When two normal girls from Pittsburgh fall in love with two stars things get crazy. When they meet each other, it gets even crazier. Was it meant to be? Or was it destin to crash and fail as a relationship?


2. Meeting the guys: Dakota

Dakota's POV:

Okay, most people think i am that crazy girl who loves every single singer/band in thw world. well just let me tell you right now, i don't love them because they are hot and have amazing vioces. i love them becuase they have changed my life.

i guess you could say that i like a lot of celebrities like Ausin Mahone, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, and more, but the three people who have changed my life the most are Riley, Connor, and Toby McDonough, also known as "Before You Exit".

It was July 13, 2013. That was the day when my whole life changed.

Just a few months before, i had heard that Cody Simoson was going on tour and was coming to Pittsbugh so of course I had asked my mom if i could go. She said she wouldthink about it at first becuase i was already going to two concerts that same week.

Well anyways, she ended up says no. It didn't really surprise me.

I saw that Ryan Beaty and some band called, "Before You Exit' was opening for Cody. i knew who Ryan was but i had never heard of BYE. i decided to start listening to them and find out who they were.

Well basically, i instantly fell in love with there music. i listened to them all the time.

It was a week before the concert and i was sleeping over becca's, and we both decided to start "researching" BYE. we watched all of their videos that night and completely just fell in love. i could not stop thinking about Riley and Becca called dibs on Toby.

The next day, we went to the Taylor Swift concert. Honestly, i don't really like Taylor Swift but i went to the concert because Austin Mahone was opeing for her and i thought it was the best day ever becuase i got to see my idol. Two days later, i saw One Direction and OMG that was a crazy concert! The day after the 1D concert, July 9th, i was looking at the Cody Simpson tickets again just to see if they were sld out. Luckly for me, there were a lot of tickets left and they were half prize becuase. the main reason i wanted to go to the concert was becuase of BYE. i still liked Cody but i was having a BYE moment that day.

I finally got my mom to say yes! i called Becca and we both were so excited that we were gonna see Before You Exit.

It was me, Becca, my sister, my mom, and becca's mom.

We finally got to the Carnege Library Music Hall, which was where the concert was. Becca, Chey, and I sat down in front of one of the tour busses that was parked outside while our moms got something out of the car. the busses were on so we were wondering if they were still in the bus. well i was waving at the windows like a weirdo and Becca was laughing at me. A few minutes later, someone came out of the bus and tols us that they were in there. we kinda started freaking out, just a little bit though.

we wnt inside and i bought a Cody shirt, BYE braclet, nd a BYE poster. becca got a BYE shirt, BYE bracelet, and a Ryan Beaty shirt. we sat down at our seats and we were so excited! we coudln't wait till the concert started!

we nervously waited about half an hour untill the concert started. the lights got really low and then the music started. we saw Connor run on stage and then Riley and Toby. me and becca were litterally screaming our heads off. i am pretty sure the whole venue could hear us. Toby, Riley, and Connor all looked at us becuase we were one of the only poeple in the building who knew who they were and we were definitely screaming the loudest. after they finished one of their songs, they said they were gonna meet as many fans as possible after the concert. me and becca just looked at each other and could not believe our ears.

long story short, Ryan and Cody preformed and it was amazing! as soon as the concert ended, we tried to run out of the side exit as fast as we could but we had to wait for our parents. we waited outside for about five to ten minutes and then fans started screaming. we couldnt see the from where we were standing untill they ran past us and gave us high-fives. Riley was the first to come over to me. he took my phone and got a few pictures with me. them he gave me a hug. Connor came over to me next and sined my poster and got a picture. i was trying to get a picture with Toby but my mom was pulling me out of the chaotic croud.

we started walking back to the car whenever the police were trying to get the boys threw the croud. they ran over to us and asked if we wanted to go to their bus party. me and becca looked at each other and basicllay screamed "YES!' at the same time. i looke at my mom and said said we could go.

they ran me and becca over to the bus just as the other fans started running towards us. we made it on the bus and the other fans who had party bus tickets got on. they all got pictures with them and then we all hung out for like 20 minutes. then, all the other fans left the bus. i was sitting next to Riley on the couch and Becca was next to Toby. Connor was sitting on another couch, looking at us.

Connor: "Are you gonna ask, Toby?"

Toby: "I think Riley should ask." he said as he elboed Riley.

me and becca looked at each other, confused.

Riley: "It was your idea, Toby!"

Toby: "okay... well, Becca, i was wondering if i could have your number in case we get lost?"

becca looked at me and we both smiled.

Becca: "Yeah, of course." she said Toby handed her his phone.

Riley: "Dakota, could i.... could i have your number too?'

Me: "Yeah sure!"

my heart was beating so hard becuase no one had ever asked me for my number before. after awhile, we hugged them goodbye and ran back to the car screaming.

We went back to becca's house and my mom left because i was sleeping over that night. a few minutes later, i was getting a FaceTime call. i didn't reconize the number. i hesitated and then becca told me to answer. i hit "answer" and waited a minute for it to connect. i could not believe my eyes.

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