91% of the human population was destroyed while fighting against the one and only... Vampires. That was only in two weeks of a break out of an unknown cause, growing population of immortal beings otherwise known as vampires. Over the next 18 years 4% were found and well, I think you know what happened to them. The remaining 5% is hiding in small pockets all over the world. Evelyn Falcon, is one person in that 5%. Along with three of her friends who she has known since birth. They understand the whole concept about what a vampire is like everyone else. But there is way more to it then they know.


2. Chapter Two-

Chapter 2-

"Evelyn." Noah whispered waking up from a slumber. "Why are you still up?" She asked her girl friend who was staring at a contained fire that have been lit for now over 7 hours. 

"I can't sleep. I had the dream again." Evelyn replied pulling the thin, worn blanket tighter around herself. 

Noah sighed and got up from his sleeping spot on the opposite side of the fire and wandered over next to her. "Why do you keep having the same repeating dream, over and over again?" She shrugged. "It was all in the past. Just forget it-"

"I can't forget it though. And I don't know how you are able to. It was your sister. And our friend Harper. And that Daniel boy." Evelyn coldly replied. Noah ran his fingers through his light brown hair, determining what to say.

"Well yeah. I know that. I obviously can't forget them, because you're right, Olivia was my sister. But we can't keep wallowing about that night. We're on our own now, and we need to worry about the future, what will happen to us, and stop thinking about people who's destiny has already come." Noah tried to explain.

"Don't mistake destiny for fate." A voice said from the left side of Evelyn. It was Conner. He laid on his back, hands on his stomach, eyes wide open staring at the night sky. Or what he could see of it through the tops of the trees. Evelyn and Noah were surprised to find him awake.

"What are you talking about?" Evelyn asked. Her and Noah's eyes were now glued to Conner. He turned his head to the right and was now staring back at his brother and friend. 

"Don't mistake. Destiny. For fate." Conner slowly repeated. He saw the two in front of him we're still confused. "Noah, you said to, 'stop thinking about people who's destiny has already come'. You think that it is destiny that they all have to die from damn blood suckers?" He stopped to let that sink in to Evelyn and Noah, as he sat up and then continued. "Well it wasn't. Wasn't destiny that they all died like that. It wasn't there destiny, it didn't have to happen. It was fate, for there it had to happen." When he finished his speech nobody said any thing for awhile. 

"Since when we're you so deep?" Liam mumbled sitting up. He looked around at all his friends. "Oh, we're all awake now." He said with a little hint of a smile. 

"I'm not deep. it's just the truth." Conner replied, while Liam let out a small laugh. 

"Isn't it weird?" Liam asked, knowing no body knew what he was asking. "Weird that We all met when we we're little people, and now years later, we're older and still together?" It was true, Conner, Noah, and Evelyn met when they we're just newborns. When the vampires started to eliminate the human race. When they were all around five years old, Liam and his family met everyone else in the 'group'. Now they are 17 and still with each other. 

"Yeah," Evelyn smiled, trying to push all the depressing thoughts, and conversations that just happened out of her head. "I guess it is."

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