Ashes Ashes - Raven

When Raven ,a young Keeper, is called to her mistress, she gets a mission that will either kill her or make her stronger. She is thrown into an internal fight over what is right and over being loyal to her mistress.
But in the end what will her heart chose?
Will she chose the kill and be loyal to her mistress or will she save her only one? Is that even a question?
This a shortstory that happens before Ashes Ashes - Shadows


2. The mission

Chapter 2 – The mission

The three thrones stood in the middle, all of black marble, like the walls and floor. They truly were magnificent, brilliant sight. Just like her.

The three thrones seemed to fade in comparison to her. Her small form hidden under a black corset dress, which showed her goddess body, but a black cloak covering what the dress didn’t. Her blood red hair fell down to her hips, making her look crimson as her glorious eyes pierced mine. The black shadows swirled from the black pupil and into the white irises and ended in the black circle around the iris. Her face, a face created by the humans’ angels, our gods, our Immortals.  She looked nothing more than sixteen, a young spirit, but she was so much older than me. She was conceived by her Immortal parents, when they were very young. She reminded me so much of her mother, so much potential without the bloodlust and killer instinct, from her father, well… she was a killer, an Immortal. Her angelic face had a gently look, something you didn’t see very often, only when nobody was around. Her hand rested on the middle thrones back, the biggest. She thought of her mother, no doubt.  For a moment she looked weak, terribly weak and fragile, like a lost child in the middle of the woods, that’s when her eyes turned the same colour as her hair, and all gentle about her turned into pure hate, so strong that I had to take a step back, pressing my back up against the gate, wanting to run away just to escape the tiny chance of her taking her wrath out on me. I was hardcore, I wasn’t afraid of most things, but if there was something that scared the shit out of me, it was the Immortals, but everyone was like that. Especially the young lady in front of me, scared me, she was the night after all, and angel in disguise.

The daughter of Death.

I took a step forward, wanting to clear the air and making her think about something else. It was my job to protect this fragile soul; this Immortal was my reason to live. My only reason.

“My lady” I greeted her and kneeled before her. Her head snapped in my direction, locking her eyes on my figure. Her tense body relaxed when she recognized me. A small sigh escaped her perfect shaped lips and she sat down on the edge of the throne in the middle. Her father’s throne.

“My Raven, my call brought you to me. I am happy to see you” her voice was sweet, like it would be to a beloved friend. It made me very proud to know that I was one of the few people that she considered close enough, to let her guard down with. Sometimes I felt like I let her down by fearing her powers. But it was only stupid to not. But she had feelings, she wasn’t dead inside. Maybe… sometimes she looked like it on the outside. But She was a fragile soul, if she trusted you, then you could see it in her eyes

“I am happy to see you too mistress. Your wish is my command” my voice was steady as I spoke the truth. I had missed her; she was like my little sister. My scary little sister…

A world without her rare smiles would be like a world without darkness, or death.

“Raven, I have a mission for you” she said bluntly and stood up, a serious look in her eyes. Straight down to business, the same as always. We couldn’t be bothered by small insignificant things. Like talking about whatever went on in her or my head.

“Your wish is my command” I repeated the words as a sacred vow. Her wish was my command, and it would be as long as I was her Keeper, her loyal servant.

“I need someone to disappear” her voice grew colder with every word, the same as her angelic features. I hated her looking so… apart from her inner bubbly and smiley personality. This wasn’t her, not the real her. But she hadn’t been the real her in a long, long time. Only in rare seconds she would peak up to the surface, but then quickly retreat.

“For how long, mistress?” I kept my head bowed. This was a normal request, whenever she needed something and that person stood in her way, I would make them disappear for a small amount of time and then bring them back safely. She wasn’t like her father; she wasn’t heartless and ordered me to torture her captives. Not that I wouldn’t do it if she asked me. I would do everything for her.

She was my mistress, and I was her Keeper, her loyal servant.


I looked up and met her hard eyes, a pool of swirling shadows mixed with an emotion I couldn’t place. She had never asked me to kill someone. Never.  Why now? Who were so important, such a danger, to her plans that she needed to get rid of them… forever?

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw her turn emotionless and place a mask of darkness over her soft features, she was collected and calm.

“If I may ask, mistress, who?” I sounded just like I felt, shocked, complete and utterly shocked.

“No, you may not ask, Raven” she snapped angrily, making me want to dig a hole and crawl into it and die. It sent an icy chill down my back and I slightly shuddered.

“Of course, mistress, it shall be done” I answered in complete surrender. I would repeat it again and again, her wish was my command. If she wished for my death, I would kill myself in an instant. Not feeling the slightest remorse. I looked down again, showing her my utter devotion and respect.

“Nyx’s portal, tonight at 10 pm” she said, giving me the time and place. I had a bad feeling about this, a very bad feeling. A feeling that was eating me up, making me doubt, that this was a really good idea.

‘Stop it Raven! You do not doubt your mistress!’ I reprimanded myself. I would be a disgrace to all Keepers if I doubted my mistress. I would never be a disgrace, never.  

“Your wish is my command” my voices sounded monotone. That’s when I decided to look up and caught a glimpse of remorse in her eyes. Then it disappeared from the surface, but if you looked long enough you could still see it. She felt bad for doing this; for asking me to kill somebody.

She knew something and I didn’t. And I didn’t talk about who the person was, or why they needed to get killed. It was something important, but something that I needed to not know. A spark of curiosity pushed its way into my mind, but I quickly pushed it aside.

She was scared. I’ve never seen that emotion play in her eyes before. Sadness, malicious and other forms of hate and rage, but never fears.

“Leave” she sounded so fragile, so little, so young. She glared my way and I was faster out of the gate than you could say goddess. I was back in the corridors of Samar. The darkness surrounded me, swallowed me whole and I had never felt more secure than in this second. The darkness that I used to fear, it was now a peaceful place. I nodded my goodbye to the warriors and earned a

“Goodbye Keeper”

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