Red Flag

Carter Thompson is a 15 year old girl that has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since her parents got divorced. All she wants is to kick her feet up with her two best friends Jacob and Blake. But when her Dad remarries another woman, she is forced to leave her North Carolina life behind and join links with her new family. Dreading the move, she meets her oh-so familiar looking stepbrother, not having a clue he's adored by many young girls across the globe. Harry asks her to come on tour with him, and his band mates, and since then her life has chosen the path consisting of ups-and-downs. As she gets to know the boys as well as Harry, she finds herself falling for one of the boys without really knowing it, along this crazy new life. Throughout the story, she starts realizing that maybe it was worth the move after all.



Carter's POV


I quickly put the plane ticket in my duffel bag. I looked up and saw Paul looking at me. I had met Paul earlier at the house. "Anyone want anything from Starbucks?" Paul asked. Everyone gave him their orders and he started walking away. He turned around and asked "Carter mind giving me a hand?" I got up from my seat and followed him to the small coffee shop. He finish ordering everyone's drinks and we were just waiting for them to come up. "Do the guys know that after the flight you're going somewhere else?" He asked me out of the blue. "What are you talking about?" I asked, trying to play it off. "I saw you put a plane ticket in your bag Carter." Wow, I guess I can't really play it off like I thought. "I'm going to fly to Los Angeles, California." "Why." "I heard Harry on the phone earlier." "What?" "Rather not talk about it." "Ok." I hope he doesn't tell Harry. "I won't tell. Promise." He said to me like he read my mind. I gave him a smile in return.


We got the drinks and were headed back to everyone. I gave Louis, Zayn, and Harry their drinks then sat down in my seat. I had gotten a water not wanting coffee since I don’t really like coffee. I’ve decided the second I get out to L.A. I'm going to try out for a few sports at my brothers school. I'm not sure what sports I'll do yet but I'll 100% do more than one sport. 


"Flight 163 is now boarding." Said the voice over the intercom. We all stood up and grabbed our bags. I gave the lady my plane ticket, she looked at it then ripped off part of it then gave me back the bigger piece of paper. I walked on to the plane and started looking for my seat. 'F7. F7.' I kept on thinking in my head. 'Ah! F7.' I thought once I saw the seat. I put my duffel in the over head compartment, then took my seat. I pulled out my iPhone and put it on airplane mode, then pulled out my blue headphones and plugged them in my phone. I was looking out the window, since it was a window seat, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw A lady holding a little girl in her arms. I took off my headphones and looked at her. "Hi Carter, I guess we are sitting with you today." Said the lady. I nodded then said "I'm sorry but how did you know my name is Carter?" "Oh Harry told me. You see I'm their stylist." I nodded my head again at her. She put the little girl, who I'm guessing is her daughter, in the seat by me then sat in the aisle seat."I'm Lou and this is Lux" She put her hand out to me. I shook it and said "Well you know my name, but you can call me Cat." I giggled a little while saying it.


We were in the air now and Lou had to go to the bathroom so I told her I would watch Lux. I was playing with Lux and she was laughing. I was laughing along with her, she was so cute. She started playing with the window shade when Harry walked over and sat down. "Where's Lou?" "Bathroom." "Gotcha." He started tickling Lux causing her to turn around laughing. "Earry!" She said when she saw Harry. "I think I'll start calling you Earry!" I said laughing a little. "Hey! Only Lux can call me that!" He said back. I gave him a pouty face and he just laughed. Lux looked at me then Harry then back at me. She looked so confused which made me giggle. Lou came back and saw Harry and I playing with Lux then said "Hey, looks like she's having fun. Harry why don't you sit here and I'll sit in your seat." "Ok. Yeah." Lou then walked away and Harry turned toward Lux.


*After the flight*


I got up from my seat, grabbed my duffel bag and put the strap across my body. I then picked up Lux and started walking off the plane with her. Harry followed behind me playing with Lux. Once we walked off the plane I started looking around for Lou. I saw her and everyone not to far away. I handed Lux over to Lou, then pulled out my phone and looked at the time. "I'll be right back." I said. "Where you going?" Harry asked. "Restroom." I stated, walking to the lady's room. I walked in through the door and put my bag down. I pulled out the plane ticket that I got earlier today.


I had about ten minutes before boarding. I walked out of the bathroom and back to where everyone was. I walked over to Paul and he looked down at me. "I have ten minutes." I whispered to him. He nodded his head then said to everyone. "Ok let's get everyone in the cars! The boys, Lou, Lux, and I will be in one car. Then Carter you'll ride with a few other body guards." Everyone nodded or said ok. I started off like I was following but soon turned around and started run to my gate before anyone saw me.


I made it to my gate just in time. I walked on the plane and looked out the window at the large crowd outside the airport. I saw the boys walk out and disappear into the sea of people. Once again I plugged in my headphones and just hit shuffle. I looked back out the window and saw the cars were gone. Soon I was in the air on my way to L.A. I wonder if anyone has noticed I'm gone?


Harry's POV


We got to the hotel about twenty minutes after we left the airport. Paul walked up to the front desk. "Where's Carter?" I asked. "I don't know." Everyone said together. Paul then came back over. "Where's Carter?" I asked him. "I told her I wouldn't tell." He said back. What was going on? "Paul, what are you talking about?" He didn't say a thing. "PAUL, WHERE IS MY SISTER?!" I yelled at him, causing everyone to jump a little. He took a deep breath then said. "She's on a plane."

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