Liam and Maddy

When Maddy finally meets the boy of her dreams Liam Hemsworth she falls for him. He too falls for her but there are a little complications before he finds out that he likes her. But the thing is he always wants to be around her. Let's just say this is going to be funny!!


5. Party time

I was surprised at first then I started to kiss back. I let go of the kiss and looked at him. He groaned when I pulled back. "What was that for?" I asked still shocked. "When I met the other girls they were cute but I just couldn't get my mind off of you. You are way hotter then most of them out there." This made me blush even more

"I just couldn't take anymore waiting. I know I've only known you for a hour but just your personality your looks. I just can't resist you." And with that I smashed our lips together.

"I no I'm ruining the moment but we have to go." Said Liam "okay" I said sounding a little disappointed but then I realized I'm going to party with a bunch of famous people!

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