Liam and Maddy

When Maddy finally meets the boy of her dreams Liam Hemsworth she falls for him. He too falls for her but there are a little complications before he finds out that he likes her. But the thing is he always wants to be around her. Let's just say this is going to be funny!!


3. I meet Liam!

     So I was on my way to meet Liam and go to a party with him. I am so excited! I just can't wait till the party. We just pulled in when Eric turned off the engine and said he was going to meet his girlfriend. So I said bye and told him that I would call him and tell him what happened. So when I was on my way to his room I realized two things. 1) There where a lot of girls! Most of them were sluts I mean most of them had most of there boobs spilling out. I mean part of my boobs were showing but not as much as these girls. 2) I was early. I wondered if he was still in his room. So I decide to go check.


     When I got to his room there were two body guards in front of his hotel room. I told them who I was and they let me in. When I got in Liam was on the couch watching TV i'm guessing waiting for the meet and greet. "Umm.... hi." I said not sure what to say. "Hello there beautiful." He said and I blushed but still looking at him. He came over and gave me a hug. Something about him made me attracted to him. Not because he's a movie star or he is good looking it's his smile his voice his eyes. It was weird but I liked it.


Liams's P.O.V


     When I saw Maddy she was so beautiful. She was so pretty. I have this weird feeling. It was a feeling for Maddy. I like her. It was her soft touch  her voice her eye's. It was everything about her. She made me want to get to no her better. I can't wait for the party. Maybe we can go on a date soon. I don't no but I haven't felt like this since Miley and I don't no what I was thinking when I started dating her. But Maddy made me forget about her. She made me attracted to her. She was the one for me.



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