Red Flag

Carter Thompson is a 15 year old girl that has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since her parents got divorced. All she wants is to kick her feet up with her two best friends Jacob and Blake. But when her Dad remarries another woman, she is forced to leave her North Carolina life behind and join links with her new family. Dreading the move, she meets her oh-so familiar looking stepbrother, not having a clue he's adored by many young girls across the globe. Harry asks her to come on tour with him, and his band mates, and since then her life has chosen the path consisting of ups-and-downs. As she gets to know the boys as well as Harry, she finds herself falling for one of the boys without really knowing it, along this crazy new life. Throughout the story, she starts realizing that maybe it was worth the move after all.


7. Makeover!

Carter’s POV

The doorbell rang throughout the house, waiting to be answered. Harry jumped up to his feet from his place on floor. He walked over to the door and opened it up. I could hear a woman's voice echo through the rooms, but I could not see the mistress. Harry then walked back in the room with a girl following him. “Carter, Blake, Jacob, this is Gemma. Gemma this is Carter, Blake, and Jacob.Cat is our new sister, and Blake and Jacob are her friends.” Harry said introducing us. “Hi it’s nice to meet you.” I said holding out my hand. “Hi, I can’t wait to get to know you.” she said shaking my hand. We talked for a bit when dad and Anne walked in the door. “Gemma!” Anne squeaked. “Mum! John! How are you?” Gemma asked. “Oh we’re good. How are you?” dad replied. “I’m good thank you.” Gemma send “Oh honey come help me in the kitchen.” Anne said to Gemma. They walked into the kitchen, so dad came into the living room with us. “Carter I need you to put on some real clothes. We’re going out tonight.” I rolled my eyes when my dad said my name. “Okay just give me about 10 hours to dig something up.” I said getting up from my seat. “Want to help me Harry?” “Um, sure.” he said, sounding unsure about it.


We walked in the room and I sat on the bed as Harry walked in my closet. “Wow, you weren’t kidding why you said 10 hours!” he said looking at me from the closet. I just laughed. “We are going to need the ‘sass master’ up here!” he said after 3 minutes of looking. “Who?” I asked tilting my head to the side. Harry didn’t answer me, he just simply walked out of the room. A few minutes later he walked back in, but with Louis? “Wait Louis’ the ‘sass master?” I asked. Louis just walked into the closet, while Harry sat down by me. “Don’t worry. He’s got a great sense of fashion.” Harry whispered to me. I gave him a small smile. Truth is, I wasn’t worried at all, I mean 99.9% of the time I wear a t-shirt and running shorts. Louis then walked out of the closet holding nothing but a really big grin on his face. “Harry out, the master must work!” Louis said to Harry. Harry just nodded, got up, and left. “Time to work!” Louis said grabbing my arm. Now I was a little scared.

He pulled me into the bathroom and did my make up, with the very little I had. Sat me in a chair that he must have put in there earlier. He finished doing my makeup and yelled “Botta Bang Botta Boo!” clapping my hands together. He looked very happy with the result. He moved out of my way so I could see, and I must say... I liked it! “Wow” was all I could get out. “Like it huh?” He said. “I do!” “Okay, well time to move on!”


He had put on the lightest eyeshadow all over my eyelids. Then put a light brown in the outer corner of my eyes to just the right of the middle of my eyelids. Putting on a darker brown, that I never use. He put that on the outer corner of my lids, and on the outer corner of my lower lashline. He then blended it to make it look more like a smokey eye. He put on a browbone highlight, then was done with eyeshadow. He added a black line of eyeliner on my upper lashline and on my waterline, connecting it in the tearduct. Finishing up my eye, he added some mascara. He then added a little blush to my cheeks, and a light pink color to my lips.

(here’s the idea)

He started doing my hair. I guess he decided on curling my hair because he had gotten a curling iron, that I’m guessing is either Anne’s or Gemma’s because I certainly do not have one. Louis was putting loose curls around my head. I felt like I was sitting there for hours. When in reality it was about 15 minutes. I just needed to move around. He then put hairspray all over my head making me cough a little.

(the hair)


“Your hair is done madam.” He said in a very posh accent, making me laugh. I looked at myself in the mirror and man, can I say I looked good! “wow!” Was all I could get out. Again, I never would look like this back in Charlotte! “You like it?” he asked. “No I don’t like it.” “Oh” he said looking down. “I LOVE IT!” I said really happily. He pulled his head up and did a little happy dance in the bathroom. I laughed at him dancing till he stopped. “Come on we are almost done!” he said grabbing my arm. He pulled me into the room really fast. “Okay, I don’t think anyone saw us.” he said. “Why does it matter if anyone saw us?” “I don’t want anyone to see you till you’re done.” “Uh okay?”

He grabbed the clothes that he picked out earlier and gave them to me. There was a knock on the door and Blake’s voice followed shortly after. “Can I come in?” he asked through the door. Louis pushed me into the closet and closed the door. I heard him walk over to the door and open it. “What do you need?” I heard Louis say. “Yeah can I get my shoes?” “Yeah but make it fast.” “Where’s Cat?” “In the closet. No one is to see her right now.” “Okay. Thanks.” was the last thing I heard before the door closed. Louis then came over to the closet and let me out.


“Okay you get changed, then tell me when you’re done.” he said. Then walked out of the room. I got a good look at the clothes he picked out. It was a white dress that had a cut out back and went to right passed the middle of my thighs. 

(here’s the dress)

 I grabbed my off white converse and put them on. “Okay I’m done.” I yelled to Louis through the door. Louis then walked back in and looked me up and down. “Those are not the shoes you are wearing tonight!” He whined at me. “Well what shoes?” I asked. He disappeared into the closet and came back with a pair of white wedges. “These!” He said giving me the shoes. “Okay but don’t be shocked if I trip.” I said putting the shoes on.

(the shoes)

We walked out of the room and Louis told me to stay where I was till he called me. Louis walked downstairs and I heard him telling everyone to come to the stairs. Louis then yelled up to me saying that I could go downstairs.

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