Playing The 'X' Game

It all started with just one little text. 'Lets play a game, bitches, MY game, The 'X' Game- X'. Now all Lydia, Kate, Iris, Simone, and Mercedes have to do is to play and win. Protect the boys or protect themselves and let X win the prize they never wanted her to win...The boys lives.

(Hey guys, as you read this I sorta got some ideas from Pretty Little Liars, just lettin you know. Well enjoy!)


6. Across The Country

A/N: Hey guys, Sorry for not updating in a long time, just had major writers block for this, GRRR, well Chapter 6 everybody.


X's Text-

Wanna know more ladies? Wanna meet the other girls that'll be working with you? You all meet at Thompsons Funeral Home in New Jersey near down by the shore in Dalesburg. XOXO ~X


Lydia's P.O.V

New Jersey....Great, what am I gonna tell my mom? 'Oh Hey mom! look I got a text from possibly the worst person on earth and they said I need to go to New Jersey on the other side of the country! Thanks bye'. Haha no. I walk out of my room and see my mom laying across the couch watching TV.

Okay Lydia, you can do this, she's like you're best friend in the world! you can tell her

"M-Mom?" I chock out.

"There she is!" she exclaims not looking away from the TV.

"Mom I need to tell you something" I murmur.

"What is it? are you hurt?"

"No it's just I um..."


My mind screams.

"I need to go away for awhile" I say. She just turns to me raising an eyebrow.

"Um...where and why?"

"Well a...I have these friends and a-"

"Do these friends have names?"

"Well um...Their more like Twitter friends, I don't really know them"

"Lydia! you're going somewhere to meet complete strangers? where is it?"

"Umm not New Jersey or anything-"

"New Jersey!?!"

"Mom I need to!" I yell

"Why is it like a life or death situation!?!" she exclaims

"Yes actually!" I reply, she crosses her arms over her chest giving me a stern look I would only get if I were in trouble which is actually pretty rare.

"Lydia you need to tell me what's up now"

"It's just... Mom their gonna hurt them!" I blurt out


"I got these texts today" I say handing her my phone, she looks at them no emotion on her face.

" do you know who this is?"

"I sorta don't but I sorta do" I mumble looking down. "Mom their going to hurt the boys I just know it, I believe this it's scaring me"

"The boys? One Direct- okay I'm going with you lets pack" she says going to her room.

That was easy...wait. Why was that so easy!?!

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