Red Flag

Carter Thompson is a 15 year old girl that has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since her parents got divorced. All she wants is to kick her feet up with her two best friends Jacob and Blake. But when her Dad remarries another woman, she is forced to leave her North Carolina life behind and join links with her new family. Dreading the move, she meets her oh-so familiar looking stepbrother, not having a clue he's adored by many young girls across the globe. Harry asks her to come on tour with him, and his band mates, and since then her life has chosen the path consisting of ups-and-downs. As she gets to know the boys as well as Harry, she finds herself falling for one of the boys without really knowing it, along this crazy new life. Throughout the story, she starts realizing that maybe it was worth the move after all.


4. Cat?

Harry’s POV

I sat down at the kitchen island, tomorrow the lads are coming, and I have to tell Carter. I put my face in my hands. How was I going to tell her? I only just met her! “You ok, honey?” my mom asked me. I looked up at her then rubbed my eyes. “I guess.” was all I said. “What's up?” “I don’t know how to tell Carter, I mean we just met and all.” I rubbed my eyes once again. “Well let me talk to John and see if he can help.” she said, kissing my head. I hope John can help me out, I have absolutely no clue how to tell her!


Carter’s POV

I was lying on the floor laughing so hard. Jacob was lying on the bed and said “Ouch” then fell on the floor with a thud. We were all laughing so hard when we heard a knock on the door. We all fell quiet when my dad walked in. “Hey come on down dinner’s ready.” dad said. We got up and walked downstairs, chuckling a little on the way. We walked in the kitchen, still laughing. I saw Harry with his face in his hands, was he ok? Jacob and Blake sat on one side of the table, then Anne was at one end and my dad at the other. Me and Harry sat by each other.


 Anne had made homemade tacos, one of my favorites. I didn’t grab anything at first. It was too good to be true, a home cooked meal. “Are you okay?” I heard a british accent whisper. I looked to my right to see Harry looking at me. “Yeah. I’m fine.” I said. He then passed me the tortillas and gave me a small smile, he had two little dimples on his cheeks. I gave him a small smile back and took the tortillas.


 We finished dinner and everyone wanted to watch a movie, but I just wanted to be alone. “What movie should we watch?” my dad asked everyone. “Carter, got any ideas?” Blake asked me. “Oh um... I don’t think I’m going to watch it. I’m really tired so I think I might just go to bed.” I started walking over to the stairs when two arms warped around me. I turned around to see Jacob. “Night Cat. Sleep well.” “night.” I replied. I walked up to the room and got changed.

I looked around the room once, then walked over to the bed and lied down. I was lying on my bed when I heard a knock on the door. I thought everyone was downstairs? Then there was another knock, Well I know it isn’t my dad, he would be in here already. I got out of bed and walked to the door.


Harry’s POV

I lifted my head from my hands to see Carter looking at me. She looked a little a confused. I got up from my seat at the island and moved over to the table. I sat down, with Carter sitting by me. Mom had made tacos! My favorite!

I was passing Carter the tortillas. When I was about to give them to her, I noticed she looked out of it. “Are you ok?” I whispered to her. “Yeah. I’m fine.” she whispered back. I gave her a small smile and she gave me one too. I then passed her the tortillas.


After dinner, we moved to the living room to watch a movie. “What movie should we watch?”John asked everyone. “Cat, got any ideas?” Blake asked Carter. “Oh um... I don’t think I’m going to watch it. I’m really tired so I think I might just go to bed.” Carter replied, walking to the stairs. Jacob got up and ran over to Carter before she could go upstairs. He hugged her, then walked back over to the sofa. As she walked upstairs she didn’t look that tired, so I thought that we might be able to tell her the news. (that I have no clue how to tell.) “Hey I think I might go to bed as well. Good night.” I said. I hugged mom and walked upstairs.


When I got up to my room, I changed into gray sweat pants and a t-shirt. I then brushed my teeth and walked over to my bed. I sat there for a minute or so. I got up and walked out of my room. I walked to the door across from mine, Carter’s room. I knocked on the door and waited. No one answered so I knock again. I could hear movement on the other side of the door. She opened the door slowly like something, or someone, was going to jump out at her.


“Hey Carter, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to get to know each other better? Seeing as we’ll be brother and sister and all.” I said. “Oh um, yeah sure. Why not.” she said, opening the door  wider so that I could walk in. “And by the way you can call me Cat if you want.” she added walking over to her bed. “Cat?” I asked, I had heard Blake and Jacob call her ‘Cat’ but never John. “Yeah, it’s a nickname. Well one of many.” she replied. “How did you come up with Cat?” now I was curious. “Well my full name is Carter Alexis Thompson. So when you take the first letter from my initials, they spell out "Cat.” She said answering my question like she has explained it a million times. “So what do you want to know about me?” she asked. “Um... how about…. What is your…. Favorite animal?” I asked. “Haha okay. My favorite animal are polar bears. Whats yours?” she smiled. “Mine are cats.” I said smiling back at her.


We kept on getting to know each other for a few hours. Soon we were out of questions. ‘I think now that we know each other better, I should tell her.’ I thought to myself. She was lying on her bed with her head hanging off the foot, letting her hair fall to the floor. I was sitting in the bean bag chair that looked like a football. (soccer ball) “So you know the wedding next week?” what was I thinking of course she would know about it! “Hahaha, yeah I know about it.” she said laughing, making me laugh. “Well you can’t tell anyone but" His voice lowered "For a wedding present I’m getting them a six month cruise for their honey moon.” I said. “Aww thats sweet.” she said. “So... I was thinking, you can come live with me while they're away?" I asked her. She just stared at me.

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