The Witch Hunters (One Direction)

Okay, so this is based off of the movie Hansel and Gretel; witch hunters, if you've seen the movie then you might know what I'm writing about(: If you haven't, then that's okay:) Its about the twins Hansel and Gretel who are sent to the woods by their father and are abandoned. They find a candy house and there's a witch there that tried to eat them. But, in this movie they add a twist to it, which is that Hansel and Gretel kill the witch and become witch hunters. And there's many more:) In this story, I am going to make it a One Direction version and add some of my own ideas to it:) But I am going to give credit to the movie for some ideas that I am going to use in this book(: Nothing is going to be dirty in it nor swearing. I know, there is going to be some moments where swearing will be needed but I won't do it because my family doesn't appreciate it and personally, I don't like it either. But I hope you enjoy it!!:) Thank you so much! -DirectionerForever:)


5. You know my brother?!

Cassidy P.O.V

"I think I know your brother" Harry said. He knew my brother? "Y-You know m-my brother?" I stutter and tightening my grip on Niall's hand. "Yes. I remember it now, we used to train together before he, well.." he trails off. "Before he what Harry? What happened to my brother?!" I begin to raise my voice. "Cass take it easy he's trying to tell you" Niall says soothingly, trying to calm me down. I take a deep breath and look at Harry, waiting for him to speak. He looks back up to me from after looking off into space to search through his memories. "Before he and I got separated" Harry says. "What do you mean by 'separated'?" I ask. "The night before we separated, something strange happened. He and I were walking through the woods, doing our nightly search until we heard something. We went towards the sound to hear it better until we realized that it was singing; a woman. The sound was so beautiful that we couldn't resist, so we followed it, until it lead us to this type of temple. We loaded our guns and kept moving. Jason went ahead of me to make sure the coast was clear. As we entered the corridor, the singing became clearer and louder. Jason came back and said everything was good, so we kept following the singing until it led us to a gigantic room, with many women who seemed to be working for someone. They were beautiful, they could be described as goddesses if you ask me. Jason remained in front of me and we walked in between the women, but they showed us to the main source of the singing. We reached her; she was on a throne. She had bright blue eyes, a ring of gold shaped the outer ring of her iris, long dirty blonde hair, and she had fair skin. She was wearing a dark blue cloak or dress and she was pretty fair height. Once we entered the room she had stopped singing and asked us who we were. We willingly told her and she invited us to sit down" Harry explains. "What was her name?" I ask. "Her name was Eden" he answers. I nod and motion him to continue. "Eden had us sit at the table and tell us why we were there. And of course we told her that we got a call about a witch. I saw her cringe when we said the word 'witch' and I got the idea that she was the one we got called for. I looked over to Jason and he had the same look, telling me that he knew as well. We got up and armed ourselves, telling her that we needed to do our job. He chuckled evilly, and the next thing I knew, she began to sing. It was the same voice we heard earlier. Then, my worst fear came to mind; she's a siren" he adds. All of us freeze in our seats, knowing that a siren is the most dangerous kind of witch. "And what happened next?" I say. Harry looks up at me and sighs. "Once we both knew what was happening, we covered our ears and tried to run, but her servants blocked the way. Jason told me to run, and I looked at him like he was crazy. He told me to trust him, so I did. I ran as fast as I could toward the line of girls, hoping that there was someway out. Then, a few of them fell to the ground. I noticed that Jason was behind me, shooting them so I could get out. I made it to the doors and escaped" he says. "A-And what about Jason?" I ask, tears threatening to escape my eyes. His eyes were glossy, as if he were fighting his own tears, and I know this is not going to be easy for him to say. "Cassidy, he never came out. The doors closed just as I made it through. I tried my hardest to save him, but, I was too late" he says. My heart sinks, realizing what I had just heard. I had always knew that my brother might've been dead, but I had a small glimpse of hope that he would be alive. But I guess not.. "Cassidy, are you okay?" I hear a familiar Irish accent say, breaking me from my thoughts. "Y-Yeah I'm fine" I say quietly. "Excuse us" Niall says to the guys. He picks me up bridal style and leads me down the hall into his room, then setting me down on his bed. He grabs my shoulders and looks at me straight in the eye. "Talk to me" he says. "Ni I said I'm fine" I say. "No, you're not. You just found out that your brother died. I know when you're fine and when you're not so talk to me" he says. I look down and shake my head. Then, I start crying. Niall wraps both of his arms around me and pulls me into his chest, rubbing my back to calm me down. "Shh it's okay. You can tell me anything" he whispers into my ear. I manage to calm down and rest my head on his shoulder. "I just, I thought that he was still alive, same with Amelia. I just want them back Niall. I miss them" I say, beginning to sob. "Hey, it's alright. I hope for the same thing with my family. But just know that I am here for you. Okay?" he says. I look up at him and his eyes are a warm blue, caring and loving. He wipes my tears away with his thumbs and smiles at me. "Better?" he asks. "Better" I smile. He helps me up and gives me one last hug before letting me go back out into the living room. I walk in and see Harry still sitting on the ground, staring at the ground. I could tell that he was crying a little bit. I sit down in front of him and make sure that I have his attention. "Cassidy, I, I-I'm so s-sorry" he says, beginning to sob a little. "Hey, it's okay. You tried your best to save him and I can't thank you enough. I know how stubborn y brother is. He wouldn't have let you wait for him. But thank you for being with him for a long time. That makes me feel so much better, knowing that he was alive and safe after the abduction. You're a hero Harry" I say. "I'm not a hero. I didn't save anyone" he says, looking down again. I lift his face up so that he could look at me. "Listen. Being a hero doesn't mean you have to bring them out alive, or have a big name or even have a cape, it means that you did everything you could to make sure that person is alright. That they are happy and loved, and you did that Harry. You made sure my brother was safe and sound up until that day. Thank you so much" I say before hugging him tightly. He hugs back and I calm him down. He pulls out of the hug and looks like he remembers something. "Wait here actually. There's something that I want to show you" he says before getting up. He runs down the hall toward his room and Niall sits back down next to me. I smile at him and he takes my hand and squeezes it reassuringly. Minutes later, Harry came back with a small stack of papers in his hands and sits back down in front of me. "Here, I thought you two would like this" he says while handing me the stack. I take it quickly and look through it. It was covered in dust, indicating that it was old and hadn't been touched in years. Once the dust was cleared off, I noticed that they were old newspapers. Niall moved closer to me and we both read the paper. It talked about our families. "Oh my god" I say under my breath. I saw a few articles about the night that we were separated, then about how there was possible sighting of Niall's brother and my siblings. "Harry, how did you get these?" Niall asks. "Well I saw that first article about you two, then I noticed that there were people that had the same last names as you and I figured that if there was a possible chance that I would meet you guys, then you'd want to know what happened these past 10 years" he explains. I trace over the pictures of my brother and sister with my fingers and smile. They looked so young, I mean, Jason was four years older than me but he always looked like he was Amelia and I's age. I looked over to the right of the photo and saw a description about them. "Pictured: Jason, 15 and Amelia, 10, were spotted in a training facility in London, England after being separated from their family. There are no records of their father; Philip Miller, mother; Cecilia Miller and sister; Cassidy Miller. Some resources say that Cassidy was able to escape with long time friend Niall Horan, but the two have been suspected dead after searching for years with no luck" I replayed the word "dead" over and over again in my mind. They thought we were dead? "We need to find them" I say. "What?" Liam asks. "I have to find them. I don't care if they are dead or not, I have to find them" I say, emphasizing on the word 'have'. "But we have no idea where they are" Niall says. "So, if they are still alive, they will find their way back to me. It's always been like that and it always will" I say, setting the stack of papers down. "Well, alright. We're going to search for them" Louis says. We're going to find them, I just know it.


Hey guys!! Ugh school is just killing me lately!:/ So here's an update for you!!! And 100 reads!! Yay!!!:D I hope you enjoyed this!!! And can I ask for something from you guys? Can you please give me feedback on this?? I want to make it better to read for you:) Thank you sooooooooo much!!:) Stay amazing and beautiful my chickens!!:) xx


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