Red Flag

Carter Thompson is a 15 year old girl that has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since her parents got divorced. All she wants is to kick her feet up with her two best friends Jacob and Blake. But when her Dad remarries another woman, she is forced to leave her North Carolina life behind and join links with her new family. Dreading the move, she meets her oh-so familiar looking stepbrother, not having a clue he's adored by many young girls across the globe. Harry asks her to come on tour with him, and his band mates, and since then her life has chosen the path consisting of ups-and-downs. As she gets to know the boys as well as Harry, she finds herself falling for one of the boys without really knowing it, along this crazy new life. Throughout the story, she starts realizing that maybe it was worth the move after all.


30. Celebrating

Carter’s POV


The award show was now over and we were headed back to the hotel. The boys had won THREE awards! Yay! To celebrate we decided that we would go out to McDonalds (very classy) since they didn’t serve us very much at the show, then we would go back to the hotel and go swimming. I must say, these boys are starting to grow on me even more every day. Well, one is growing on me more then the others… We pulled up to the McDonalds and we all filed out of the limo one by one. The looks we were getting from people just made me laugh. Have they never seen people dressed up before? We walked into the building and received confusing looks from all the people around us. We got our food and sat down at a table. I sat down with Harry on my right and Louis on my left. Then on the other side of the table it was Liam, Niall, and Zayn. We ate our food, laughing and just having a good time. Some fans asked for pictures, hugs, and stuff, which the boys happily said yes to all of them. Some fans even wanted to take some pictures with me! While others gave me weird looks, which I guess I can understand why. We finished eating and decided that instead of taking the limo we would all pile into a taxi cab. We flagged a black and yellow cab down and all piled in. Louis and I wound up sitting on laps. I was on Niall’s lap and Louis laid across everyones laps. And I mean EVERYONES! INCLUDING MINE! I saw the taxi driver look at us through the rearview mirror like we were crazy, but you know we are a bit crazy. Harry gave the driver the name of the hotel and he started driving there. In the car I took my heels off because they were killing my feet! We soon pulled up outside the hotel. We all climbed out of the back seat and Harry payed the driver. We all ran into the hotel and into the elevator, earning more weird looks from people. We all ran into our rooms and got changed into our swimsuits.


After I took off all the make up and the dress and put on my swimsuit, I threw on a hoody and grabbed a bottle of body wash. I ran out of the room not bothering with shoes. I ran to where the elevator was and waited for the boys to come out. They soon started running out one by one. We hopped into the elevator and waited to get down to where the pool was. “What’s that for?” Liam asked pointing to the bottle in my hand. “Oh, it’s for a game that Zack and I used to play all the time.” I said smiling and flipping the bottle. The elevator soon got to the floor and opened the big metal doors. We all ran down the to the pool and everyone started jumping in. I took off my hoody and jumped in the water right beside Louis, getting him soaked. Louis started splashing me so I started splashing him, everyone soon joined us and a huge splash war broke out.


“Okay! Okay! I surrender!” Niall yelled out. We had been splashing each other for maybe fifteen minutes now. “Come on Niiaalll!” Louis and I both whimpered. Niall just stared at us for a minute then smirked. "What’s going on?" I thought for a split second until I felt all this weight jump onto my back making me lose my balance and fall. I tried coming up for air but the person who jumped on my back was still on me. I felt water start to travel into my mouth making it even harder to hold in the little breath of air I got before falling. The person got off of me and pulled me up to the surface. I started taking deep breaths, coughing a little bit from the water that went into my mouth. “Are you okay?” I heard Harry ask, though he was laughing like a hyena. “Yeah, just need to catch my breath.” I said as my breathing started to become more normal. I looked over and saw Louis trying to catch his breath as well. I guess they did the same thing to Louis as they did to me.


I saw Harry get out of the pool and grab something off one of the tables. He jumped back in and stared to swim towards me. I still couldn’t see what he had grabbed, but I soon saw that it was the bottle of body wash I had brought down. “So what’s this game?” He asked once he was standing in front of me. He held the plastic bottle out to me. I took the bottle and started to explain the game. “So someone will throw the bottle into the deep end, once it hits the bottom of the pool two people will try and get it.” They all were listening and crowded around me. “Okay sounds easy enough.” Liam shrugged. "So whoever grabs it first wins?" Louis looked at me and asked. "Yeah." I replied. "And once the first person grabs it, is the other allowed to wrestle for it while they're both still underwater?" Niall asked. "No, but you can wrestle for it once you both get down to the bottom. But when the first person actually grabs it, then that person wins." I explained. "Got it?" They all looked at each other and nodded their heads. “Okay so who wants to go first?” Harry asked. “I’ll go! And I want to go up against Carter!” Louis yelled and pointed at me. “Okay, I guess that answers that.” Harry said while laughing. Louis swam to one corner of the pool and I swam to the other. Liam climbed out of the pool and threw the bottle into the water. We waited a minute till we heard Liam yell. “GO!” Louis and I dove into the water and started making our way to the bottom. Louis was just about to grab it but I grabbed it right before him. We both then swam up to the surface. We had continued playing and no one had beat me yet. It was now time for me to go against Niall. We swam to the opposite corners and waited for the bottle to sink. As soon as Harry yelled for us to go, we were in the water. We were both getting closer to the bottom of the pool when I felt someone's hands on my waist, pulling me back a little. I saw Niall start to swim up to the surface, and the hands that where on my waist let go of me. Once my head come up above the water I turned around and saw Louis trying to look as innocent as possible.  


It was almost one in the morning now and we were just relaxing. All the guys where in the hot tub because it got too “cold”  so I was in the pool alone. I could hear the boys talking but couldn’t make anything out of what they were saying since I had my head in the water. I looked over to see all the boys still in the hot tub. They where talking about something, but I can't quite hear. I shrugged to myself and began to float gently on my back again. When I was in deep thought, I all of a sudden was pushed down below the surface of the water. I decided to linger underwater for a minute before coming back up. After a few seconds, I was wading in the water like a hippo, with my whole body in the water except my eyes and forehead. I fixed my eyes to see a chuckling Niall towering over me. I stood up from the water and looked over at the hot tub to see that it was empty. I also noticed that all the towels where gone but two. I looked up at Niall and opened my mouth to ask him where everyone went, but before I could, I felt his lips on mine.



YAY!!! Another update! This will most likely be the last update in 2013! feels like 2013 went by fast! Does anyone else feel that way? There will be another update when it's the new year!!! Well at least here... How was your year? Do you have a new years resolution? Mine is to become a better tennis player, now that I can play... See you all in the NEW YEAR!

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