Percy Jackson and the Olympians: A Whole New World

What happens when the Mist dissolves? The mortals are now seeing clearly for the first time in millennia, Percy and the gang must figure a way to live in this new world.
(This is set after Heroes of Olympus. Some intimacy may occur.)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything!


4. The Tour

Annabeth's P.O.V.

We walked to the reporters and saw them part. A black limousine rod up and stopped. I turned to Rachel, speechless. THE PRESIDENT WAS HERE!!!!

We walked outside the barrier to great him. "Hello, Mr. President, I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena. This is Rachael Dare, our oracle." as I shook his hand. I turned to the reporters "We are going to allow the President, some of his secret service agents and ONE reporter and camera man into the grounds. Rachel, if you would." She picked out a young reporter and camera man from one of the big news stations. "Please, if you would stand still, we have to invite you into camp. Me and Rachel walked past the barriers and I said "Enter Camp HalfBlood, you are welcome here for the time being." I heard a loud clap of thunder and said "Welcome to our camp, you may enter. And Mr. President?"

"Yes?" He asked. "Can you convince the other reporters to leave?" i asked softly. "Of coarse, Please, everyone, I ask you not to disturb the camp any further." The news teams grumbled and started to pack up.

"Thank you Mr. President. I welcome you to Camp Half Blood." 

We walked toward the Big House and I started to explain. "The camp is protected by magical barriers that keep out any mortal and monster. Many of us stay here for the summer and then return to our normal lives, but some stay year round." 

"Amazing!" The reporter turned to me "Annabeth, I see you have a beaded necklace and engagement ring on you finger, care to explain the beads and your engagement?" 

I was shocked for a moment "Well, first of all the beads are given out at the end of each summer. The represent how many years you have been a camper and the most important event of that summer." I took off my necklace and showed them. "I first came to camp when I was 7, I am now 22." I smiled loving I was the oldest camper ever with 15 beads, my dads college ring, and a red piece of coral from Poseidon's palace on my necklace. 

"Amazing!" The President excliamed. I turned around and saw Percy running towards us. "oh! And here comes Percy! Don't worry." As i saw some of the agents move towards their weapons. 

"Hey Annabeth!" Percy came up and pecked me on the check "I thought it was supposed to be one reporter." looking confused "Man, your brain really is full of Seaweed! This is the President!" 

Percy looked dumbfounded for a second "Hello Mr. President. My name is Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, Savior of Olympus, and defeater of Gaea." Percy extended hi hand and shook the President's "Nice to meet you, so what exactly is the savior of Olympus and defeater of Gaea?"

Percy smiled "Well, you see WWII was actually fought between children of the Big Three, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. After the war they agreed not to have anymore children because they were too powerful and a prophecy predicted one of their children would either save or destroy Olympus once they turned 16. As you can see, they broke their promise and when I turned 16, I saved Olympus from Kronos. As he had began waging the 2nd Titan War. Annabeth here redesigned Olympus. Then me and 7 other half bloods journeyed to Rome and Greece to shut the Doors of Death and defeated Gaea and her giants." I smiled remembering all of our adventures.

The reporter perked up "So are you Annabeth's fiance?"

"Yes." Percy smiled and gave me a kiss. Gods I loved him. 

We broke apart fairly quick and turned around. "Allow us to show you the rest of camp."

We toured the arena, climbing wall, lake, the stables, and the cabins,ending at the Big House. 

"That was amazing!" the reporter exclaimed. I turned to the President "I think you would find it interesting that many former Presidents were in fact demigods themselves." 


"Yes, many of the important figures in history were halfbloods themselves." 

"Amazing! What is this place?" The President asked "This is the Big House, it is were we eat, Rachel, Chiron and Mr. D, stay and hold meetings."

"When you say Chrion, do you mean?"

"The Chiron that trained Heracles. Yes." Chiron interrupted her. "He was a great hero, a bit egotistical, but a great one. Hello, I am Chrion, director of Camp Halfblood."

"Nice to meet you" said the President shaking Chrion's hand.

"This place is amazing!" the reporter said "I can't believe it!" 

"Thank you, i hope you enjoyed your tour." 

"Of course, Percy and Annabeth were very hospitable." the President replied.

Percy stepped forward "If you like we can give you a few demonstrations of our skills." 

I looked at Percy and smiled as we headed towards the arena. "Come on Wise Girl, lets duel." he smirked  I was ready to take him down.   

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