Liam and Maddy

When Maddy finally meets the boy of her dreams Liam Hemsworth she falls for him. He too falls for her but there are a little complications before he finds out that he likes her. But the thing is he always wants to be around her. Let's just say this is going to be funny!!


6. The crew

So me and Liam got in the car and we were off to the party. We drove in silence it was nice not awkward at all.

When we walked into the party it seemed I walked into a high school party. Nothing like what I expected. The first person I recognized was Josh Hutcherson. He is my second favorite. Liam being the first. Josh walked up to us. "Who is this cutie?" Josh asked. "My names Maddy." I said a little nervous. "Yeah and I already call dibs so she's off limits." Says Liam who puts his arm around my waist. It felt good to have his arm around my waist. "Aww man why do you always get the hotties?!" Says Josh. I walked away not wanting to get in the middle of it. So I go get us some drinks.

When I was almost to the food table I felt a hand go on my mouth and I'm being drug by behind.

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