Ashes Ashes - Raven

When Raven ,a young Keeper, is called to her mistress, she gets a mission that will either kill her or make her stronger. She is thrown into an internal fight over what is right and over being loyal to her mistress.
But in the end what will her heart chose?
Will she chose the kill and be loyal to her mistress or will she save her only one? Is that even a question?
This a shortstory that happens before Ashes Ashes - Shadows


1. Your wish is my command

Raven – Ashes Ashes short story

Chapter 1 - Your wish is my command

As I walked down the dark corridor, the darkness swallowed me whole. Even in the dark my eyes never failed me, and the details stood out. The brotherhood never failed in making everything look gothic and expensive. The floor and walls were made in the same material, shiny black marble. Hard and cold like the Immortals. The gold details flowed over the walls like hypnotizing smoke. That was the point, one of the powers the Immortals possessed was hypnotize. They showed through everything, that they were superior in every aspect, through everything, even the walls. The décor made you tremble in fear of just the thought of they had sat in that sofa. It was ridicules, but it worked. And it held everything in checkmate. They were gods. And nobody was uncertain that they were our Immortals. Our Gods.

My red cloak scraped against the floor with every step my combat boots took, the thumping sound echoing through the giant corridor.

Even now after all my years of service I felt intimidated just walking here, even if they were nowhere in sight. I drew the hood further down, hiding my face in the shadows. My face and identity was well known here, and the shadows safety kept me hidden from the curious eyes of the walls. You shouldn’t be fooled why the dark, thinking that nobody would see you. The corridor could have been lit up by a thousand flames and it would be the same for people that existed within the walls of Samar, The fortress of Gods.

The enormous castle was a fortress, which made you quiver of fear of the evil that was embedded in the walls. It held all secrets of their world. It kept all out and all in. You had to be one of The Three, the Immortals, their guards or a high ranked warrior to be allowed into the home of the gods!

It made sense. Plus it made my job a whole lot easier, which I definitely preferred. I didn’t need all the unnecessary drama that would only complicate things. And I really hated complicated things. Get the job done and get out of there.

I locked my eyes on the guards before the enormous gothic door, smoke details, in gold, wove into the dark wood, seeming surreal for a moment, almost like it was alive, it reminded me of snakes.

The guards watched me with guarded eyes; they weren’t sure who I was. I couldn’t blame them for not recognizing me; they couldn’t see anything other than the black dress and the blood red cloak. I met their glares and they looked taken aback for a second, but then they manned up and acted like the warriors they were.

My blood red stare made them realize just who I was and who I was ordered to protect and serve. It also made a pretty good picture of what I was going to do, and why I was summoned to Samar.

“Miss Underwood” they nodded with their head bowed.

“Warriors” I greeted them with a nod. By calling them by their title I showed them a great amount of both respect and acknowledgement. They were strong built and both dressed in black leather with a tight black t-shirt, just like every other warrior. Their title as gate guard was a well seen and respected job, as they were a part of the security crew that guarded the throne room. As you may already know, since it all kind of laid in the word.

“She’s awaiting you” they said in unison and with their muscular arms they pushed the gate open, bathing me in golden light. I straightened my neck and held my head high, even if fear shook my body to the core. Even after all these years of being by her side 24/7 I still feared angering her, hurting her in any way. I mentally pushed myself through the barrier of light and into the throne room. Even after all these years it still took everything in me to meet her cold lightning stare and not to kneel before her every time I met those white irises.

I wanted nothing more than to please her wishes, to prove my eternal loyalty to her, and only her.

“Raven black hair, eyes like blood, and a Keeper worth an Immortal. My Keeper” her small angelic voice boomed through the enormous room. Making me feel very small.

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