The Witch Hunters (One Direction)

Okay, so this is based off of the movie Hansel and Gretel; witch hunters, if you've seen the movie then you might know what I'm writing about(: If you haven't, then that's okay:) Its about the twins Hansel and Gretel who are sent to the woods by their father and are abandoned. They find a candy house and there's a witch there that tried to eat them. But, in this movie they add a twist to it, which is that Hansel and Gretel kill the witch and become witch hunters. And there's many more:) In this story, I am going to make it a One Direction version and add some of my own ideas to it:) But I am going to give credit to the movie for some ideas that I am going to use in this book(: Nothing is going to be dirty in it nor swearing. I know, there is going to be some moments where swearing will be needed but I won't do it because my family doesn't appreciate it and personally, I don't like it either. But I hope you enjoy it!!:) Thank you so much! -DirectionerForever:)


3. New Partners

Cassidy P.O.V.

I woke up with my head on Niall's chest. I guess we both fell asleep outside. He had one arm around me, pulling me closer to him, while the other was lazily spread across his torso. I shuffle carefully, not wanting to wake Niall, and watch him sleep. I've always loved watching him sleep, I mean he looks so peaceful, especially after all that we have been through. He looks like a 19 year old boy who grew up with a loving family and friends, like nothing ever happened. I envy how he sleeps. Ever since I lost my family, I have these horrendous nightmares of the night they were taken. Niall tells me that he hears my screams in the middle of the night and he has to come and lay down with me. I've always loved him for doing that, he's very protective of me. And I'm very protective of him, I don't want anything to happen to him because if I lost him, then I wouldn't know what to do, it would be a repeat of losing my only family and I barely made it past that. But, I have always had these feelings for Niall, ever since I was 13. I haven't told him yet because I'm afraid that he won't feel the same way towards me and I could lose him for good. I do not want to risk that. He stirred a little bit and I stayed still so I wouldn't wake him. After he stopped moving, I decided to get up and go for my morning jog. I try to exercise as much as I can so I am prepared for any witches that may be hard to handle. Once I get out of Niall's grasp, I go inside and get dressed. I grabbed my running shorts and I just ran in my sports bra. I redo my pony tail and brush my teeth. After I was done getting ready, I grab a piece of paper and a pen, then start writing a note for Niall. "Done" I say under my breath once I was finished. I put the note in an envelope and head out. I walk out of the driveway and start running down the road.

Niall P.O.V.

I woke up with my arms empty. Where did Cassidy go? Oh no, what if they came for her and got her?! I quickly jump up and sprint into the house. "Cassidy?" I yell. No answer. "Cassidy!" I yell again. I run into her bedroom and there's nobody there. I run into my bedroom to see if she's in there, still nothing. I start to panic and my breathing speeds up and I run my hands through my hair in frustration. I can't lose her. She's all I have and I don't want to lose her either. I go back into the living room and something caught my eye. I look over and there's an envelope with my name on it sitting on the living room table. I quickly grab it and rip it open, revealing a letter. I sighed in relief as I read it. "Niall, Good morning!! I went for my morning jog, so don't worry about me!! And yes, I brought my pistol for protection so don't freak out... Too much;) I'll be back soon. Go ahead and eat breakfast I'll just grab something while I'm out. Love ya buddy!" I sit down on the couch and sigh. Thank god she's safe! I just don't know what I would do if she was taken. I love her way too much. Wait, did I just say I loved her? I did, and I do. We've been through everything together and I have developed feelings for her, but I don't know if she feels the same. I plan on telling her soon, but I have to find the right time. I got up and walked over to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. I grabbed a bowl and the cereal off the counter. I pour it in the bowl, then the milk. I started eating and leaned back against the counter. I looked over at the fridge and I looked at our pictures. We have all kinds of photos on it; silly ones, ones where we are kissing each other on the cheeks, us hugging each other, and sweet ones. I smiled at them and grabbed one off of the fridge. It was a recent one actually, we were at our favorite park, sitting underneath a willow tree. She was sitting on my lap and I was hugging her waist. I laid my head on her shoulder and we were both facing the camera, smiling. I took the picture into my bedroom and switched it with the pic that was in the frame. After I finished, I smiled and set it back down on my nightstand. All of a sudden I heard the door slam shut and I jumped a little. "Ni I'm back!" I hear a familiar woman Irish accent yell. I run out into the living room and see her putting her water bottle down. She was all sweaty and she was in her work out clothes. "Hey Cass!" I say while going over to her. I bring her into a tight hug and bury my face in her neck. She wraps her arms around my neck and hugs me like she never wants to let go. She's always hugged me like that, ever since we lost our families, she's been afraid that she was going to lose me. So I need to make her feel safe in my arms because the last thing I want is for her to not be safe. "What was that for?" she giggles while coming out of the hug. "Nothing, I just thought the witches had come and gotten you" I say, looking down at the ground. She lifts my head up and looks at me straight in the eye. "Niall, they won't come for me. I will not let them. You have nothing to worry about" she smiles, then kissing me on the cheek. "So did you have breakfast yet?" she says while going into her bedroom. "Yeah, did you?" I ask. "Yep!" she yells. I go over the lounge and sit in the recliner. Minutes later, she comes back out in some tight dark blue leggings, a light blue tank top, and her hair is put into a side pony. Her bangs were hanging in front of her beautiful brown eyes and she would part them every now and then. She came over and sat on the ground next to the chair I was sitting in. "So how was your run?" I ask, leaning down, so I'm closer to her. "Good, I ran a mile and a half so that definitely helped" she says while leaning back onto her arms. Just then, the phone started ringing and Cassidy jumped up. "I got it!" she yells while running to the phone. She picked it up and leaned against the doorway. I sit up and watch her. She nods a couple of times before going into the kitchen with the phone. What is going on? I stand up and begin to walk to the kitchen, when I suddenly hear her raise her voice. "You know what?! We don't need any one to help us! We do just fine on our own. What do you mean 'we're losing our A-game'? We just killed 7 of them this week. I'd say that's way better than any other bounty hunters. You said it yourself that we are the best of the best and now you want to merge us with another team?! What kind of mayor are you?! Ugh, fine we're on our way. If this so called 'idea' of yours ends up badly for either of us, then you're gonna have to find a new team" and with that she slammed the phone on the counter. She does have these mini fits of rage when she gets pissed off but it's not terrible. She leaned over the counter and rubs her temples, trying to calm herself down. "Well that didn't sound like a good conversion" I say sarcastically while leaning in the doorframe. She quickly turns around and sighs loudly. "Yeah, well we need to go into town. Now. The mayor wants us" she grumbles while going to get her shoes. "Should we bring our weapons?" I ask, following her. "Just bring a pistol" she says while grabbing her pistol and putting it in her boot. I go to my room and change my shirt into a red polo, then putting on a new pair of khakis. I grab my pistol and put it on my belt, then attaching it to my hip. I step out and I see her looking out the living room window. "Are you ready?" I ask, while adjusting my belt. "No" she mumbles. "Well whatever that phone call was, it set you off" I say while coming over to her. "I'll let you see for yourself when we get there. You'll understand" she says. I shake it off and we walk out. The walk to the town is about a 20 minute walk, but since we didn't have time for that, we had to go to the barn in the back. We both have our own horses for situations like these. Cassidy grabs the saddle and bridle for her horse and I do the same. We mounted our horses and we start going down the road. "Hey" she says while giving me a smirk. "What?" I ask cautiously. "Relax, I was just gonna ask if you wanted to race. Are you up for it, idiot?" she grins. "Uh, more like are you ready for it, dork?" I smirk. She laughs and we line up. "On your mark, get set, GO!" she yells. I give my horse a light kick on the side, motioning it to move. We both bolted at the same time until she got in front of me. I caught up and got ahead. After a little while, I was so far ahead that I couldn't see her anymore. I kept going until I made it to the town limits. My horse was still running at full speed into the town and so many people were swearing at me because I was about to run over them. Oh well. I finally reached the mayor's office when I spotted 4 other horses tied at the post. I've never seen these horses here, the mayor doesn't get that may visitors so I know who's there and who's not. I made my horse stop and shortly after Cassidy came trotting by me. "Who's at the mayor's office?" I ask, looking at her. She stopped her horse and sighed. "Our new partners" she says.


Hello!!! So I am soooo sorry I haven't updated in like, forever!! I wanted to update on Friday night but I had to go work at the Cross Country Meet and Homecoming Game (for those who don't know, I have a job after school that is Sports Medicine and I am in training, it's basically where I go to the sports events at school and help the athletes if they are injured) on Friday. I didn't get home until 11 pm! Talk about a busy day!!! I hope you enjoyed this chapter though!! I've been writing it all day because I'm sick and came home early so I wanted to update ASAP. :) I'm writing another chapter that's sort of like a part 2, but it just has a different title. I'm so excited for what's to come in this book!! eek!!! Oh and on a totally different note, have you heard Little Mix's new single 'Move'? If not, THEN GO LISTEN TO IT!! It's amaZayn(: I'm a Mixer also so I happen to fangirl over 1D and LM a lot:) But on to the next chapter!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my chickens!!:)


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