Two Voices, One Song

"He taught me how to love, but he didnt teach me how to stop."
Jessica couldnt be closer to her cousin Harry Styles. They've been Inseparable for ages. But what
happens when Harrys one mistake destroys the perfect relationship? Should she take him back? Now she just wants to forget about the person who means most to her in her life! But Harry cant forget her. And she cant forget him either, they mean to much to eachother. But will they end?
Sequel to Inseparable.


31. Dinner For Four

Three Days Later*

Jessica's POV

We were going to visit Aunt Anne and Gemma tomorrow. The boys were all overjoyed in my opinion, that Harry and I got back together. As for the girls, let's just say, my ears hurt a bit after that. And there were also multiple demands for us to kiss. Wow.

My phone rang and I picked it up. Hazel.

Jake got out of the hospital about a week and a half after he was knocked out. I've just been so busy, I feel like I haven't spoken to him enough.

"Hey, Hazel," I greeted.

"Hey! So congrats on the news of you and Harry!"

"Oh thanks." I laughed slightly.

"So um I was wondering if you two want to come to dinner tonight?"

"Oh wow thanks, I'm going to check with Harry just a second."


I flew downstairs, phone in hand.



"Hey, so Hazel invited us for dinner. We're going?"

"Whatever you want,"


"I don't know." He stared at me.

"Well you look like you don't want to go."

"You're brother scares me." He said with such a straight face, I burst into laughter.


"Because he's like so older brothery." Harrys dimples popped.

"We're going." I confirmed.

He groaned slightly, "fine, as long as he's not older brothery."

I shake my head and tell Hazel the answer.


What do I wear tonight?

Harry lay on our bed, typing on his phone.

"Haz," I groaned.


"Harry, either help me or get dressed."

"Why do girls need so much time? I just need like ten minutes." He sat up.

"Anyways, who you trying to impress so much, Jake?" He teased.

"Harry," I shake my head.

"Just come here, baby."

I sighed walking over to him. I stood between Harrys legs and he circled his arms around my waist.

He fell back on the bed, pulling me on top of him. He wrapped his arms around me.

"Why are you nervous? Aren't you really close with Jake?" He whispered.

"Yeah, I guess I just didn't see him in a long time."

"Well don't be nervous, you guys are like all brother-sister."

"Well obviously." I stick my tongue out at him.

I started to get up but Harry pulled me back down.

"Stop it. We just got back together, I miss you."

I laid my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.

"Sorry," the word was barely audible when it escaped my mouth.

"Shh, don't be sorry, I know you're nervous." He stroked my hair softly.

"Will it be awkward?" I asked.

"Stop worrying, Jess, it'll go fine."

"Okay, now help me get dressed!"

He groaned but followed me anyway.

"Wear a dress." Harry said, pulling a floral dress out of my closet. I scrunched my nose and he laughed.

"Wait! Jess, close your eyes, I'm picking an outfit you would wear!" He covered my eyes with his large hands.

"Okay! Okay! They're closed."

"Alright, don't peek."

I heard rustling and was just hoping he didn't make a huge mess.

Harrys POV.

I grabbed her black skinny jeans and a green sweater shirt thing. I pulled out one of her black converses and glanced again at her converse collection. Woah.

"Oh my gosh, Jess! How many converses?"

She laughed.

"Okay, I'm done."

Her eyes flew open and stared at the clothes on the bed.

"Not bad, Harry."

Jess walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my torso. She nuzzled her face into my chest before speaking,

"I love you, Harry." Her voice was muffled.

"I love you too, sweetheart."

She looked up at me and she just looked so innocent and young. I began to get the same feeling l got years ago. When I saw her, cheeks tearstained, eyes closed and puffy, sleeping soundly in her bed, I got that feeling. That feeling where I just want to hold her and protect her from this horrible world. I wasn't even dating her then, but I still loved her like a sister--kind of.

"Harry?" She paused, "it's good, right?"

"I don't know, Jess, whatever you think."

"Whatever," she grabbed the clothes and made her way to the bathroom.

"You can change in front of me, Jess!" I called after her.

"Already closer to the bathroom!" She called back.

I shook my head.

Jess finally came back, put her hair up in a ponytail, and threw clothes at me.

"Go change,"

I nodded, it only took a second anyway.

I pulled my shirt over my head grabbing the shirt she set up for me.

"A dress shirt?" I questioned her.

"Please?" She pouted, "I grabbed one that's not so fancy."

I sighed, pulling it on.

"Thank you!" She smiled and leaned in to peck my lips.

"What time do we have to be there?"

"Around 7:30." She replied.

It was seven. We had fifteen minutes.

I changed to the black skinny jeans Jess picked and moved towards her.

Just to be the annoying boyfriend I was, while she was putting her lipstick or something on, I grabbed her waist, picking her up.

She screamed in surprise.

"Harry, you made me ruin it." She pressed her finger to her eyelid.

"Sorry," I wrap my arms around her from behind.

"Are you ready?"


"What time is it?" She checked her watch and gasped, "we really got to go!"

"We have time. Calm down." I kissed the back of her neck.

I turned her around to face me, "take the makeup off, you don't need it."

"Alright, I'm just putting a little!" She brushed a black brush to her eye lashes and put light lipstick on.

"Okay, let's go." I grabbed her hand and we walked to the car.


Jessica's POV.

After picking up flowers for Jake and Hazel, we finally arrived at their apartment.

Harry knocked and squeezed my hand.

The door creaked open and Jake stood there, smiling.

"Hey, Jess!"

"Harry," he nodded.

He enveloped me in a bone crushing hug, and kissed my forehead when we pulled away. I smiled, I missed Jake.

Harry and Jake shook hands before Hazel showed up behind my brother.

"Hi," she pulled me in for a hug and I handed her the flowers.

"Oh you shouldn't have. Thank you guys." She smiled.

"How are you guys now?" Hazel asked, ushering us in to their house.

"Great," Harry smiled, taking my hand again.

"You guys better be hungry because Hazel went all out," he teased her.

She flushed slightly, "Jake!"

My brother laughed.

We sat down and began to eat.

All of a sudden a very important question came into my mind.

"Have you guys decided when the wedding will be?"

Jake glanced at Hazel and they smiled at each other.

"Yeah actually." Jake said.

"We've decided on December 29th." Hazel beamed.

"Oh my gosh, so soon! Wow oh my gosh!" Jake laughed.

"Wait so you guys started planning, right?"

"Yeah, well more like I." Hazel teased Jake.

"I'm not good at planning weddings, Haze."

"And how do you know that?" Hazel questioned him.

"Because I'm not a girl." Jake chuckled.

Harry placed his hand on my knee and kissed my temple.

"Well have our own wedding soon?" He whispered.

"Hope so." I whispered back.

"No whispering things like that while we eat!" Jake scolded, but he was laughing.

"No! We weren't!"

"I know, I'm kidding, I'm kidding."


Jake enveloped me in another tight hug and kissed my cheek,

"I'll see you, I love you."

"I love you too." Jake leaned down so I could kiss his cheek.

"Aww," Hazel smiled, "you guys are having a brotherly sisterly moment!"

"And it's over now!" Jake chuckled.

I laughed, "thanks Hazel, dinner was amazing! Thank you."

"Of course, anytime, okay?"

"It was nice meeting you, Harry." Hazel beamed.

They hugged quickly and I hugged her too before waving goodbye and walking to the car with Harry.


"What time are we leaving to your Mum tomorrow?" I asked Harry as I curled up near his side.

"I don't know yet, babe." He yawned. "We should probably leave at like eight."

"Okay," I whispered.

"Goodnight, Harry."

"Goodnight, my love." He kissed my forehead and then my lips.

And I fell into a deep sleep, Harrys body intertwined with mine.

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