The Witch Hunters (One Direction)

Okay, so this is based off of the movie Hansel and Gretel; witch hunters, if you've seen the movie then you might know what I'm writing about(: If you haven't, then that's okay:) Its about the twins Hansel and Gretel who are sent to the woods by their father and are abandoned. They find a candy house and there's a witch there that tried to eat them. But, in this movie they add a twist to it, which is that Hansel and Gretel kill the witch and become witch hunters. And there's many more:) In this story, I am going to make it a One Direction version and add some of my own ideas to it:) But I am going to give credit to the movie for some ideas that I am going to use in this book(: Nothing is going to be dirty in it nor swearing. I know, there is going to be some moments where swearing will be needed but I won't do it because my family doesn't appreciate it and personally, I don't like it either. But I hope you enjoy it!!:) Thank you so much! -DirectionerForever:)


4. What do you mean 'We're merging'?!

Niall P.O.V.

"Our new partners" she says. New Partners? "What's that supposed to mean?" I ask. "I'll have our idiot of a mayor explain everything to you" she says before hopping off of her horse. I get off mine and grab the bridle, then lead it to the next empty spot on the post. Cassidy lead hers to a different post across from this one because there was no more room left. She walks over to me when she's done and we walk into the building together. Once we walk in, the lady at the front desk asks us what our names are. "Cassidy Miller and Niall Horan" Cassidy says to the lady. The lady, otherwise known as Ruby, looks at her chart and gives us the go ahead to enter the mayor's office. "Ah, Cassidy and Niall! How are you?" he says while getting up from his seat. "Hello, James" Cassidy says coldly to him. "Aw, is Cassidy pissed at her own family? I wouldn't be that way sweetie, because I can have you killed in an hour" he says evilly. Cassidy's cousin is our mayor, so he does have some control of us. Cassidy breathes out loudly in frustration and sits down on the couch. "Hello Niall" James says while offering his hand. I take it and say "Hello James, how are ya?". "I'm great thank you! I have some great news for you too!" he says happily. "Ha! Liar" Cassidy mumbles. I look behind me and give her a look to make her stop. She gives me a 'what?!' look and rolls her eyes. Just then, 4 other guys came into the room. I look over to Cassidy sits up and watches them like a predator and it's prey.

Cassidy P.O.V.

After Niall gave me a look to shut me up, the door opened and walked in were 4 guys who all looked to be around Niall's age. They came in and sat down in the four empty chairs that were across from James' desk. "Oh! Niall, Cassidy, these boys are you're merging with" James says. Niall stands still and I stand up, but still not moving anywhere near the foreigners. "Hello I'm Harry" the one with dark curly brown hair says in a deep raspy voice while getting up and walking toward me. He offered his hand and I stared at it, debating whether or not I should shake it. I decided to shake it and say "Cassidy". His emerald eyes light up and a smile forms his lips. He shows off his pearly white teeth and dimples on his cheeks. He was actually kind of cute, and he has a British accent, which was unusual because we don't get any of them out here. "Cassidy, that's a pretty name you got there" he says with a wink. Then, another guy comes and he has light brown hair that's pushed to the side and blue-green eyes. "I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson" he says in the same accent as Harry. I nod in politeness and another one comes, with black hair and hazel-brown eyes. "I'm Zayn" he says in his accent. Then, the last one comes, he has short dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. "Hi I'm Liam" he says in a thick British accent. I smile and they all met Niall, then stood in front of us. "So this is the Irish team? We were expecting more than two" Harry chuckles. I give him a look and Niall grabs my arm to stop me. "I'm sorry you'll have to excuse him, he doesn't know what manners are or how to use them" Zayn says while smacking Harry lightly. "So, Cassidy, Niall, these boys will be staying with you until we get everything worked out" James says while sitting down. I look over to him and I run to his desk. "WHAT?! No they will not be coming into MY home! I don't even know these people!" I yell. "Cassidy calm down. They need a place to stay and you know I don't have any room here" he explains. "I doubt that!" I spat. "They are staying with you whether you like it or not" he says sternly. "But I-" I start but end up being cut off. "End of discussion" he says. I sigh in anger and hit my fist against the desk, then storm out of his office.

Niall P.O.V.

"End of discussion" James says to Cassidy. She bangs her fist on the desk then storms out of the office. All of the guys stare at me like they were expecting me to go get her. "Uh, aren't you going to go get her?" Harry asks. "Ha! No, that would be suicidal my friend" I laugh, then take a seat on the couch. "But, she seemed pretty pissed off. What if she hurts someone?" Liam asks. I look over to James and we burst out laughing. "What is so funny?" Louis asks. "Cassidy, hurt someone? Haha good one! I like you, you're funny!" James says in between laughs. They sit there in front of us, clearly shocked at our actions. "So, what will she do then?" Liam asks. "Probably go get a beer. She drinks when she's mad" I say. "She drinks?" Harry asks. "Yeah" I answer. "Why?" I ask. "Well she doesn't seem like the drinking type" he adds. "Ya she wants to create that image, but she loves to drink. If you wanna talk to her to make sure she's alright just go to the bar down the block. I guarantee you she'll be there" I say. Harry looks over at the others and they nod, then he leaves. "How are you sure that she will be there?" Louis asks. "Because, I've known her for over 10 years, we grew up together. We've felt each other's pain and suffering, we have been through everything together" I explain. "Wow, what happened?" Zayn asks. "Our families were taken from us" I say quietly. "Oh, I'm sorry Niall. Ours were taken too" Liam adds. I nod and we sit in silence in the office, waiting for Harry and Cassidy to return.

Harry P.O.V.

I leave the building and walk down the sidewalk, looking for the bar that Niall guy told me to find her. I just want to make sure she's alright, plus I kind of like her. I know we've already met but I can feel that she is the one. Her big brown eyes were beautiful, she had freckles on her cute little nose, and she was quite fit. I reached the bar and opened the door. Once I got in, it reeked like alcohol. I move through the crowd and find my way to the bar, that's when I found her drinking a pint of beer. I walked over next to her and ordered myself a drink. "Hey there" I say to her. She jumps when noticing me, then rolls her eyes. "So what's wrong?" I ask. "Look, I'm sorry about the way I acted back there it's just, Niall and I have been through a lot together and I was just used to it being the two of us. And adding new people that I don't know was just too soon for me and it caught me off guard. So, I'm sorry for acting like a brat" she apologizes. "Hey, it's alright. I understand, I felt the same when I merged with the guys. I wasn't so sure about it but I got to know them and now, they're like my brothers now. Don't worry, we won't be a hassle and we won't bother you a lot" I say while patting her arm in a friendly manner. She smiles and takes the last sip of her beer. She quickly paid and we left the bar. Once we got back to the office, everybody was standing outside next to their horses. "Cassidy!" Niall yells. "Niall!" she mimics while running up to him. I can't help but feel a little jealous of him, he's her best friend but I feel like there's more to it. I'm going to have to up my game if I want her to be mine.

Cassidy P.O.V.

"Niall!" I say while running up to him. We embrace into a tight hug. After I pulled out of the hug, I looked at all the other guys and sighed. "Listen everyone, I just wanted to apologize for my actions earlier. I'm just not used to anymore people than Niall and I. I didn't mean to lash out on you guys, it's just, I lost so much in my life and Niall was always there. So I just wasn't prepared for anybody else to come in and let's just start over. I'm excited to get to know all of you and welcome to Mullingar!" I say. "Cassidy, it's alright, we get it. No need to apologize" Liam says while coming over and giving me a hug. "And thank you for the welcome! We love it here so far" Louis says. "Okay let's go to our house and we will show you around the place!" I say. We all get onto our horses and ride off into the forest to our cottage. I rode by Niall and talked to him about the situation. We got home shortly and we told everyone to put their horses in the barn. Once they did that Niall and I gave them a tour of the place. "Okay, so this is the living room" I say. They look around and set their bags on the couch. "This is the kitchen" Niall adds as we walk into it. "This is Niall's bedroom and this is mine" I say while pointing to our rooms. The guys nod and we continue our tour. "And this is where you guys will sleep!" I say as we enter the last room It's really big, big enough to fit all four of them. "Wow! This is huge!" Liam says while walking around and examining it. The others decide which spot is there's and Niall helps while I make sandwiches for everyone. "Can you hand me the turkey please?" I say over my shoulder while making the sandwiches. "Yup!" he says. I turn around and he throws the bag to me, I catch it and go back to making the food. A few minutes went by and everything was ready; we all were sitting in the living room, eating our lunch and talking about stories from our past. "So Cassidy, did you have any siblings?" Liam asks before taking a drink of his water. I was sitting next to the fireplace and Niall was right by my side. I saw him move in his seat and grab my hand, knowing that this was going to be hard for me. "Uh, yeah I did. A brother and a sister" I say while looking down. "What were their names?" Louis asks. "Amelia who was 7 at the time and Jason who was 12" I say, holding back some tears. "Did they ever get found?" Harry asks. I shake my head 'no' and lock my eyes with the ground. "I bet you loved them very much, and they felt the same" Zayn says. I look up at them and smile weakly. "Yes, I did. And I always will. I was the middle child but I seemed to act as the oldest" I say, smiling back at the beautiful memories. "Do you think that they are still alive?" Liam asks while moving closer. "I don't know actually. But I will never give up on looking for them. I love them with all my heart and I will not sleep until I find them" I say. "Wait, you said that your brother's name was Jason, right? Jason Miller?" Harry asks. "Yeah why?" I say. His eyes go wide and he sits back in his chair. "Harry, what do you know?" I ask sternly. He looks at the other guys and they seem to catch what he was doing. "I think I know your brother" he says.


Hey! How's it going?! sooo it's a cliffhanger!!! *dun dun dun!!!* hehe I love doing these:3 but anywho!! I found out what that football player looked like and his name!!! It's actually someone I knew about 3 years ago and used to hang out with all the time!!! I haven't talked to him yet but next time I see him I might!:) I completely didn't recognize him though!! He looks different but I knew that he looked familiar... Plus, he's a junior;) haha but at the game last night he kept standing next to me for the majority of the night and even talked to me!! eek!!! lol my friend and I are fighting over him:P even though I haven't even spoken to him yet! haha!! But I hope you enjoyed this chapter!! I'm having a some-what hard time updating this because I'm switching from my imagines book to this and school and all that yucky stuff:P But my imagines book has over 100 reads!! I'm sooooo happy right now I can't even explain it!!!! :D But yeah I'll try to update soon!! Love ya buddies!! Stay beautiful and amazing my chickens!!:) xx


P.S. Also, can you give me feedback?? Just some pointers or errors that I need to change? I really want to make these enjoyable for you guys to read!! Thank you sooo much!!:) xx

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