Red Flag

Carter Thompson is a 15 year old girl that has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since her parents got divorced. All she wants is to kick her feet up with her two best friends Jacob and Blake. But when her Dad remarries another woman, she is forced to leave her North Carolina life behind and join links with her new family. Dreading the move, she meets her oh-so familiar looking stepbrother, not having a clue he's adored by many young girls across the globe. Harry asks her to come on tour with him, and his band mates, and since then her life has chosen the path consisting of ups-and-downs. As she gets to know the boys as well as Harry, she finds herself falling for one of the boys without really knowing it, along this crazy new life. Throughout the story, she starts realizing that maybe it was worth the move after all.


12. It's Been a Long Time

*One Week Later*


Carter’s POV


I woke up this morning to Louis jumping on the bed. “WAKE UP!” He yelled in my face. “I’m up!” I croaked. “Good. Get up!” I just groaned in reply. Louis ran out of the room to who knows where. I rolled out of bed feeling the cold air smack my body. Today I’m going to start living at Harry’s house. I walked over to my duffel bag and pulled out a t-shirt that said “CUTE DOESN’T WIN GAMES” I also grabbed some Dash Dri-Fit Nike shorts. I got dressed, brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. I put a few last things in my duffel,then ran downstairs.


Once I got to the top of the stairs I could smell BACON!!! I love bacon! I ran down the stairs and dropped my duffel at the door. I was just about to walk in the kitchen door when I heard Harry talking to someone. "She will stay with us till we get to L.A. Then we're dropping her off with her mom." He said. I waited for someone to talk back to him but no one ever said anything. "Right, she won't be joining us after L.A." I think he's on the phone? Is he talking about me? "Yeah, ok. Bye." I heard him say after a while. Was he talking about me? I then walked in the kitchen like I didn't hear anything. "Morning." I said, walking over to the fridge. "Morning. Are you all packed?" He asked me. "Yeah. Are you?" I asked him still wanting to know who he was talking about. "Yeah." He said. We didn't say anything after that. I poured myself a glass of orange juice, then I put the juice back in the fridge. "Want some bacon?" He asked breaking the silence. "Sure!" I said acting like nothing was wrong. He handed me a plate with bacon, eggs, and pancakes on it. "If you don't eat it all just give it to Niall." He said laughing. "Okay." I said, not really getting why he was laughing. I sat down at the table and started eating.


I was about 1/4 of the way through my pancakes when everyone walked in the room. "GOOD MORNING!!" Louis yelled enthusiastically as he walked through the door. "Not so loud Louis!" Zayn whined. "Morning. How did you sleep, love?" Liam asked me. "Oh! Uh, Alright." I said a little off guard since he called me 'love'. Not really something you hear someone call you in the states. "What about you?" I asked after a minute of regathering my thoughts. "Good. Good." He said back. "What did you make for us this morning, hazza?" Louis asked. "Hazza?" I asked. "Yeah that's Harry's nickname." Niall said to me. I nodded my head as it clicked. "I made eggs, pancakes, and bacon." "Make me a plate!" Niall yelled jumping up and grabbing a plate. He sat back down with two plates of food. Everyone got their plates and took a seat.


I had half pancake, 3 pieces of bacon, and maybe half an egg? I know, not much, but I don't really ever eat breakfast. But when I do it's not much. I looked around the table to see everyone talking and eating their food. I got up and walked over to the sink. I cleaned my plate and left it in the sink to dry. I started walking over to the door when I heard my name. "Carter!" I turned around to see who said it. "We will be leaving in about 10 minutes." Liam told me. "Okay." Was all I said, then walked out of the room. I was just about to walk up the stairs when I heard that I was being mentioned in conversation. I turned on my heels and walked back to the kitchen door. I stood by the door and listened carefully.


Harry's POV


"Did you talk to management about Carter?" Louis asked me. "Yeah, I talked to them this morning." "What did they say?" "She can't stay the whole time. So I have to call her mum and see if she can stay with her." I assumed Louis just nodded his head, because I didn't hear his voice. "Why do they not want her to stay?" Niall asked. "I don't know. I don't know." He said the last part so quiet that I could barely hear it. I heard a shuffle outside the door, but I didn't think anything of it.


Carter's POV


"I don't know." I heard Harry say. I leaned closer to the door to hear better. I almost fell over my own two feet. I kept still hoping no one would come out. I took a breath of relief when no one came out. I tip- toed to the stairs and ran up to get my phone. I grabbed my white iPhone 4. I clicked the 'home' to see the screen light up to a picture of me and my brother. I slid the lock to the right and watched all my apps come on the screen. I tapped the app with the phone icon on it. I scrolled through the list of names till I saw the one I wanted. I click on the name, Heather (a.k.a mom) then hit the call button. I put the phone to my ear to hear ringing. It rang about 3 times before I heard the voice I haven't heard in so every long.


"It's been a long time since I last saw your name on my phone." I heard her say, very tiredly. "Hi to you, too." I said back with a little attitude. "Hi." She said with a bit of an attitude as well. "Why are you calling sweetheart?" "First of all, don't call me sweetheart. Second of all, can I stay with you and Luke for a few months?" "What about your father?" "He's on his honeymoon." "Oh he got remarried?" "Yeah... So can I?" "Sure. You can stay. When will you be coming? I'll pick you up from the airport." "Oh no you don't have to do that. Just text me the address and I'll get a cab. And I'll be leaving for the airport in about 5 minutes." "Ok, well at least tell me where you are flying from and the airline so I know." "Holmes Chapel, England. And British Airways." "You're in England!?" "Yeah."


"Carter! We have to go!" I heard Harry yell up to me. "Hey I have to go. I'll call you when I land, ok?" "Ok, have a safe flight." "Don't put that pressure on me! It's not my choice if the flight goes well!" I said joking around. "Haha, very funny. Bye. Call me when you land." "Ok, bye." I hit the red end button. I walked downstairs to see Harry standing there. "Everyone is outside in the car. Let's go!" He said. I followed him out the front door and I locked the door behind us. We got in the black van that was in the driveway. I pulled out my phone and put my earbuds in. I started playing 'Every Good Thing' by The Afters.


I was listening to 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I took out my earbuds to see Harry looking at me. "We're here." He said. "Ready?" "What?" I asked. Someone then opened the door and pulled us out of the van. All I could hear were screaming girls. I couldn't even hear myself think. I saw white flashes going off everywhere. I then heard girls asking "who's that?" "Why is she with you?" And I also heard quite a few not so nice things. "Don't listen to them. They're just jealous of you." Niall told me as he wrapped his arm around my waist and guided me into the airport.


We made it through security and were heading to the gate. I walked over to the lady that was at the front desk. "Hi, how can I help you ma'am?" "Hi can I get a plane ticket to Los Angeles, California from umm..." I looked down at my plane ticket to see where we were going to land. "Atlanta, Georgia." I said looking back up at her. "Okay so one plane ticket from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California. Correct?" "Yes. That's correct." "Okay. Let me print off your pass and you can be on your way." She smiled and walked away to retrieve the ticket. I pulled out my wallet and got out the money for the ticket. She walked back over with the ticket in her hand. I gave her the money and she gave me the ticket. "Have a nice day." "Thanks, you too." I then started walking back to where everyone was sitting.


I sat down and put the ticket in the my bag before anyone could see. Or so I thought.

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