Two Voices, One Song

"He taught me how to love, but he didnt teach me how to stop."
Jessica couldnt be closer to her cousin Harry Styles. They've been Inseparable for ages. But what
happens when Harrys one mistake destroys the perfect relationship? Should she take him back? Now she just wants to forget about the person who means most to her in her life! But Harry cant forget her. And she cant forget him either, they mean to much to eachother. But will they end?
Sequel to Inseparable.


18. Tour

Jessica's POV.


"Hey, it's Louis"

"Oh hey Lou, what's up?"

"Nothing much, I just wanted to let you know that we're going to be on tour soon..."


"Oh," I said softly, "well I don't speak with Harry anymore so I guess it doesn't really matter..."

It does matter! Even though! Even though I don't speak with Harry anymore, I know, I know if something bad were to really happen. I know, my cousin is still there for me.

"Oh yeah well um yeah" Louis responded awkwardly.

"When are you guys leaving?"

"Next week"


"Can we please stop making it so awkward?" Louis pleaded. I suppressed a giggle,

"You know! You know your kinda still attached!" Louis exclaimed.

"No," I shook my head even though he couldn't see me, "no, we're not." I whispered.

"You are" Louis argued.

"We're not"


"I-Louis were not! Even ask Harry" I bit my bottom lip to fight the tears glistening in my eyes.

"You care" He said suddenly, "you have to care" he paused "Harrys your cousin! You have to care that he's leaving!"

I gulped "I- i dont" I lied.

"Your lying to yourself"

"I don't feel like talking anymore, Lou"

"Oh alright bye"


Just then my phone beeped,

From: Zayn: Hey, Lou called u yet?

To Zayn: Ye he actually just did...

From Zayn: oh u alright?

To Zayn: yep! Perf! :)

From Zayn: you sure about that?

To Zayn: absolutely positively one hundred percent sure!

From Zayn: I asked if u were sure not to give me a whole paragraph on it :p

To Zayn: haha but since I'm so sweet I did it anyway! :p

From Zayn: you are x

My eyes widened at the text Zayn sent me,

To Zayn: thanks so are you xx

From Zayn: well I gtg and since ur absolutely..... Sure I'll let u off the hook this time, talk later xx

To Zayn: hahah alright bye

So Harrys going on tour. Today's Wednesday which means five days until they leave, do I care?


No you don't

Uh I so do I love harry

You so don't! He broke your heart!

The voices in my head competed forever until I realized I do care.


I was going to the airport to say bye to the boys. I was in the same car as them, and lucky for me they were all sweet and put me right next to Harry. I stared out the window the whole time to avoid conversation with Harry.

I so badly wanted to know what was going on in his mind right now.

"Were here!" Liam called.

The girls were already there and all of them were crying; for once, I wasn't.

They all talked to their boyfriends and I was left with Harry about a foot away from me.

"Um hi" he said.

"Hi," I answered quietly, it was extremely awkward right now.

"Uh how've you been?" Harry asked, trying to break the awkward silence.

For once I looked up at him, bad you? I thought "good you?" I actually answered.

"Eh" he shook his hand and I blushed. I was embarrassed because Harry said he wasn't okay and I said I was and it's always the opposite.

"I hope you have fun on tour" I whispered.

"Thanks" he replied. I felt like crying just from the extreme awkwardness and coldness between us. Two close cousins.

When they finally finished all the girls were hugging the other boys and I took this as my cue.

I walked over to Liam and wrapped my arms around his strong torso.

"Bye Liam" I whispered, "have fun"

He smiled at me "Bye, don't miss me too much, okay?"

I grinned up at him, "Will do"

When we finally pulled away I pecked his cheek and moved on to Niall. His big blue eyes met mine and he immediately pulled me into a warm hug,

"I'll miss you, Jessebelle"

"I still don't know why you call me that!" I exclaimed and he laughed, "but I'll miss you too, Nialler" I ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek before moving on to Zayn.

Zayn smiled slightly before wrapping his arms around me tightly.

"Don't do anything stupid Jessa, it's not worth it. I'm one phone call away" he then pulled away and held my shoulders.

He stared into my eyes before continuing, "you can call me anytime" he whispered. "If you just need to talk, I'm here for you, alright?"

I nodded and hugged him once more, kissing his cheek.

"thanks Zayn" He nodded. And I continued to Lou.

He smiled and enveloped me in a tight hug.

"Like Zayn said, don't do anything stupid, were all just one phone call away. Any of us. Wether your in the mood for blondie" he pointed at Niall, "Daddy" his finger averted to Liam "Quiety" he grinned pointing to Zayn. "BESTIE" he exclaimed quietly his finger pressing to his chest. "Or even curly" he whispered in my ear.

I laughed "thanks Lou" I pecked his cheek softly and he smiled.

And then there at the end of the line stood Harry. He was all alone and he was staring at me. I could feel tears brim in the corner of my eyes.

"Bye Harry" I whispered as I waved.

I turned around walking away from the boys. I still don't know how I did it. I just ignored my cousin.

Just then I heard one voice begin to speak,

"Don't I get a hug?"

I stood frozen in my place.


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