but she hadn't thought of it at the time. She put the lid back on the case and set it under the bench before laying down, her torn skirt was settling around her waist, but she didn't care. She was tired. She always took a nice day and a half long nap after a good kill, she'd never had to stay up for so long after exerting so much energy, but she couldn't fall asleep here. She didn't trust this place, but she was tired, just so tired.

Her eyes fluttered as the high of the game wore off and she felt her mind go fuzzy, and no longer had a reason to stay awake. Her eyes almost drifted closed with finality when the door to her cell suddenly slammed open. She was up and on her feet in an instant as instinct took over, she took a defensive stance, but her vision blacked out and she wobbled slightly from getting up to fast.

"Lilly?" The officer asked, though there was no one else she could be.

"Yes?" She asked gripping the iron bars to her right to keep from falling forward.

"Lucifer is here to bail you out, you're free to go, just don't leave the state." He informed her.

She smiled wickedly and looked to the left where a smirking Lucifer stood. He gave her a wink and she rolled her eyes. She brushed past the officer and went to Lucifer who immediately took her around the waist.

"Thank you officer." He smiled kissing Lilly's temple. "My fiancée promises not to be anymore trouble." He quickly whisked her away from the station and the second the elevator door closed behind them he pulled a dress out of his coat, handing the small piece of fabric to her he stopped the elevator.

"Fiancée?" She questioned taking the dress from him and stripping right there, shamelessly and putting on the black skin tight article her cohort had offered. It was a decent looking dress, not uncovering anything that should have been covered, but the skin-tightness made it still appropriate for a club.

"You have to be immediate family to bail someone out, stupidly, that was all I could think of that wouldn't require some sort of proof." He shrugged.

"Well thank you, I was about to rip a head off, it was so irritating in there." She told him as she fixed her hair in the mirrored wall of the elevator. "Do you have a girlfriend who I can borrow some make-up from before we go trouble making?" She questioned. She had received a sudden burst of adrenaline when he showed up, and was now running on the high for as long as it would last.

"No, but my sisters things are still in her room, you can try and make use of that." He told her as he restarted the elevator.

"Oh, no." She shook her head. "I could never."

"No, you might as well, it's better than having it just sit around." He stated emotionlessly.

She hated to see people she didn't think deserved it in pain, so without hesitation she closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around his waist, laying her head on his chest. He stood there stiffly a moment before relaxing and holding her back.

"If it makes you feel better, there's a look men like that have, a broken guilty look, and I kill it when I see it, more than likely he's dead."

He shook his head and held her a little tighter. "He was the leader." He shook his head again, but more like he was trying to forget. He placed his head in the crook of her neck and she felt a wetness roll down her shoulder. He was crying.

He laughed coldly, and held her a little tighter. "Is it wrong that I only invited you tonight to get you to kill him with me?" He asked her, a wry chuckle in his throat. The door opened and he still didn't move.

"I would have been surprised if that wasn't the case, now why don't we go find our target, hmm?" She asked him, rubbing his back soothingly.

"It sounds amazing." He grinned, pulling away from her and shooting his hand out just as the elevator door started to close.

They stepped out and into the main office building, then strode right out the door, attracting much less attention that they had when they had been drug in earlier that night with handcuffs on their wrists. Lucifer lead Lilly out, arm around her waist as she leaning into his side, to anyone outside of their little group they looked like a couple of little delinquents, madly in love and off to do no good, but in reality they were just off to do no good.

They walked onto the street and a sleek black car pulled up, followed by a silver-gray one that looked almost exactly the same. The driver got out and Lucifer opened the door for her so that she could slide in, giving her a peck on the cheek for good measure. He then buckled her in and closed the door, making the joke that he couldn't have her running away on him.

She laughed half-heartedly, but she was slowly coming down from the original adrenaline rush. She leaned her head against the back rest just as he was opening the door.

"Tired?" he asked, closing the door and driving.

"Just a little, I killed tonight, I haven't had a nap since."

"Well you can crash at mine until tomorrow night, it's getting a bit too late to start anyway." He assured her, driving at break neck speeds towards the west side of town.

"Sounds good, but I want a room with a lock." She demanded. She always slept in a room with a lock, and always locked it. If worse came to worse she would rather die in a fire or of starvation than risk being in an unknown place surrounded by unknown people with the possibility of being raped yet again. Her old room hadn't had a lock. She had corrected that the second she killed her step father.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." He smiled, glancing her way with a devilish look.

"A lock to keep people out, not me in." She laughed when he looked horrified, but his face soon smoothed out and then he laughed with her.

"I'm serious though." She deadpanned suddenly, and he turned to her, ignoring the road, and looked her straight in the eyes.

"If that will make you comfortable I have no problem with it." He assured her. She smiled and relaxed into the seat.

"So, wanna tell me more about this guy we're targeting?" She questioned, as they pulled into a parking lot outside of an apparently abandoned building.

"Inside." He said, as he started to unbuckle his seatbelt and get out of the car. She moved to do the same, but he put his hand over hers.

"I'd feel better if you waited for me to let you out." He pleaded with her, "Just in case."

She nodded and let him let her out, then let herself be escorted across the parking lot and into a shabby looking elevator.



"That's him." He smiled, indicating the man behind him who had just walked in.

She laughed a bubbly laugh and questioned, "How did you know?"

"I have a guy back there watching him." He told her gesturing for another drink to a scantily dressed waitress.

"How smart." She smiled and shook her head with a bright smile as she leaned over and put a hand on his forearm, keeping with the cover they had decided on. They were on a date as far as anyone was concerned.

He leaned over the table and he leaned closer so he could whisper in her ear. "You're a wonderful actress." She giggled and caught the eye of the gang leader. She gave him a quick wink, and leaned back in her seat, relaying the information to Lucian.

"He has his eyes on me." She told him kissing his lips lightly. She shot the gang leader behind Lucian a wink, and then got up. There was a hungry look that mirrored one her father may have worn, a predatory look that would scare someone lesser. Killing his man was going to be excruciatingly easy.

"I'll be right back," she assured him, but as per the plan he would follow her shortly.

"Take your time," he grinned evilly, and she couldn't lie, the look was an attractive one. She leaned into his ear.

"Oh, I will." He straightened and flipped her hair gracefully to expose the small henna tattoo that mirrored the one that his sister ha worn. His eyes zoned in on her long very exposed legs and then up to her face, she now mirrored the lusty expression that he had. He wasn't a particularly attractive man, but he dressed like he had money. She had a feeling that this was a lot more than a bunch of cholos running around with knives and guns, but continued with the plan, her gaze never leaving his always making him feel like she wanted him. This was something she did often, making men think she wanted them, little did this man know that a world of extreme pain was in store for him.

"Hey," she smiled standing by his table, "You here with someone hun?" She questioned, putting a lilting southern accent into her tone, having been told he was from the south.

"Not anyone important," he indicated the man she had been sitting with and then asked "who's your friend?"

"Old old friend," she winked and he smiled.

"I see, would you like to sit down?" He offered, pulling a chair out from beside him, and gesturing to it.

"Actually I was looking for some more immediately gratifying company, but if you can't provide it." She started to turn but he grabbed her before she had moved ninety degrees.

"I'm sure that I can provide you with the company you require." He told her. She shrugged out if his grip.

"I'm not so sure," she told him.

"If you'll give me five minutes of your time-"

"I think I'll need a little more than five minutes" she doubted him.

"Oh trust me, you won't, but I might," he snickered and stood.

"Follow me?" He offered.

She shrugged. "I doubt your abilities, but I'll try anything once."

"Trust me, you'll want this a lot more than just once." He put his hand on her ass and guided her into the back room she had long since gotten used to, and grown immune to, the feeling of violation and made no move to move his hand.

It was specifically made for things like this, a VIP room, but she doubted it'd be in use for much longer after she was done with him.

He pushed her down roughly onto the bed and climbed on top of her, unaware of the mistake she was making. She already had his murder planned out in her head, she already knew how she was going to kill him.

She smiled up at him as he took her thighs in his hands. "Not everyone is what they seem, are they?" He grinned wickedly as he pulled her up on him.

"You have no idea." She replied, returning his grin.

He started to slip his hand up her dress but she stopped him.

"Here, let me." She rolled out from under him, moving into a kneeling position at eye level with him. Just then Lucian decided to join their little game.

"Well would you look at that." She grinned while she kept his attention, teasing him with her fingers.

Lucian grinned evilly, and then the duct tape was pulled out. He didn't even hear it. "Mouth first?" She questioned him running her finger over his disgustingly chapped lips. Even in the full lighting the man was dreadfully unattractive.

He gulped and she nodded. "That's a yes?" She assured him. She came closer to him and his eyes drifted closed, anticipating a kiss. She pulled back just as Lucian wrapped the duct tape around his mouth.

"Oh, didn't I mention?" She said absentmindedly pulling a small knife from beneath her dress. "I'm just a bit kinkier than your average BDSM enthusiast." She giggled.

He screamed something muffled by the tape over his mouth and she giggled harder.

"Oh, and lets not forget," she murmured, drawing the tip of the knife along his rough, stubble ridden face. "You, will be the one being penetrated tonight."

She dug the knife into his cheek, hitting his teeth, and he screamed, the sound slightly less muffled with the gaping hole in his cheek.

"Hardcore. Isn't it?" she murmured, widening the hole. She felt a pleasured shudder run down her spine at the sight of blood running down his paling face.

"I'm going to enjoy this." She giggled, pulling her knife out of his face and before he could blink away the pained tears she dug the soiled steel into his outer thigh, hitting the bone. He let out an agonizing cry, but she let out a scream of her own to make it look as though they were mutually pleasuring each other.

"So wicked." Murmured Lucian from behind her as he reached around her and twisted the blade. Their victim screamed yet again, and she covered his screaming in the same way.

"My specialty." She assured him.

"You know that's actually sort of hot." He murmured, wrapping one arm around her waist as he gave her the knife he wrenched out of his leg.

"Hands off." She ordered subtly taking the knife and drawing it along his arm, leaving a trail of blood behind "or I'll tie you up next to him."

"You are kinky," he joked, but released her just the same, a glint of mischief still in his eyes. She cleaned the soiled blade on a handkerchief she pulled out of her bra.

"Hold this?" She asked him, handing him the blood ridden white cloth. He took it and folded it neatly, setting the cloth in his pocket.

"And you." She murmured to her latest victim "Hold his." She plunged the knife into his stomach and he cried out in pain, but she covered it.

"From now on." She spoke as she continued to play her game, "when you scream, I stab you again, this is your only warning," She told him as she stepped back. He watched her with a pained expression and she pulled the knife out of him.

He screamed in agony and she tsk-ed. "Bad boy." She told him, letting the knife sink into the hard flesh of his thigh.

He worked his best to stay quiet that time, letting out just a small whimper. She leaned into his ear and murmured. "How does it feel, to be penetrated against your will, it isn't fun, is it?" She pulled the knife out of his leg and he whimpered again, but didn't scream.

"Good, you're learning." She giggled, "But you know who will never have the chance to learn again? Melany. Perhaps you remember her. Was she hot and tight? Did she scream?" She question. "Did she beg you to stop? Did you get a sick pleasure out of torturing her?" She asked him, pushing the blade into his groin. He screamed.

She tsk-ed again. "Some people just don't learn." She walked around behind him, and grabbed one of his hands. She took his pointer on his right hand and nibbled the tip.

"Did you use this to hurt her?" She asked him, biting down harder on the finger until she bit through it completely. He screamed. She spit the appendage out, into his lap, and let him see his severed finger.

"This is what happens to rapists love. They get raped." She pulled the knife out of his groin. She was positive she severed something, and at this point he had lost enough blood to die. She pointed the handle towards Lucian, who was just standing there watching them.

"Would you like to do the honors?" She smiled wickedly, the side of her that killed completely dominate now.

He took the blade from her without a word and glided towards the man that he had hated for so many years.

"This is for my sister you disgusting bastard." He growled at him before pulling the blade hard across his throat. Blood spilt from the wound in his cheek where he was coughing up blood and she smiled in delight as she watched the man die, taking his last breaths a regretful man.

"Well, that was fun." She giggled, looking over her handiwork, circling the dead man sitting in the chair. She had a few drops of blood on her, but nothing major.



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