91% of the human population was destroyed while fighting against the one and only... Vampires. That was only in two weeks of a break out of an unknown cause, growing population of immortal beings otherwise known as vampires. Over the next 18 years 4% were found and well, I think you know what happened to them. The remaining 5% is hiding in small pockets all over the world. Evelyn Falcon, is one person in that 5%. Along with three of her friends who she has known since birth. They understand the whole concept about what a vampire is like everyone else. But there is way more to it then they know.


4. Chapter Four-

Chapter 4-


"Louis? Who's Louis?" Noah spoke up for the first time before Conner had the chance.

They were now at a open meadow. It was still nighttime so Conner, Noah, Liam, and Evelyn couldn't see much. "Where are we?" Liam asked.

Reagan stopped in front of them when they were at the edge of the meadow. In front of them was an entire row of trees, one in each column following down an equal long length each way across. Right in front of them was a space separating the one row into two rows. "I already told you. Louis is our leader. And this;" she paused and spread her arms out to her full wingspan and motioned to the opening in between the trees, "is where he lives." 

She turned around and smirked at the group before disappearing fast into the opening which looked much like an outdoor hallway. The hallway was somehow darker than right before it in the meadow. 

"Well? Are you gonna go in or not?" Josiah asked to no human in particular. 

No one knew what was going to be on the other side. Evelyn though, took the first step into the middle of trees. Then was immediately followed by Noah. Liam went after them when a few seconds past but Conner still waited. 

"Why do we need to see Louis? What is he going to do to us?" Conner asked shaking a small bit. 

"Why don't you go inside and find out?" Bentley suggested a little harsh. 

Conner was still uneasy about this 'Louis' person. Obviously because 1.) He was a vampire; and 2.) He is a vampire leader. Though the 4 mortals didn't know how many vampires were going to be in there, was Louis or anyone going to kill them or not, or if they are going to be tortured. There are many possibility's of what vampires could do to humans. Which is sick considering they were once humans. 

Conner took a deep breath and finally walked through the dark walkway between the trees with four vampires following closely behind.

When Conner had walked only about 5 yards or so, he banged his head on the dark, maybe wood, door. He hadn't even seen it. Laughs can from behind him and made Conner's face red with embarrassment followed by anger. 

"You have to open it to get it you know." Josiah chuckled. 

"Shut up." Conner muttered. He still couldn't see anything, even the vampires, so he didn't know exactly who he had replied to. 

Josiah quickly grabbed Conner's arm tightly which made him whimper. "You may want to shut your mouth when you get inside these gates. We are attempting to be as nice as we possibly can so you can feel good before what Louis does to you."

Conner swallowed hard and was now almost terrified. "W-what will he do to me and my friends?" Me managed to get out. 

"Let's go inside, so we can find out." Josiah slowly mocked. 

Conner clenched his teeth and pushed the door open. 

Inside was definitely not what he expected. Or any of the humans he can with for that matter. The room that they first entered was a complete triangle. The floor was greenish-blue colored tiles that purposefully had cracks all around so each green/blue space was only a 1 inch large. The walls however were a strange dark beige or brown color shade. But there was something about it that was off. 

"Are the walls..." Liam started to ask trying to find the right words. "chalkboards?" 

Over lapping the walls in most spaces were writing. Each wall had a different color of writing. And on each wall were two lines of white separating it into thirds. One wall had blur writing, another had purple, and the last was red.

"Indeed they are." Reagan answered walking over to the wall with purple writing. "Of a sort."

The humans were watching the vampires every move. They didn't feel comfortable being four blood bags surrounded by five, most likely hungry, vampires. The humans would say something to them but they would have to be careful of what they say because with one wrong move they can easily be killed by a vampire and not even knew what hit them. 

"What do you mean when you say, 'of a sort?' " Liam said. 

Reagan lifted her head up looking to the top of the wall with purple writing, then looked down to the floor. "You will find out soon enough."

Evelyn separated herself from the group and wandered to the wall with blue writing. "They're hieroglyphics." She stated.

Reagan turned to her with a hint of a smile. She gracefully transported herself to right next to Evelyn. She listened to Evelyn's heavy breathing and strong heartbeats before she answered. Evelyn felt uneasy. Her heart was pounding even louder then her breathing sounded. 'She could kill me at any second. Just snap my neck. Or drink me dry.' Evelyn thought to herself. 

"That you are correct about." She smiled sweetly at Evelyn instead or a mysterious and sly smile. But she was, Reagan, was a mysterious and intriguing girl. Evelyn barely knew her but she believed that something was different about her then with the other vampires in the room that she was in. And no, it wasn't because Reagan was a woman and Josiah, Carson, and Bentley are men. "Do you know of what these symbols are from?" She asked almost right after the first thing she said.

"Egypt, I'm guessing." She answered quickly.

"Right again. You wouldn't know what these mean do you?" Evelyn shook her head. "That's a relief." She whispered to herself. 

"I see you are interested in these hieroglyphics, correct?" Said a voice behind Evelyn that sounded far away but she knew the voice was talking to her. She stiffly nodded and turned around. 

In front of her was a man standing, now, with his head down staring at his shoes as he walked over to them. His hair was a brown shade, not totally light, nor totally dark. His shoes were black dress shoes, covered a small bit by black jeans. For his shirt he simply wore white shirt, a little translucent. His hands were in his pants pocket and you could see the small creases between the fingers in the pocket by how tight the skinny jeans were. 

Evelyn didn't even think that he noticed Noah, Conner, Liam and the vampires on the other side of the triangular room. Now that Evelyn looked around more, she noticed the only door in the room was the one that she entered in. But from the direction that this man came from, he didn't look like he came from the door. 

He stopped when he was two feet in front of them, still currently with his head looking at the tile floor. When he looked up at her she was kind of shocked to what his face looked like. He was smiling casually with his mouth close though. His eyes were a dark mixture of blue and green, like the floor, with out the outside of the colors was a ring of black. It looked kind of beautiful to Evelyn. But she then remembered, he's a vampire. She could easily tell; the cold feel in the air his skin gave off.Over his right eye he had a fading dark purple bruise. On his lower lip he also had a bump and purple color. On the left side of his face was a long line, a scratch, half a centimeter thick maybe, and it reached from the top of his left ear to an inch from his jaw. 

Evelyn only looked at this man for about one or two seconds before the smile wiped away from his face. He now looked a bit confused. She watched him carefully as his mouth and jaw clenched along with his fists. She heard a few cracks from his knuckles. He breathed out shakily while his head turned to look at Reagan. 

"I thought you said you would bring back more of our kind." He gave a quick glance back to Evelyn, but then soon returned his gaze to Reagan who was staring right back at him. 

"You thought she was one of us didn't you?" Reagan raised one of her eyebrows. Evelyn didn't get what was going on.

The man sighed and answered. "Yes I did, at first but maybe it was just me picking up your-"

"No. As you know now, she is human. I wasn't that reason that you thought she was one of us." She paused for a couple seconds which Evelyn thought she added for 'suspence.' "She was passed. I remember seeing her face up in town when I went there not to long ago."

My face is up in town? I haven't been to town in almost 6 or 7 years! Wait. I was passed. When I was young. The vampire passed me Noah, Liam, and Conner! Is that what she means? Evelyn thought quickly to herself.

There was a long silence from the two of them and the rest of the room. Evelyn looked to over the mans shoulder and saw that the vampires along with her friends were all staring at the three of them.

"Are you sure?" Reagan nodded proudly. "Well then!" The man smiled once again and looked back to Evelyn. "Let's get you to a room!"

He started to walked away back the same way it looked he had came. Reagan looked at Evelyn with an expressionless face and walked on after the man. "Lets get all of you rooms!" The man said motioning with his hands to follow him. This man definitely likes to be happy. She thought to herself. She walked up towards Noah and he locked his hand into hers. They walked on behind Reagan and the man with Liam on the right side of Evelyn and Conner on the left side of Noah. The four vampires were saying nothing just making the sounds with their feet as they walked on closely behind the humans.

At this point the humans now noticed that they were walking into a corner of the triangle with no door. There must have been a secret door someplace, they all thought but none said anything. Instead, Liam quietly asked Evelyn, "Who is that?"

She replied simply, "I guess that's Louis."

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