Two Voices, One Song

"He taught me how to love, but he didnt teach me how to stop."
Jessica couldnt be closer to her cousin Harry Styles. They've been Inseparable for ages. But what
happens when Harrys one mistake destroys the perfect relationship? Should she take him back? Now she just wants to forget about the person who means most to her in her life! But Harry cant forget her. And she cant forget him either, they mean to much to eachother. But will they end?
Sequel to Inseparable.


14. Wrong choices for family

Jessicas POV.

        I was moving to an apartment in Holmes Chapel. Harry bought it for me, I dont even know how he knew I wanted to move. He did though, I walked into the apartment. It was small, I didnt mind; I dont need a big place. I entered the kitchen and there was a note on the table,

Dear Jessica,

Hey, Its Harry. I hope you like the apartment.

I just wanted to welcome you in, I guess.

So um I'll see you around, enjoy it. Love you!

Your cousin,

Harry. xx

        I almost cried reading  the letter. I pulled out my phone sending Harry a quick text message.

To Harry: Thank you Harry, I love it.

From Harry: Happy to hear that!:) Love you!

I hesitated before answering,

To Harry: Love you too!

I didnt think my phone would beep again but it did.

From Harry: Im sorry for making you uncomfortable I shouldnt of said that, I love you. Im sorry.

To Harry: No its fine, really. I have to go, ttyl.

From Harry: Alright, bye. :(

Harrys POV.

From <3 Jess <3: No its fine, really. I have to go ttyl.

I sighed. She was trying to end the conversation, she didnt want to talk to me anymore.

To <3 Jess <3: Alright, bye. :(

        I pressed the home button on my phone, then clicking on my photo album. I pressed on the photo album, Harry and Jess, looking through our pictures. I cried at all the pictures my tears dropping on my phone. Then I came to a video, I plugged my headphones in and started to listen...

        "Omigod Harry" Jess laughed clinging to my arm. I wrapped my arm around her and she leaned on my chest. We both laughed uncontrolably.

        "Your phone is not ending the video!" Niall exclaimed.

        "So just video it!" Me and Jess said at the same time and then burst out laughing.

        "I love you" She smiled.

        "PDA!" I heard Lou shout in the distance.

        " I love you too!" I said, pressing my lips to hers.

        The video made me cry even more. I was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Louis.

        "Hey, you ok?"

        I shook my head "Im really not"

       "It'll work out, Harry"

        "How will it work out? She hates me Louis! Jess cant go two minutes talking to me! I lost my true love!" I shouted.

        "Harry calm down!" Louis exclaimed placing a hand on my shoulder.

        I shrugged him off "No! I wont! I love her Louis!" I yelled before jumping into my bed, replaying the video of us over and over again until I fell asleep.


Jessicas POV.

        Its been a month since me and Harrys break up. Im totally not okay. I miss him terribly, I spend my days going to school and going on youtube listening to random songs.


        I walked into my classroom, taking a seat at my desk.

       "Hey Jajaca!" Bret called.

        "Your looking fine today!" He teased.

        "Yes she is isnt she?" Alyssa said sarcastically.

        "That outfit makes her look fatter than she already is!" Sami snickered. Everyone laughed.

        "I dont think its the outfit!" Taylor stated "She always looks fat!"

        Now were the times I wanted Harry. I wanted Harry to come and hold me, to tell me that everythings gonna be alright and that I'll be fine. To rub circles on my back and stroke my hair. He wasnt coming though, I wish he would.

       "Your eyes look so dreamy Jajaca! Dont bother! You'll never have a boyfriend!" Hanna laughed."Never! Cant you understand that theres nothing good about you?! Well you gotta understand girl because even makeup wont work its magic on you! You'll never be good enough! No one will ever love you!"

       "Yeah Jajaca!" Everyone agreed.

       "The only thing youll ever be good at is.....Oh wait! I've got nothing!" Jordyn smiled cruelly as everyone continued to laugh. I pictured Harry with me...because thats the only person I wanted right now.

"Dont worry Jess, it'll be alright, its ok, shhh" He cooed.

He stroked my hair "Dont listen to them Jess, theyre idiots!"

I buried my face in his chest and cried.

"Shhhh Jess, its alright, Im here now, shhh, its ok" He wrapped his arm around me tightly.

        I was snapped out of my trance when everyone started chanting my 'name'.

        "Jajaca! Jajaca! Jajaca!

Cant get any uglier!

Jajaca! Jajaca! Jajaca!

Wanna boyfriend? Dont bother!

Jajaca! Jajaca! Jajaca!

Nothing good about her!

Jajaca! Jajaca! Jajaca!

Shes too fat to fit through the door!"

        They chanted over and over again. I closed my eyes trying to block them out. It didnt work. I got up running to the bathroom and they all laughed and cheered.

Harrys POV.

        I had to go fill something out in Jessicas school. I dont know why they called me in. I walked through her school doors. I wore a beanie and sunglasses just in case any student recognized me.

        As soon as I walked in, I saw a girl running to the bathroom. I could tell it was Jessica. I ran up to her but she was already in the girls bathroom. I walked in the bathroom and found her crying by the sinks.

       "Jess? Jess are you alright?" I asked softly walking up to her.

        She looked up slowly "Harry" She said hoarsely. "I dont want you to see me like this"

        I stopped myself from rolling my eyes. I've seen her cry a million and one times already.

        "Jess its only me, Harry, your cousin " She stayed quiet.

       "I will always be your Harry, Jess" I paused " I will always be your Harry" I repeated. She looked down at the floor. I wrapped my arms around her tightly "What happened Jess?"

         She rubbed her eyes to clear her blurred vision "Why do you even care?" She sobbed.

        "Because I love you, and your like my little sister" I said wiping away her tears.

       "I love you too, Harry" She said hugging me and crying into my chest.

        I ran my fingers through her curly brown hair "Jess, whats wrong?"

        "It hurts, Harry"

        "Shhhh, what hurts?"

       "Bullying" She cried.

        I clenched my jaw "Who? Hanna? Alyssa? Taylor?"

        "Everyone, Harry, everyone"

        "They're wrong, you know that right?"

        "No! They're right Harry. They say true things"

        "What do they say to you?"

        Right after I asked that a blonde girl walked in with the fakest smile I've ever seen.

        "Hey! Im Hanna!" She squealed "Your hotttt!" She continued.

       "And also taken" I finished, kissing Jessicas head.

        "Aw and whos your little girlfriend over there" She smiled fakely pointing to Jessica.

        Jessica lifted her head from my chest "Hello, Im Jessica" She said and Hanna's jaw dropped.

        "Oh! So that must be the guy you were dreaming about in class!" I glanced at Jessica and she blushed looking down.

        "So" Hanna continued "How much is she paying you to date her?" I took everything in me to not go punch the blonde in the face.

        "They always said blondes were dumb....I dont need money if I have someone as beautiful as Jessica" Jessica blushed again. Hanna waved her hand in front of my face,                                                                 "When did you go blind?"

        I pushed her hand away " I could see you idiot! I could see Jessicas beauty every day! One thing I cant see though, is what guys see in you" I snapped.

         She rolled her eyes leaving the bathroom "Jessica needs to get back to class, whats the point though? All she does is space out staring out the window dreamily!" She called over her shoulder.

        Jessica's crimson face confirmed Hanna's statement. She continued to blush and bury her face in my chest.

        "Come Jessica, lets go home" I said extending my hand. She feebly took it and looked down as she walked.

        I lifted her head up, leading her out the school doors. I forgot all about the school forms or whatever. She got in the car and I placed my hand on top of hers, as I drove. I circled my fingers over her knuckles to comfort her but she just looked out the window.

Jessicas POV.

I wasnt even thinking about Hanna, I was thinking about how I told Harry that I loved him. I wasnt thinking when I said it, I did mean it though. Harry held my hand running his finger over my knuckles as he drove. Why did I say it?

He opened my door when we arrived at my apartment. He carried me into the house kissing my forehead every now and then.

When we finally were inside Harry put me down on the couch and looked straight in my eyes.

"What did they say about you?"

"N-not a-alot just a um few things" I stammered.

Harry shook his head "Tell me the truth Jessica"

"They said, Im ugly and fat and that I'll never have a boyfriend, the usual stuff Harry" I sighed.

"Oh Jess, theyre so wrong, Jess" He said wrapping his arms around me.

"Theyre not wrong Harry"

"Yes theyre 100% wrong, you are so beautiful Jess"

"Your just saying that because your my cousin" I argued.

"Of course Im not! Im saying  that because its true!"

Harry shook his head.

"You really dont know how amazing you are, do you?"

I opened my mouth but then closed it again.

"Jess are you alright? I know you get bullied often, you dont really cry in school from it though. They obviously said something really horrible"

The words echoed in the back of my head,

You'll never be good enough! No one will ever love you!

 Thats why Harry cheated, because I wasnt good enough.

"Jess what did they say to you? Please tell me Jess, Im worried about you" Harry said placing a hand on my shoulder.

I shook my head, Harry will blame himself if I told him what I was thinking.

"Alright" He stood up, walking into my room. I got up and followed him. He walked into my room, lifting the matress. My eyes widened.

He pulled out my songbook and grabbed a pen from the dresser.

"If your not going to talk to me Jess, write" He explained handing me my book.

"How'd you know where it is?" I questioned, surprised.

"Oh please Jessica! I know every little thing about you" He smiled slightly, picking me up and dropping me in his lap.

He rested his chin on my shoulder as I wrote.

I turned my head to look at him but then realized how stupid that was. His face was practically touching mine, I tried to avoid eye contact but he didnt, looking straight into my eyes.

Our noses touched but no one said anything. Was he going to kiss me?

"If only you knew how much I love you" He whispered. I shifted uncomfortably in his lap, deciding not to respond.

He wrapped his arms around my stomach and I turned my head away from facing my cousin.

What am I doing? Why was he in my school? Why couldnt of Lou or one of the boys be there? They're all like my brothers. Why though? Why did it have to be Harry? The person who I was trying so strongly to forget. And why did Hanna have to embarass me like that? Now Harry knew. He knew I was thinking of him in class, who else would I have been thinking of? Its blaintly obvious, isnt it? Its not like I wouldve of day-dreamed about one of the boys! And Harry knew me good enough to know it was him. So now Hanna ruined it for me. Again. Why? What did I ever do to her? She was flawless, well her outside appearance, anyway. Straight silky blonde hair with light brown highlights, her big blue eyes had sparkling specks of gold. Her skin was tan and her legs long and thin. Kristen was head cheerleader, she had good grades and everyone loved her, so why-

"Are you alright?"

"What? Oh.. erm.. yeah"

He raised his eyebrows and thats when I realized I was supposed to be writing. I didnt write in front of anyone. Ever. I mean, I used to write in front of Harry but now it just seems awkward.

"D-do you want me to leave?" Harry asked unsurely.

If I had one superpower it would be to hide my cheeks when I blush. Well I dont know if I would really want that but it would be helpful at times. Times like now.

"...thats a yes?" I glanced at Harry, he looked down and blushed slightly.

Now what was I supposed to say? I didnt really want him to leave, I just know that I'm supposed to forget him and I shouldnt be spending time with him then, right? Before I could decide Harry chose for me.

"Its alright" He picked me up from his lap placing me on the bed near him. He stood up "I know you want me to leave, I-i just wanted to m-make sure  you were alright" He stared at the floor like it was the most intresting thing in the world and then looked back up at me "Now that you are, I'll um l-leave you alone" He paused "I'll see you later, Jessica" He said walking out of the room, the floorboards creaked awkwardly with every step he took.

I sat frozen for a minute before shooting up and rushing for the apartment door, Harry was right by the door his back was toward me. He didnt know I was behind him. I had to do this. Harrys my cousin and I could tell by the way he talked, my cousin was hurt. And it was my fault. I grabbed Harrys arm and he stood still, his back still towards me.

"Harry please, dont leave" I whispered hoarsely.

He turned around and stared into my eyes.

"Please" I whispered, barely audible.

He closed his eyes before opening them again "I dont know if you mean it Jessica" He whispered and averted his eyes to the floor.

"Harry" I started. His eyes shot back up to look at me.

"I mean it"

He continued to stared into my eyes and I started to shake slightly.

I picked up my foot, slowly inching a step closer to Harry. I gulped, continuing to walk toward my cousin. I wrapped my shaking arms around his torso, resting my head on his chest. I didnt dare look up at him.

"I mean it, Harry" I whispered, tears threatening to pour out of my eyes.

My cousin didnt respond, he just wrapped his arms around me.


Harry lyed beside me on my bed and the words circled around my head endlessly.

This is wrong

Its wrong


Its wrong!

What are you doing? Its wrong!

Your supposed to forget him Jessica, your doing the opposite!

Harrys arms were wrapped around my waist and my head was on his chest.


"Um yeah?"


"Can I stay here with you tonight? Please?"


What should I say? I cant tell him no. I just cant.

"I'll be gone by morning, I promise"

"Sure, Harry" I held back a sigh at my choice of words.

I am so freakin bad at this.

And that night I fell asleep in Harrys arms. Whos arms may you ask? My....


Best Friend







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