91% of the human population was destroyed while fighting against the one and only... Vampires. That was only in two weeks of a break out of an unknown cause, growing population of immortal beings otherwise known as vampires. Over the next 18 years 4% were found and well, I think you know what happened to them. The remaining 5% is hiding in small pockets all over the world. Evelyn Falcon, is one person in that 5%. Along with three of her friends who she has known since birth. They understand the whole concept about what a vampire is like everyone else. But there is way more to it then they know.


3. Chapter Three-

Chapter 3-

It wasn't long after they all had fallen asleep that they were once again woken up, but this time it wasn't by one of them waking up and then all of the rest continue to wake up.

Simultaneously, a large and powerful hand was violently grabbing each of the humans' mouths any volume of screaming or yelling they were going to spit out as soon as they woke up. Which was immediately after the hands were placed where they were. There was a lot of...flailing. But there was no effort in the immortals as they were on their knees before the humans. 

The one above Liam smiled as he tried to escape from his grasp even though Liam knew he couldn't escape from the beasts in front of them. The vampire grinned slyly and waved a finger from his free left hand back and forth as a symbol to not fidget. 

"No need for that. Don't waste any power you have. It won't help." He said in a sarcastic sympathetic voice. 

Skidding over to them was a tall, thin, olive skinned girl, with long slick black hair in a high pony tail and what looked like a strange kind of leather shirt and pants. "Oh Josiah, stop talking to them. It will only make them want to cooperate with us less." She said standing right behind Liam's head which was being held to the ground. "Idiot." She muttered while she walked over to the middle in between Conner and Evelyn who were still struggling to get free.

Conner stopped wriggling when he saw the woman before him. He looked up at her with wide brown eyes, and to Evelyn, a stunned look on his face. The woman bent down and almost shoved the vampire next to her and Conner to have her face right above his. "What could your name be?" She deviously smiled to Conner's benefit. 

He couldn't reply to her question which annoyed him so he frowned, which made his eyebrows go down, and looked at the hand. "Bentley for gods sake! Let him breath will ya'?" She said acting to sound like she actually cared. "So again, what could your name be?" She placed one of her hands on his chest, in the middle of his ribs, and looked as if she was steadying herself. 

It awkwardly took awhile for Conner to gather the courage to say something. He knew she was a vampire, even though her eyes were not completely encircled by black meaning she needs to kill and eat (blood), or even red meaning she already has and now she is on a little 'blood high.' "Uh... Conner."

The woman scrunched her lips together as if she wasn't satisfied. "How about this, Conner," She started. "how about you come with me and my group," She gestured to the three vampires over Noah, Liam, and Evelyn, and the one still watching from behind the woman and Conner. "and when you do, no body else gets hurt." 

"No body else?" He looked around with a not so stunned face anymore, it was more of a scared or worried expression for his friends. 

"Yes. The first person is only to show how serious I am." She said. She returned his gaze with a more sinister look and slowly backed up to the next person, Evelyn. She looked down at her and it took maybe only two seconds for her face expression to change completely. 

On the other side of the fire Noah was screaming at the woman, hardly because it was muffled, and probably was meant to be a symbol to get away from her. Not that he could do much for that to happen. 

The woman quickly looked at Noah but back to Evelyn. She silently backed away from her and waved a hand at the vampire above Evelyn. "Get back." He seemed as confused as everyone else there, even Evelyn. "Carson get back." She yelled a small bit obviously something was not right. "Come here." She walked away from the group a couple of yards and the man on top of Evelyn, named Carson, followed. She didn't bother to call over the other three vampires because she knew they could hear. They just weren't sure if the humans were supposed to hear. 

"Do you know who that girl is?" She looked towards Evelyn who was still wide eyed at both of them. The man shook his head. "Simply because you never go to town. Right." She realized. This time the man nodded. "Well, Steven obviously knows who that is." She said. 

Back with the humans the three vampires who were listening in on their conversation yards away, they all gasped at something the woman said. "What? What's going on?" Conner asked stupidly. 

"Shut up!" Bentley said and as lightly as he could, pressed his hand on Conner's face. But still it made it shove back somewhat hard. 

"What do you mean, 'Steven knows her?' " Carson asked. "Why would you think that he knows someone like-"

"I know because it's true. All over town there are signs with pictures that they caught of humans who our kind just skipped over. They sensed that they were vampire. But as you and I can tell, she isn't one. So I don't know who passed over her but whoever did wither made a big mistake for some reason or he really thought she was one of us." She replied. "We have to bring her in."

There was a pause between them both before Carson said something. "What about the others?" He didn't even bother to look back. "The three she is with. What do we do about them?" 

"We obviously kill them. You still don't get what we're trying to do to here do you?"

"Yes I do! I just didn't know if we should bring them in just because they were with her." Carson said waiting for an answer that didn't come. "Something is obviously wrong with her. Something could be wrong with them also."

Finally the woman replied. "You could be right, but still, if nothing is they will take the girl and then kill the boys that we also had. We won't get to drink them."

"I think we should just take them all in." Josiah said. The humans had no idea of what he meant by that. They hadn't heard any part of the conversation. "Reagan. We could get in trouble."

The woman, now assumed to be Reagan, was thinking over what to do. "Fine. Your loss." She said, and walked away from Carson. "Let's go! Get up!" She strictly said to the mortals. They all immediately did what she instructed knowing she was still on edge and might crack if they didn't do as she said to.

Each human once again had one vampire with a hold on one of their arms. Reagan trailed in front, leading the way.

"Where exactly are we going?" Conner asked. 


"Who's Steven?"

"A vampire."

"Why are we going there."

"Stop asking so many idiotic questions! Nobody wants or cares to answer your damn questions!" Reagan spat at him when she came to a quick halt and spun around at him. 

She then turned around and began to walk on like nothing happened. "Don't think much of it mate. She just get's a little anxious when she doesn't get what she wants." Bentley said quietly into Conner's ear.

"I think it's stupid." Carson said as he bent down to say and pulled Evelyn with him. 

"I think it's hot," Conner said. The male vampires gave a small laugh. 

"You won't later." Carson added. 

A few minutes past and no one had been talking. Then Carson spoke up."Wait Reagan. Where are you going? This isn't the way to town. Where are you going?"

"How would you know? You don't go into town." A smile creased on Reagan's face as she spoke. 

"Where did you take us?" Conner asked.

"Our leader." 

"Isn't that Steven?" He asked.

"No. It's Louis."

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