Waking Up

I wake up. I find myself somewhere. I look around. And then I ask myself, who am I?


2. Little Steps (Andrea)

Knock. Someone pounds on my door, and I scream involuntarily. "Dre? Andrea?" the person outside screams. I open the door cautiously, scared as hell. "Where am I?" I ask. "Who are you" I ask then. The girl laughs, a short, choppy sound, and then says "Really Dre? Not now please!". "Who are you" I repeat, and she narrows her eyes at me. "What? Im Kenzie, Mackenzie!" I've been your'e best friend since forever!". I frown. "Where am I" I ask. "Are you serious?" she says, wide-eyed. "Yes" I respond. "So, you don't remember anything?" "Nope" "Get in the car" "Why?" "Just do it" she says, and I figure, what do I have to lose? So I hop in and off we drive. We stop at a sign that says Adair, Iowa Hospital. After waiting and waiting, I finally get cheched on by a doctor. "She seems fine, all health conditions good" the doctor says, and Kenzie sighs with relief. "Well, I guess we should be going" she says, and I climb back into the car. She chats with me on the latest gossip, and I doze off, only awakening when we reach a sign that says Adair Public School. I freeze, wondering what this place is. So old fashioned, so not ME! Kenzie is nice, she is caring, but she could never be my real best friend!I get a wisp of a memory, glamorous, BIG! Nope, this is definately not where I belong! 

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