Two Voices, One Song

"He taught me how to love, but he didnt teach me how to stop."
Jessica couldnt be closer to her cousin Harry Styles. They've been Inseparable for ages. But what
happens when Harrys one mistake destroys the perfect relationship? Should she take him back? Now she just wants to forget about the person who means most to her in her life! But Harry cant forget her. And she cant forget him either, they mean to much to eachother. But will they end?
Sequel to Inseparable.


20. Wait!

Jessicas POV.

"Harry! Wait!" I grabbed his hand and he turned to look at me. He raised an eyebrow and I looked down before speaking, "I dont want you to leave" I sobbed and wrapped my arms around his torso. Harrys arms wrap around my waist and hold me close to him. He stroked my hair while I cried into his chest.

"Im not leaving" He whispered.

"Yes you are, your going on tour!" I choked on my words and buried my face deeper into his chest.

"That is correct; but that doesnt mean that Im not here for you anymore" He said softly.

"But Harry I wont see you and everythings been so hard and I just the tour and no ones here and the and the um Zayn and Louis and Niall and Liam and you and everyone is leaving and the girls wont be here and Perries on tour too and Im gonna be all alone with school and-"

I rambled on and on until Harry inturrupted, "Stop worrying Jess, you are not alone"

"But I the apartment is all and nobody and I-"

"Shhhh its ok its ok everythings going to be alright" He ran his fingers through my hair as I sobbed into his chest.

Harrys POV.

I dont know how long Jess has been crying but I know its been a while. I dont want to leave her especially when shes so worried like this. My phone rang and Jessica pulled away so I could answer it.


"Harry! Where are you? Are you still with Jessica? We need to get going! We've been trying to contact you! Where was your phone? Your coming right? Hurry up!" Liam bombed questions at me.

"Liam! Calm down! Yes, Im with Jessica, shes upset-"

"But Harry we need to go or we'll miss our first show!"

"Liam no shes crying! Im not leaving when my cousin is crying! Go! I'll meet you there somehow I-"

I looked down at Jess, her eyes were bloodshot and she clung to my shirt while looking up at me.

"She needs me, Liam"

"Hurry up mate were waiting"

"Ok bye"

I hung up and tossed my phone back into my pocket.

"I have to go, Jess"

"No! Please Harry!" She sobbed clinging to me desperately. I picked her up bridal style and she instantely wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I love you" She whispered. I was surprised at her words, she never said it to me for such a long time.

"I love you, Jess" I pecked her forehead. I opened a white door which lead to a long corridor, I carried her through it until we reached the next door.

"Jess, after we go through this door, theres no more privacy so anything you want-"

She cupped my cheeks in her hands and what she said next was not at all what I expected.


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