Liam and Maddy

When Maddy finally meets the boy of her dreams Liam Hemsworth she falls for him. He too falls for her but there are a little complications before he finds out that he likes her. But the thing is he always wants to be around her. Let's just say this is going to be funny!!


2. On our way...

     So while we were in the car it was only gonna be like 15 minutes so I turned on the radio and started to dance the the best song ever by One direction when Eric turned the channel to heavy metal and i hit him with all my strength and he screamed like a little girl. "What the hell was that for?"

     "For being an ass and changing the channel.... asshole." "What was that?" "Oh nothing i said nothing." after that we drove in silence. Tomorrow is my birthday and Eric said his first birthday present is a day early (which i don't mind) but he said it was going to be a surprise. 

      I was going to ask him what my present was when my iPhone was ringing  for a Face time. It was an unknown number but i still answered the phone. Let's say i peed my pants. It was Liam! I was speech less. But he broke the silence first. "Hello I heard from a friend of yours that you are a big fan of me and it's your birthday." "It is!" "I wanted to no if you wanted to go to a party with me after the meet and greet? Kind of like a date." "Of course I would but I don't have anything to wear." "Don't worry I have a surprise for you. Oh look I have to go up to my hotel room when you get to the hotel my room is 5th floor room 901. Bye." He hung up. So I leaned over and hugged Eric and told him how much I loved him.



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