Two Voices, One Song

"He taught me how to love, but he didnt teach me how to stop."
Jessica couldnt be closer to her cousin Harry Styles. They've been Inseparable for ages. But what
happens when Harrys one mistake destroys the perfect relationship? Should she take him back? Now she just wants to forget about the person who means most to her in her life! But Harry cant forget her. And she cant forget him either, they mean to much to eachother. But will they end?
Sequel to Inseparable.


13. Winners

 The winners to the contest are:

Main Winners: styleschick



Another winner that will hopefully appear in the story is: (Im really sorry if I dont end up fitting you in, I have alot of characters already)


Thanks to everyone who entered and sorry if you didnt win! Keep reading because I will try to put you in the story somewhere ;)

One of the winners may or may not appear in the next chapter :p which will hopefully be uploaded on Saturday night. Love you guys!

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