91% of the human population was destroyed while fighting against the one and only... Vampires. That was only in two weeks of a break out of an unknown cause, growing population of immortal beings otherwise known as vampires. Over the next 18 years 4% were found and well, I think you know what happened to them. The remaining 5% is hiding in small pockets all over the world. Evelyn Falcon, is one person in that 5%. Along with three of her friends who she has known since birth. They understand the whole concept about what a vampire is like everyone else. But there is way more to it then they know.


1. Chapter One-

Chapter 1-


Evelyn Falcon grew up hiding most of her life. Hiding underground in tunnels, deep in the woods, and any other way to hide and not be seen by vampires. Evelyn in fact was born only a month before the war broke out between Vampires vs. Humans. It was pretty clear who would have won the war. Vampires. Though some un-trained vampires had been killed, still over 91% of the human population was destroyed after only one week of fighting. Another 3% was found after that in the next 18 years. Most of it was in the first couple years but after awhile you learn how to hide well. But never the less, vampires get better at searching in more places. The remaining 6% left of the human population world wide were amazingly lucky to have survived this long. 

It was not only Evelyn's family that she was with, it was all the family's and people who were alone who had also joined her family. The first family that the Falcon's met up with were the Jaxson's. The mother and father were David and Phillis. They had two sons named Noah and Conner, along with a daughter named Olivia. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over time the Falcon and Jaxson's group had grown to over 120 people which was a large quantity considering how little was left of the population. At this time Evelyn along with Noah and Conner were both 8 years of age, while Olivia was 13. In this moment they were in a subway in New York. Evelyn, Noah, and Conner were sick of being huddled up with everyone everyday as everyone else in the group felt also. But they knew they shouldn't be separated. They had went and talked to their friend Liam and another friend Harper. They all wanted to go off by themselves for once and just 'hang'. Their parents obviously denied this. 

"I'll go with them. Make sure nothing happens." Olivia said approaching them. Her parents aswell and Evelyn, Liam, and Harper's, knew even though she was only 13 she was much matured. 

"Are you sure?" Their parents asked cautiously. 

"I'll go with her. You know, for extra protection." Daniel Carter, a fourteen year old boy who also had grown up faster than expected had said. 

Eventually their parents agreed and Daniel, Olivia, Liam, Harper, Conner, Noah, and Evelyn walked off to a more secluded place to have some privacy. 

Daniel and Olivia had been dating for awhile now, though told no one knowing their parents would not approve, thinking that they may get distracted from what is most important. Surviving. 



"My bed."


They continued to list things that they missed before they had to go into hiding while walking back and forth between a few yards in the tracks. After awhile they sat down against one of the walls. 

The eight year old's weren't that far from Olivia and Daniel though they acted like the others weren't there. 

Olivia rested in the broad shoulders of Daniel. She shifted her head to look at him and smiled. He replied by gently pressing his lips against hers. As they pulled away Daniel softly whispered, "Our first." As they went in for another a swift and fast breeze flew past them. Their hearts immediately started pounding. The both of them were dead silent. Olivia looked to the kids as they were still laughing and playing, not knowing what was happening. 

"Conner!" She quietly yelled, if that makes any sense. He was the closest so she decided to call his name. He turned around to look at her with a grin, though it soon vanished as he stared at Olivia's frightened face. He quickly turned to his friends and 'shhed' them all. "Maybe when the vampire passed he didn't see-" Olivia started but was then violently ripped apart from Daniel as he was thrown at least 40 feet away from her. "Daniel!" She screamed. 

The vampire who had thrown Daniel was now by his side making sure he was unconscious. He turned to look at Olivia who just realized what she had done. Faster then her heart could skip a beat, the vampire was at her side sucking every last drop of blood from her body. Evelyn and everyone else in her little group stared in shock at Noah and Conner's sister's lifeless body on the ground. 

Noah and Conner spring up from the ground and try to race towards her but Evelyn grabs the back of their shirts. Almost immediately a vampire appears in front of them. Nobody can even breath. "Evelyn," Liam says as he grips Evelyn's shoulder. The vampire takes a step back and laughs. He stops and looks to the right of everyone. To Harper. 

That night they lost 106 lives. Harper, Olivia, and Daniel included. Evelyn, Liam, Noah, and Conner were on their own. They couldn't risk going back to where every one was slaughtered in case some vampires were still there. They didn't know how many people were dead. It was amazing that the vampire passed on them and got to Harper (not that that is amazing), but then left. But next time, they knew they wouldn't be so lucky.



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