Ashes Ashes - Raven

When Raven ,a young Keeper, is called to her mistress, she gets a mission that will either kill her or make her stronger. She is thrown into an internal fight over what is right and over being loyal to her mistress.
But in the end what will her heart chose?
Will she chose the kill and be loyal to her mistress or will she save her only one? Is that even a question?
This a shortstory that happens before Ashes Ashes - Shadows


4. Why?

Chapter 4 – Why?

A flash of black and bloody red shot through the threes, and I screamed as it stopped right behind Willow, grapping him by his throat, lifting him up in the air. The shadow was so small compared to Willow, but somehow it succeeded in lifting him a good ten centimeters from the ground.

He just hung there, eyes wide with surprise, but the fear in them was evident.

“Raven, why haven’t you completed your mission yet?” the shadow asked in a cold tone. My mistress was here to complete the task, I couldn’t.

“I am unable to kill my flame, my lady” I answered with my steadiest voice. It didn’t sound so steady through all my sobbing and tears. It would be like killing me.

“Pity, I see who your loyalty lies with” she sneered and a dark force surrounded her. No!

“No, Mistress, NO!” I screamed as I tried to reach out to help him. He was gone in a second; I didn’t even get to touch him, before she turned him into ashes. The Immortals favorite way to kill, the black flames method.

He crumbled away before my very eyes, falling into pieces as the wind grabbed him, ripping him apart, taking him with it. It was as if he never existed.

My heart stopped, and with every piece of him that got carried away, it got broken over and over again. With every piece of ash my heart was ripped into another piece, until it was smashed beyond recognition.

I just stood there frozen, as she appeared behind what was left of my flame.

A painful, heartbreaking scream pierced the air, slashed it in half and it would have sent chills down my back, making me shutter, if the scream hadn’t been mine.

I stared at the person in front of me. She looked down on her wrist, a burning mark marking her pure skin. I smirked at that, good. She felt the pain of taking my flame me. For making me feel incomplete. For making me feel empty, complete and utterly empty.

I hated her. With my whole being, I hated the woman in front of me. If something so dark and twisted in me hadn’t erupted from within me, I might have seen that something had died off in her eyes. But I didn’t, all I could think of was how I was going to kill her. How I was going to rip her apart, piece by piece. A terrifying smile made it to my cold face, my blood red eyes glowing with hatred. I wanted to hear her scream, to see her suffer.

To see the light disappear from her lightning eyes.

A roar erupted from me as I leaped into the air, pushing the speed of light, as I went for her throat. Seeing everything coated in red, I wanted to see blood. Her blood, flooding this... this paradise!

Yes, that was my wish.

For the first time in a long, long time it was my wish that mattered, and only my wish. But I also found myself in a place where I no longer cared. Where everything no longer mattered. Where she no longer mattered.

There was nothing left in this world for me, she took it away. Did I really mean that little to her? All my years of service, protecting her, being her friend! And then she did this to me! She took away the only person who could ever make me truly happy!

A heartbroken roar erupted from within me again, as I grabbed after her throat. Seeing her blood was the only thing in my mind. The only thing that actually mattered.

 Justice. A life for a life.

She deserved this!

It only took seconds before the hard ground, sent shockwaves through my body, as I collided with it. But no pain followed, I was getting numb. But somehow without the pain, I still knew that I was bleeding, that I didn’t have much time left. One thing I knew, she had paralyzed me.

A black shadow loomed over me, like the death god she was, but she didn’t look like it. Her eyes were dark and black liquid ran down her cheeks. She looked… broken. What? What was happening?

“I’m so sorry Raven” she croaked, her blood red hair spilling down my sides, mixing with other blood red liquids. I snarled at her, trying to push her away from me, trying to get up, but nothing I tried helped. I couldn’t move. I was captured inside my own body. It was all her fault! She needed to be punished, to suffer. There was no way she was sorry, an Immortal didn’t have the emotional ability to feel sorry!

“Do you wish to follow him, or stay loyal to your vow?” was she actually asking me, playing the old ‘stay loyal to your vow’ card, she demolished my flame! She destroyed every chance of ever gaining my trust, how could she even find the decency to ask?

“I would rather burn in your father’s hell fire, than protect the scum of you!” I snapped, venom dripping from my tongue. For a moment she looked hurt, she looked like the little child that had none. Good. She deserved to feel like that. And I almost, almost felt bad.

“If that’s your final wish” she said, but the black liquid seemed to run faster than before. But she picked herself up and her face turned into a mirror, reflecting my own disgust and hate.

I met her eyes one last time, her eyes showing the broken soul of a child that ran fumbling through the woods trying to find her way. She was lost and broken beyond repair.

“I’m so sorry” her voice cracked and then everything around me turned cold, all colours disappeared. She turned colder, her touch seemed icy. My lips parted and my eyes closed. Waiting for what was next. I needed this; I needed to be set free.

I wanted to follow him so badly, and now that was happening.

She leaned closer in and her lips parted.

As I let my last breath go, it turned a bloody red colour and she breathed it in. Giving me the kiss of death, sucking my soul out of me. Her favorite way of killing.

I let go.

The cold seemed to pierce my broken soul, comfort me, wrapping me in the icy blanket. Lifting me up into the air, into the land of lost souls.

“Goodbye, my little friend”

The words echoed in the clearing, bouncing of the trees, turning everything cold, disrupting the peace, and making it look like the clearing was grieving. It was reflecting her emotions.  

I sighed and closed my eyes.
I finally allowed the peace to take over my body, as I met the eyes of my one true love.

Happiness this was it. 

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