Playing The 'X' Game

It all started with just one little text. 'Lets play a game, bitches, MY game, The 'X' Game- X'. Now all Lydia, Kate, Iris, Simone, and Mercedes have to do is to play and win. Protect the boys or protect themselves and let X win the prize they never wanted her to win...The boys lives.

(Hey guys, as you read this I sorta got some ideas from Pretty Little Liars, just lettin you know. Well enjoy!)


3. Bitch #3 ...Iris Scott

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Iris Scott. This girl is a complete wreck. Between coming home to a drunken mother, going out to take a look at her dead boyfriends grave, actually having to sleep in an ally just to get out of her mothers sight. She doesn't ask for this to happen, it just does. Oh Bitch #3!

Iris's P.O.V


It was dark. So cold. I tugged my blanket closer to my small frail body as I gazed down the wet, filthy ally way. I run a hand through my messy, dirty redish brown hair. I suddenly start hearing a noise, screaming. I peak from behind the ally wall and see a huge swarm of screaming, some crying, girls exiting a huge stadium. I just sat there wondering what was going on over there. "A gun! She was holding a gun!" I hear a few girls shriek. "She was wearing a mask too!" Another says. Wait! A GUN!?! I think to myself, fear rising inside me. I just then here a slight buzzing noise from a dumpster. I go in the direction of the buzzing and look inside and I saw the last thing I would've liked to see. A girl who was about my age was laying inside with a knife cut deep into her chest and blood was EVERYWHERE. I gasp out of fear and shock. I look at the object in her hand. A cell phone with a text message popping up. 'Hey Iris! Take this phone and lets play a game, my game, The X Game'-X. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!?

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