Liam and Maddy

When Maddy finally meets the boy of her dreams Liam Hemsworth she falls for him. He too falls for her but there are a little complications before he finds out that he likes her. But the thing is he always wants to be around her. Let's just say this is going to be funny!!


1. What the hell?

"Okay Maddy we are going to be late!" Me and Eric my best friend are going to meet my favorite movie star! He is not as excited as I am but I forced him to go because he is my best friend since we met when he moved in when we were five. He is 18 like me and he is tall blonde hair blue eyes very handsome but I would not date him because he is my best friend.


   I was on my way down I was dressed in a tight shirt which shows a little clevage. Im wearing skinny jeans and some flats. I have a little makeup on not a lot but just a little and my long hair is down and curled. I want to make Liam Hemsworth notice me while we take pictures togeather. When I came down Eric's jaw droped. "What the hell?"


"What do i not look good? Should I go change?" "NO! I mean no you look great!" "Oh good thanks. Lets go I don't want to be the last one meet him." He nods and when we walk out to the car I was getting in and he kept staring at my boobs. Boys what am I going to do?

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