Ashes Ashes - Raven

When Raven ,a young Keeper, is called to her mistress, she gets a mission that will either kill her or make her stronger. She is thrown into an internal fight over what is right and over being loyal to her mistress.
But in the end what will her heart chose?
Will she chose the kill and be loyal to her mistress or will she save her only one? Is that even a question?
This a shortstory that happens before Ashes Ashes - Shadows


3. The end before it even began

Chapter 3 – The end before it even began

Chapter 3 – The end before it even began

I just kept walking, something inside me had changed. Something I couldn’t put a finger on. Maybe it was the feeling that I wouldn’t return that scared me so much. Maybe, it was the look my mistress had in her eyes when I left her. Something wasn’t right.

Then it hit me.

The person was innocent, my target was innocent. That would explain my feeling and the remorse in my mistress’s eyes. It would cause her to get her first death mark. The other Immortals arms were covered in them, but my lady were pure. Her skin not touched by the dark magic that bound the Immortals to be reminded of their innocent kills every time they looked at their arms.

I wouldn’t let my mistress do that to herself. Not her. She was too innocent in this world of terror.

Too pure to be destroyed by a death mark. Not now. Not ever.

As I transported out of the corridor and out of Samar, I landed in one of the dark fields, of black orchids, that surrounded Samar. It was her favorite flower. She said it resembled her mother, dark and beautiful.

I remember when she was little, every time she saw one from her window, her little angel face would light up and a rare admiration would cover her eyes. Her red hair falling in soft waves down her back, as her admirable eyes followed the flower petals as they were swept away by the wind.

‘They are dancing Raven, dancing away from all sorrow and darkness’ her childish voice sounded in my head, the memories flooded my mind as I stroked the silky petals and a small sigh escaped my parted lips. I recalled the first time I was ever allowed to take her outside, into the field, this exact field. She danced around, allowing me to see the side of her, which was hidden away when her mother died. Her black, silk dress and cloak swirling around her, as a huge cloud of black petals formed around her. She always laughed, and she looked like the young spirit she was. It filled my heart with ease, hopes that she would grow up and be the Immortal, and woman, she was destined to be, that the darkness within her wouldn’t completely take over.  I wasn’t allowed to show her the surrounding world, it wasn’t safe, the world the humans poisoned with their impure love and lust. Emotions so strong that they were meant to be spend with the other part of your soul, the one that were made for you, not with everyone. Not with every breathing, living being you could get your hands on.

It was meant to be grown with your flame. Your one and only, the one that would look into your eyes and just feel complete. The only one which could satisfy all of your passion, the only one who could attenuate the fire within.

I let everything go and when I felt completely at ease, I transported myself to the portal. To Nyx’s portal.

The scenario was quite beautiful. I stood in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by dark blue and black orchids, some with the two colours mixed. Dark willows hung over me, like black shadows, threatening to swallow me whole. For a brief second I felt hollow, empty.

Dark shadows hovered over the clearing, making it all seem so gloomy, like the world was soon to an end.

The giant portal was formed as a semicircle, made out of the black marble. It was empty, no light oozing from the middle. A light blue light always lit up the middle, luring you in, sucking you in, swallowing you whole and sending you to the death realm.

Because that’s where Nyx’s portal were going, to the death realm. To the land of the dying souls.

It was quite the fitting name, Nyx meaning goddess of the Night. Nyx was a death goddess. One of the deadliest, most beautiful, out luring Immortals, she was a killer. Nyx’s cousin Lilith is the mother of all vampires. It was clear to everybody that beauty runs in the Immortals blood, the same as danger.

The portal was closed, the reason behind the no blue light thing.  Weird, very weird

The last time this happened was when someone important was killed, an Immortal was killed. Then all the portals closed down and wouldn’t let anyone come in, but most important it didn’t let anyone come out.

The last time this happened it was Death’s flame that was brutally murdered. My mistress’s mother that was killed. I let a heavy sigh slip, and fell back against one of the huge rocks, that was carelessly scattered all around. This place just had a vibe that said ‘paradise’, with the calm, relaxing scenario. I felt at ease, like nothing could ever hurt me here. This place was untouched, pure. No evil ever took place here.

For the first time in years I let myself really relax, letting my guard down.

“Raven? Raven, what are you doing here?” a calm voice said, it sent chills down my spine, and sent a fire shooting through my entire being. This is not happening, not now!

I didn’t dare meeting his eyes. I didn’t want to know! I didn’t want to look into the pools of undying love for me, as he didn’t even know me. But I knew I had to acknowledge him, and I knew that, that undying love would be in my eyes too. But how did he know my name? Nobody my rank knew me, and Keepers flames weren’t higher ranks than Keepers and I had met all the Keepers.

Except one…No… it couldn’t be! I shook my head as I got more and more confused.  I didn’t want to see the truth; I didn’t want to put all the pieces together. I didn’t want to know.

My legs began to shake, as I fought to keep up, and not to meet his eyes.

“Raven, please look at me” he sounded so broken, as he begged me to meet his eyes. “Please”

I couldn’t keep listening to him sounding so broken, he thought I was rejecting him.

“Stop it… just stop… STOP IT!” I screamed as my legs gave in, and I fell to the ground, my legs no longer able to hold me up. Tears welled up in my eyes, making me unable to see. Not that I wanted to see, I jammed my eyes shut, refusing to open them.

My heart wanted to burst, it ached and I just wanted to rip it out. I was sure that would be less painful. I didn’t want this. I never asked for this. Why me? Why him? It could have been everyone else and it wouldn’t have mattered.

My body ached to reached out and touch him, soothe his pain, make him stop hurting. It didn’t matter it felt like I was dying, burning flames making it impossible for me to ignore his presence.

“Why? Why me? Why now?” my voice shook like a leaf, my body trembling.

“What are you talking about? Raven, please, just look at me. I need to know that it’s true” he begged me, a warrior never begged. They were too proud. But when it came to flames, there wasn’t anybody who wouldn’t sacrifice everything just to feel loved by that one person.

It was pathetic, but at the same time it was everything I had ever wanted, except to be a good and satisfying Keeper. But I never believed that my flame was out there, I always thought that he wasn’t created. It was unusual for a warrior to now find their flame if they were as old as I, usual they found their mate at the Black Ball every year, a ball only kept for persons over sixteen years. Every supernatural came, it was mandatory. But both of us being Keepers it explained why we wouldn’t have seen each other before now, he could have been sent out on a mission or I could have been.

Plus there were so many people at that ball, but it still left out a few pieces I couldn’t place, in this very large and complicated puzzle.

Why did she send me to kill my flame? Did she know he is my flame? If yes, then why? Why?

A ton of why’s threatened to make my head explode, there was just so many questions.

“Raven, please” I finally gave in and met his gorgeous eyes.  They were a deep blue mixed with emerald drops. Simply and utterly gorgeous. His shaggy black hair fell into his eyes, and his cheeks and chin were covered by a small stubble. He was dressed in black leather pants, a black, tight T-shirt, that hugged his chest perfectly, and the blood red cloak draping over his broad shoulders, marking him as a Keeper. His godlike face and killer warrior body could make him pass for an Immortal, or a very strong Warrior. But he didn’t scream power and dominance as an Immortal presence would, instead his vibe was steady and peaceful, but a good portion of power mixed in with it. He was the son of somebody important, a near relative to an Immortal.

Then I realized who he was, Willow Hunter. I don’t know why I didn’t recognize those eyes before; he was son of Zaris, One of The Three.

“I knew it” it was only a whisper, but the complete and utterly happiness in his eyes, made my eyes go wide and take a step back. There was so much… love in his eyes. Nobody had ever looked at me like that. I was once regarded with a lustful glaze, but never something that came close to love.

I knew it was in my eyes too, but seeing it in his made me so happy, that I literally wanted to cry. It took everything in me to not jump into his arms and never let him go. His eyes held mine in an iron grip, giving me no choice but to look him in the eyes. Not that I minded that, not one bit.  

“Willow, please, don’t come near me” I forced myself to force those words over my lips. It was everything I wanted in that moment. I only wanted him to come near me, hold me in his strong arms, for him to make all my sorrows, all my miseries go away, to soothe all my bad memories.

I only wanted to never let him go. I didn’t want to hurt him, but that was the only choice if I wanted him to get out of here alive.

I watched as a choked look took over his beautiful features.

“You have to get out of here! Now!” I screamed at him, starting to panic. I didn’t want to lose him, not now, not ever.

Tears welled up in my eyes, and silently rolled down my cheeks as I stared into his confused eyes, trying to make him understand, trying to make him see reason and listen to me.

When he made no move to move or transport, a sob escaped my lips. A flash of pain crossed his face as couldn’t reach to me and tell me everything was going to be okay. He couldn’t be there for his flame. It hurt me to see him like that.

“I will find you afterwards; I just have something to do. It won’t take long, I promise I will come and find you! Now, go!” I sobbed, trying to convince him to get out of here. He needed to get out of here, now! Or else, not one of us would escape.

She would kill us both.

“Please, Willow, now…” I sounded so tired, so broken. But how couldn’t I? If he didn’t listen I would lose my flame, and I couldn’t have that.

“You promise that you’ll find me after this?” he was in a conflict with himself. One part of him wanted to stay here and protect me, the other wanted to listen to me and get out of there.

“Yes, I promise” I crept a tiny reassuring smile in and then after some painfully long minutes, he finally nodded.

He leaned his head back and relaxed. He was going to transport. A sigh of relief escaped my lips, as relief flooded my body.

“I already love you, and every piece of me will always belong to you. I love you Raven”

“I love you too, and I will always be yours, body and soul”  

His body started to shimmer, started to disappear. Good, he was getting out of here. Finally. But my relief was short lived. 

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