91% of the human population was destroyed while fighting against the one and only... Vampires. That was only in two weeks of a break out of an unknown cause, growing population of immortal beings otherwise known as vampires. Over the next 18 years 4% were found and well, I think you know what happened to them. The remaining 5% is hiding in small pockets all over the world. Evelyn Falcon, is one person in that 5%. Along with three of her friends who she has known since birth. They understand the whole concept about what a vampire is like everyone else. But there is way more to it then they know.


5. Chapter Five-

Chapter 5-

Evelyn was about to say something about how there is no door. Louis stood the closest to the corner of the purple and red wall and stared at the floor. He bent down so he was now squatting in the corner of two walls. There was a black square that was shifted and looked like a diamond. He carefully placed his hand, fingers spread apart, over the diamond. He pushed the diamond downward and it clicked when it went down a few inches. 

The line connecting the purple and red writing wall, split into two parts and the walls separated, spreading apart and revealing a dark brown wood door. Louis stood to his feet and smiled at the group and almost laughing at the confused faces on the humans. 

He twisted the golden doorknob slightly and pushed it open trying to be careful not to slam it because of his 'powerful' strength. 

Inside was a stair case not going down that far. At the bottom was a tan colored carpet and the room the stairs led to was brightly lit. They couldn't see in the room though.

"Who's first?" Louis questioned. Nobody said anything. His smile faded away. "OK then. I guess I am." And after that he scurried down the stairs into the bright room. 

Evelyn immediately followed as soon as Louis was out of sight. Noah, then Conner, then Liam, and the vampires followed after. When they all got to the bottom of the staircase they saw that it was not a room, it was a hallway. It was brightly lit as they saw before. Both sides of the hall had doors on it every yard or so on each side. 

"Pick your rooms." Louis smiled. "Tonight we shall discuss all that happened tonight over dinner. Enjoy you're stay." He chuckled lightly and walked off back up the stairs and shut the door tightly behind them. 

Evelyn picked the room at the end of the rather long hallway and Noah chose the one directly across from her. Liam chose the room to the right of Evelyn. Naive minded Conner chose the room closest to the stairs. In between the rooms on Noah and Evelyn, the hallway ended. It was blocked off, not by fancy wallpaper on wood walls, but metal. Of some sort. Nobody questioned it. 

The other vampires, Reagan, Bentley, Josiah, Carson, and the other vampire they hadn't gotten the name of, had followed Louis and returned to the triangle room with the writing. The humans stayed into their individual rooms for awhile until Noah stepped out of his and knocked on Evelyn's. There was some rustling within the room while Evelyn made her way to the door. 

"Hey." Was all Noah could say. 

"Hi." Evelyn replied while sighing. 

Evelyn opened the door wider and Noah stepped in. "You got a nicer room than me." Noah joked, making Evelyn laugh. "You got a bigger TV than me." Noah motioned to the flat screen TV in the front of the room overlooking it all. 

"I also have one in the bathroom. Above the bathtub." She smirked.

"Aw man! You're so lucky!" Noah smiled. 

They stood in silence for awhile. Evelyn walked across the room and sat down on her bed. "How long do you think that they're going to...keep pretending that they care about us. Louis, I mean. How long until they just kill us? I mean they gave us beautiful rooms, with everything we could actually want in here," she paused, "and invite us to dinner."

What do you say to something like that? "Well," Noah began sitting down next to Evelyn. "Maybe their different. Maybe they aren't going to kill us. I mean not every vampire has to kill humans. You read twilight! In fact you love the movies and books." Noah said trying to cheer Evelyn up when he wasn't really sure if he was right or not. "I mean the Cuppen's, or whatever the family's name is,"

"The Cullen's, Noah." Evelyn corrected and giggled.

"Yeah, yeah, the Cullen's whatever...But they didn't kill humans, they killed animals."

"But that was different. Noah, it was a book. A story. It was made up. Before any of this shit actually happened. That may not be even possible. The reason they are giving us this is probably because they are trying to get us to be comfortable with them and then when we are all 'buddy buddy' with them, they'll kill us then." Evelyn said frowning at what could be true. 

Noah opened his mouth to respond but before he could answer there was a loud knock on the door to the room.

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