Playing The 'X' Game

It all started with just one little text. 'Lets play a game, bitches, MY game, The 'X' Game- X'. Now all Lydia, Kate, Iris, Simone, and Mercedes have to do is to play and win. Protect the boys or protect themselves and let X win the prize they never wanted her to win...The boys lives.

(Hey guys, as you read this I sorta got some ideas from Pretty Little Liars, just lettin you know. Well enjoy!)


1. Bitch #1...Lydia Grey

Being a Grey is hard, especially for Lydia Grey. When she was only six years old her father had left her and her mother. Her mother is basically the only friend she's ever had. Lydia has been bullied all her life throughout school, when she was in the 7th grade she started cutting and to this day still hasn't stopped. Lets take a look at Bitch #1, shall we.


Lydia's P.O.V


"She bit me...the little skank" I hear Leslie giggle to her friends. The fight we had in the locker room was what she was talking about. I walk over to my locker turning the combo and then jiggling the lock. When it finally opens I gaze inside at a poster where a pair of gorgeous mesmerizing green eyes stared back at my dull, drained brown orbs. Harry Styles. The only reason I'm still a living breathing person in this damn, good for nothing world. I look down at my phone and see that it's finally three o'clock. I plug my headphones into my phone and go to Pandora. The lyrics of 'Never Been Hurt' by Demi Lovato started running through my brain.


I felt picture perfect

On and off a shelf to a broken frame of mind, a broken frame of mind

It comes back and haunts me

A bullet undercover, it fooled me every time, it fooled me every time


Just as I'm turning the corner of my street I feel my phone give a strong, unnatural buzz. I pull it out and glance down at the mysterious text. It was an unknown number.

'Lets play a game, bitches, MY game, The 'X' Game- X'.

"What?" I say looking up at the bright colorful California sky, breathing in it's hot late summer air in one shaky breath. "Wait...." I mumble looking over at my house then to the Hollywood Hills. "X...Oh fuck no" I say shoving my phone into my pocket making a slight rip in my jean pocket and then bolting into my house.

"Lydia!?" I mom asks a little frightened by my sudden entry.

"Hey mom! can't talk now, a crisis has to be taken care of!" I yell to her from my room.

"Okay...?" she says in a confused tone.


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