Holidays With One Direction

BLURB- Maddie And Sarah are going on a holiday to Spain on their own for the first time without their parents. Maddie is obsessed with One Direction whilst Sarah.. isn't a fan! But when they get to Spain.. they bump in to some.. people.


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Hi Guys!^.^ Thank you so much if you are gonna read this! So i will try to update EVERY day! But it will be hard cause of school an all:( But..i dunno how many chapters this will be, butt... each characters POV isn't a chapter! So bye! Thankyou again byee!<3


Sarah's POV- "Maddie you have too many posters! At least take a few down!" I said shocked. "NO WAY! They are all really pretty! Now come on.. help me with my suitcase! Ohhh! I can not wait until Spain.. roll on Monday!" Maddie said squealing. "Yeah! I know!" I said smiling. But i was actually terrified! I was only 16, and yet.. i was going on a holiday without my parents for the first time with my best friend! What if i get home sick?! What if i just naturally be sick!? WHAT IF I GET BIT BY A BUG! I am terrified! But i don't want Maddie to think i am.. because i love Maddie, and i couldn't bail on her.. we are going in two days time!  I will just tell her if i'm home sick when we get there.. if i am.. i'm sure she'll comfort me? "Whats the madder?! Your face is going bright red! Are you feeling okay Sar?" Maddie asked with a strange face. "What.. no i'm not.. uh.. i don't feel any different?" I said panicking. Maddie crossed her arms. "Sarah! I know when you are upset.. or feeling weird.. tell me if you don't want to go! Please..?" She said getting upset. "Madd! I reeeaaalllyyy wanna go.. but.. i'm scared incase.. i get home sick.. if i actually get sick.. or i get bit by an insect? What will i do then?!" I sort of squeaked. "Look.. if you don't want to go say.. i'll get my mum or dad to go.." She said really upset. "NO! I WILL GO! I WILL BE STRONG! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND! IF I DO YOU'LL COMFORT ME!? RIGHT! RIGHT!?" I said being strong. Maddie looked at me with her deep brown eyes.. with tears filling up "OF COURSE!" She squealed throwing her arms over me.


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