When two normal girls from Pittsburgh fall in love with two stars things get crazy. When they meet each other, it gets even crazier. Was it meant to be? Or was it destin to crash and fail as a relationship?


1. Meeting the guys: Becca

Rebecca's POV

It was July thirteenth, twenty-thirteen. My best friend Dakota and I were getting ready for the Cody Simpson concert. Don't get me wrong, we love Cody Simpson.

However, the real reason we bought the tickets was because of the opening act. we were in love with them. Their band name?

Before You Exit.

Their names  specifically?

Riley, Connor, and Toby McDonough.

I was in love with Toby McDonough. Dakota was in love with Riley McDonough. We had been waiting for this day forever. We were finally getting to meet the guys we loved, the guys we looked up to, the guys we were dying to meet.

Let me tell you how we found Before You Exit.

We were on our way to Mexico, listening to IHeartRadio and a song comes on. We looked down at the screen and it read 'Settle For Less -Before You Exit.'

We immediately fell in love with them. Their songs made us smile. They were probably some of the best songs ever.

That's basically how we fall in love with them. We heard them, and we knew that we were going to love them.

I know; the typical fan love. No, you're wrong. We loved them as if we were already dating; they just didn't know us.

Anyways; it was amazing we were going to see them, but sadly, we knew we weren't going to get to meet them. They were too perfect to even notice us; to even look at us. We knew it, but we still had that little hope that we'd meet them.

Their song 'I Like That' started playing over my phone. Dakota and I looked at each other and started dancing and singing along to the song. We smiled as the song ended. In a couple hours we would be leaving to see the people we love so much.


We had finally gotten ready. We were finally leaving to see Before You Exit.

As we pulled into a parking spot we got out of the car and started smiling like crazy. It was still so unreal that this was happening. We walked past a bus and squealed, wondering if they were still in there.

We walked until we saw the line flowing out the door to get in the venue. We nervously got in the line. The girls in front of us were crying, we asked why and they explained how they had met Cody minutes before. It kind of made us sad because we had wanted to meet Cody, but they had run out of passes.

As we got to our seats, we kept getting more excited about seeing the boys.


The lights went out as Dakota and I stood up. Screaming. Screaming louder than anybody in the venue. Everybody was on their feet waiting for the boys to come out. As three figures ran on the stage, my stomach dropped. My heart was doing flips.

This was it.

Finally, we were seeing them.

The song 'End Of The World' started playing and we started screaming their names.

Right as they were starting the last song they were performing Riley spoke.

Riley: After the show we're going to try and meet as many fans as we can.

Dakota and I looked at each other, screamed, and started crying.


The show was amazing. But sadly, now it was over. We ran out the door to the back and waited by the gates. We stood their for a few minutes; maybe ten. Then we saw their faces poke around the corner. I was in the front. I started screaming for Toby. When he came over, a girl pushed me out of the way and got a picture with Toby. I was afraid I wasn't going to get to see him.

Connor ran over to me and I asked for a hug. He smiled and gave me a hug; took my phone and took a 'selfie' with me. I gave him another hug and thanked him. Riley ran over to me too. I got a hug from him and I unfortunately didn't get a picture with him. I looked over and Dakota was hugging Riley, and then she took a picture with him. Then they just talked. I turned my face back to the front.

There he was.

Staring straight at me.

Becca: Can I have a hug?

He smiled at me and pulled me into a hug. Everybody was pushing me forward, so he was basically holding me up still.

Toby: Can I see your phone?

I handed it to him and he opened the camera and took a picture with me.

I could barely speak. Toby McDonough was speaking to me. Finally.

He smiled at me and handed me back his phone. I got pushed to the back of the crowd. I just kept smiling.

I heard the Police telling girls to move  out of the way. A path cleared and Toby, Riley, and Connor emerged from the crowd. Dakota ran over to me and we both started waving to the boys. They waved back.

Dakota: Oh my god, they're coming our way...

I turned around and the boys were running in our direction. I smiled and honestly, I felt like screaming, but I wanted to play it cool.

When they approached us, I looked at Toby and he smiled at me. I started blushing and felt eyes on me. I looked over and Riley and Dakota were talking, and Connor was watching Toby, Dakota, Riley, and I.

Connor: We were wondering if you guys would like to come to the bus party?

Me and Dakota looked at each other and smiled.

We both nodded and started walking with the guys.

Toby: So you guys are fans?

We smiled and nodded.

Dakota: You smell good, Riley!

Becca: Dakota! You don't say that to people!

Riley smiled and laughed at her cutely.

We got to the bus and girls were screaming for the boys.


We got on the bus and the boys sat down on their couch. I sat next to Toby, and Dakota next to Riley. The other girls that were attending the bus party got on the bus and sat down. They started taking pictures of the boys.

When they sang 'Soldier' Dakota and I basically started crying. I was our all-time favorite song. Toby and Riley just smiled at us the whole time.

Everybody was leaving and Dakota and I waited until everybody was gone. Then the guys started talking to us.

Toby was blushing. I was kind of curious why though.

Connor was laughing.

Riley was smiling.

They were so perfect.

We stood in a circle just smiling at each other.

Becca: Well, thank you for having us. You have no clue how happy you made us.

Connor: Of course.

It was silent for a minute or two.

Connor: Well are you two going to ask or what?

I looked at Dakota and she shrugged her shoulders.

Toby: You do it.

He elbowed Riley.

Riley: No.

Toby: Well- I was wondering- you know- if I could have your number in case we loose our way around Pittsburgh.

I knew he was lying. He was on tour, they had to know where they were going, but I was still happy to give it to him.

Riley: Yea, and I need yours in case we get lost too...

He smiled at Dakota and she gave her number to him. We gave the guys hugs and ran to the car screaming.

As we got to my house Dakota's phone lit up. We were getting a facetime from a random number.

We shrugged and answered it.

We waited to see who answered on the other side.













*AN NEW STORY ! It's based on a true story, not kidding. I'm writing it with my best friend (Dakota) we're each writing from our POV's so they'll be different. I love you guys :) LIKE FAVORITE AND COMMENT.

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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