Playing The 'X' Game

It all started with just one little text. 'Lets play a game, bitches, MY game, The 'X' Game- X'. Now all Lydia, Kate, Iris, Simone, and Mercedes have to do is to play and win. Protect the boys or protect themselves and let X win the prize they never wanted her to win...The boys lives.

(Hey guys, as you read this I sorta got some ideas from Pretty Little Liars, just lettin you know. Well enjoy!)


4. Bitch #4 ...Simone Jase

Simone. She's the type of girl who is afraid of boys, yes I said it, she's afraid of boys. Her parents are basically normal, her dad works for the local book store, her mother works at the elementary school where her sister, Lena goes to. Her best friend is actually in prison! well actually EX best friend. That's why she's scared of boys. Her best friend, Josh Nealson tried to rape and murder her. Who knows, maybe the murdering part might happen to poor little Simone. Say hello to Bitch #4!


Simone's P.O.V


Lets play a game, bitches, MY game, The 'X' Game- X

That's the text message that I had just received. All I can think is, Who's X?  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks started piling onto me with no warning. Mr. X! the whole One Direction thing! No! is that what she means by 'MY game'? Is this all about joining her side? I sure as hell hope not. I decided to reply.

What do you mean?

Then, immediately I got a reply

You and the others will know - X

What others? All I know is that shits about to go down...


Hey Guys, I'm so so sorry for the last two chapters being so short, I'm just going CRAZY with all the school work I've been getting. But next up is *drum roll for no reason* Bitch #5, Mercedes Parkson! Well see you later my sweet babies! (Yes I call my readers that, DON'T JUDGE ME! :D ) ~ Erin xoxo

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