The Witch Hunters (One Direction)

Okay, so this is based off of the movie Hansel and Gretel; witch hunters, if you've seen the movie then you might know what I'm writing about(: If you haven't, then that's okay:) Its about the twins Hansel and Gretel who are sent to the woods by their father and are abandoned. They find a candy house and there's a witch there that tried to eat them. But, in this movie they add a twist to it, which is that Hansel and Gretel kill the witch and become witch hunters. And there's many more:) In this story, I am going to make it a One Direction version and add some of my own ideas to it:) But I am going to give credit to the movie for some ideas that I am going to use in this book(: Nothing is going to be dirty in it nor swearing. I know, there is going to be some moments where swearing will be needed but I won't do it because my family doesn't appreciate it and personally, I don't like it either. But I hope you enjoy it!!:) Thank you so much! -DirectionerForever:)


2. Witch Hunting

Cassidy P.O.V.

Niall and I were sitting in our little cottage that was outside of Mullingar that we built not too long ago. We were eating dinner and laughing at our stories until the phone started ringing. "I got it" he says while calming down from his fit of laughter. I took a sip of my beer while he answered the phone. "Yeah?" he asks into the phone. I watched him as his facial expression changed from happy, to serious within a second. "Alright, we'll be there as soon as we can" he says before hanging the phone up. "What?" I ask, putting my drink down. "Duty calls" he says with a smirk. I grin and he helps me up. We walk over to our bedrooms to get ready. I go to my room and grab my hunting clothes; some gloves, leather leggings, and a shirt with a protective vest. I put my long brown hair into a high pony tail and I go to my closet to gather my weapons. I open my closet and I look in it to decide what weapon I want. I look over to my right and grab my trusty bow. I grab a couple of pistols just in case I need them for later. I re-load them and stick them in my long boots. I grab my quiver of arrows and dip them in the poison, to give the quick kill when the arrow makes contact. Once I have everything, I step out and wait for Niall in the living room. He comes out minutes later with his gigantic gun slung over his shoulder and small knives on his belt. "You ready to go kill some witches?" he asks smugly with his thick Irish accent. "Heck yeah" I say. He laughs and leads the way out. I shut the door on the way out and catch up to Niall. "You got your axe?" I ask. "Yep. You got your bow?" he says. "Of course" I say. "So where do we need to go for this witch?" I ask, adjusting my sight on my bow. "The eastern part of the forest. She's been taking children by the minute. She even went into town last night and took a little girl" he explains. "She actually came into town? That's unusual for a witch to come out in plain sight don't you think?" I say. "Yeah it is. It makes me wonder if it was even a witch" he adds. We keep walking until we get to our destination, the eastern part wasn't that far away from us so it was about a 10 minute walk. "Get back" Niall says while putting his arm out to stop me. He raises his gun to get ready to shoot and quietly walks towards the small house. I sigh and lean against the tree next to me. He takes a few more steps before giving me the signal to come forward. I knock an arrow and get ready to draw my bow. I walk around the perimeter with Niall by my side, waiting for a witch to come out. "See anything yet?" I ask. "Nope. You?" he says. "Nope. But keep your eyes open, you'll never know" I warn. I look over to him and he nods. Then, I hear something moving in the house. "D'you hear that?" Niall asks. "Yeah, wait here" I say. "No, let me get it" he says. "Niall, don't I got this one" I say while pushing him back a little bit. He grunts and stays back, still armed. I walk closer to the door and wait a second before kicking the door open. I draw my bow and walk around the place to see. So far, nothing. That is until I hear the door slam shut. I turn around and I see the most ugliest witch I have ever seen stand in front of me. She had rams horns on her head and her skin was cracking. She had the most blood curdling laugh and yellow eyes. I shoot my first arrow and she moves out of the way. She's a quick one, so I have to act fast. I knock another arrow and shoot it again. But just to end up missing her again. I look around for her and I can't see her anymore. All of a sudden, I feel a strong grip around my throat and begin to feel pulled down. My bow was thrown onto the ground and I can't reach it. "Niall!" I scream. I hear several bangs on the door before seeing it be kicked open. He comes in with his gun loaded and ready to shoot. The witch grabs a knife and holds it to my throat. "Uh uh uh, you wouldn't want to do that sweetie. You don't want to lose your girlfriend here now don't you?" she chuckles. "Niall, just set the gun down" I say. He gives me a look like he's not wanting to, but gives in and puts the gun on the ground. "Good boy. Now get on the ground!" the witch screams. He does as he was told and the witch makes me walk forward. My body moves with hers and I try to think of a plan to get myself free. I think of one and do it in one swift move. I kick her leg, forcing her to fall. During this, she lets me out of her grasp and I take this as my chance. I grab a chain and wrap her hands together, making her unable to get her wand. Niall gets up and I hand his gun to him. "You alright there?" he asks. "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks" I say. I grab my bow and throw it over my shoulder. During this Niall ties another chain around her ankles and drags her out. She squirms and tries to get out but I kicked her in the stomach. "Shut up already!" I say. She whimpers in pain and shuts up. Niall just chuckles and continues to drag her. "What are you laughing at, Horan?" I ask. "Nothing, Miller" he says while calming down. I roll my eyes and we keep walking. We get to a tree and we look at each other, nodding in approval. He throws the chain into the air, sending it to wrap around the branch and making the witch hang upside down. She keeps squirming and screams every now and then. "Heh, she's a tough one" Niall says. "You got that right" I say. "So, do you wanna do it or should I?" he asks. "I think I'll take this one, since you got the last one" I say. He nods and backs away. "Go ahead Cass" he says. I smirk and give him my bow to hold. I pull my pistol out and point it to her head. She stops moving and watches me carefully. "Sleep tight, witch" I say before pulling the trigger, immediately killing her. Niall grabs a match and sets it on fire, then throwing it onto the corpse. "Let's go home" I say while taking my bow from him. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and we walk back to our cottage. We get home and I fall onto the ground out of exhaustion and sigh loudly. Niall lays down next to me and sighs. "That was tiring!" I say. "I'll say! You had me really scared back there!" he says. I look over at him and grab his hand. "Did I give you a heart attack?" I giggle. "It's not funny! I thought I lost you!" he says while blushing. "Aww, Nialler, that's so sweet!" I coo and give him a sideways hug. He hugs back and smiles. "So, what's for dinner?" I say while patting his chest. "Who says I'm cooking?" he says jokingly. "Uh, I am. Because I killed that nasty witch today and almost lost my life today. So, you get to cook" I say. He groans and sits up slowly. "I don't wanna cook though!" he whines like a five year old. I sit up next to him and he begins to fall back, almost landing on me. But I push him up and he becomes dead weight so I can't lift him up. "Niall! C'mon you're heavy!" I say while trying to keep him up. He chuckles and sits back up. He stands up and goes to the kitchen to cook dinner. I get up and decide to do something for dinner. "Ni! I'm gonna set up a picnic out in the back!" I yell while getting the picnic stuff. "Alright!" he yells back from the kitchen. I grab the blankets and pillows and head outside. It was beautiful outside! It had just gotten dark out and the stars were shining bright. It was a full moon and it was really warm. I laid the blanket down on the ground and threw the pillows on top of it. I grabbed a couple of lanterns and lit them, then setting them around us so that we could see. Shortly after I set everything up, Niall came out with a plate of sandwiches and a bag of grapes. He sets them down and lays down next to me. I take about 3 sandwiches and begin to eat. I look over to Niall and he's staring at me like I'm some demon or something. "What?" I ask with my mouth full of food. "It's just that, you eat so much" he says. "And you're no better?" I laugh. He blushes and smacks my thigh playfully. He lays back and looks at the stars. I fall back and lay next to him, he grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers together. "Hey Cass?" he asks. "Yeah Ni?" I ask. "What do you think happened to our families?" he asked. I looked over to him and he was looking at me with hope in his eyes. I prop myself on my elbow and sat up sideways, facing him. He mirrored my action and played with our fingers. "I don't know. Anything really. Can we please not talk about this?" I ask. He nods and lays back down. I do the same and he rubs his thumb on the back of my hand. We both sigh and gaze at the stars. I yawned really loudly and Niall looked at me. "Come here" he said while patting his chest. I giggle and scoot closer to him, then laying my head down on it. He always knew how to take care of me. We've known each other for over 10 years and he knows me more than I know myself. I'm glad that we got out alive because I wouldn't want to live without him. He's my best friend in the entire world. I was listening to his heartbeat and his steady breathing which made me really tired. "Goodnight Ni" I yawn. "Goodnight Cass" he says. Then, I fell into a deep sleep.


Hey guys!!! So this is my first chapter!! yay!!!(: Sorry if it sucks at the end (or in general..), I kinda wrote this at like, 10:30 at night and I'm super tired from school:/ But I hope you enjoyed it!! I will try and update as soon as I can!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!:)


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