Percy Jackson and the Olympians: A Whole New World

What happens when the Mist dissolves? The mortals are now seeing clearly for the first time in millennia, Percy and the gang must figure a way to live in this new world.
(This is set after Heroes of Olympus. Some intimacy may occur.)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything!


1. The End of the Old

Percy and Annabeth are happily engaged and are 22. They live in a special cabin at camp, and have an apartment 10 minutes away from camp. 

Percy's P.O.V. 

The day started out like any other. Annabeth and I were getting ready to head off to camp. We were part time counselors in the summer and winter along with our other jobs at the marine institute for me and Annabeth's architecture firm. I pulled on my CHB shirt and put on my beads. I had gained a total of 11 beads since my first summer at camp when I was 12. I turned to Annabeth and we were about to walk out the door to my car. Before I could reach the door Annabeth turned on the news.

"Why are you turning on the news?" I asked. "Some people watch the news Seaweed Brain." Annabeth smirked. "We got to get to camp Annabeth. Mr. D will kill us if we are late again." I tried to push her out the door when I heard something on the news.

"Breaking News! We are getting reports of strange occurrences across the country, all related to Greek Mythology. More later on." I turned to Annabeth speechless.

"We got to get to camp. Something bad is happening with the Mist!" 

I grabbed my keys and we ran out the door. We were at camp a few moments later. "Where's Chiron and Mr. D something bad is happening! Mortals are seeing through the Mist and not rationalizing it!" Annabeth screamed. 

"Chiron!" I yelled when I saw the centaur. "What's going on!?!" 

Chiron looked extremely worried. "The Mist is failing. We only have a short amount of time until it is gone." 

"What! Gone! What do you mean gone!?!" Annabeth yelled.

"The Mist was not designed to last forever. Frankly the gods thought the mortals would either destroy themselves, or would come back around to the old way of thinking. However this is not the case. In a few short hours we will see mass panic as the humans realize what is going on. Mr. D was summoned back to Olympus to decide the best coarse of action."

"Well can't they recreate the Mist, they did it one time!" 

"I am sorry Percy, it took all the Olympians with all there power to create the Mist, and some are still not fully recharged. Especially after the 2nd Titian War and the Battle with Gaea." 

I turned to Annabeth and sighed "Tell us what to do Chiron, we need to help." 

"Gather up all the campers, I will announce what is going on. I am calling back every satyr and half blood." Chiron walked away making more and more Iris messages.

Annabeth and I ran around camp calling everyone to the Big House. I grabbed a TV from the Hermes cabin and set it up so we could see the news.

"Greek Mythology run rampant in the U.S. Experts will weigh in next." We all turned to Chiron.

"The gods have decided to go on the air and tell the mortals what exactly is going on. Hopefully this will end some of the panic." We turned back to the TV and saw the headline.

"BREAKING NEWS from the Empire State building, 12 Officials have an announcement on the current situation. Lets go there live."

We saw the 12 Olympians standing in front of the Empire State Building in full business attire. Zeus walked forward "Hello, the recent events have lead us to decide that you have the right to know what is going on. I am Zeus, Lord of the Sky, and the things you mortals call myths are as a matter of fact true." That's when everyone of the Olympians turned into full Greek attire "We hope that this will not change much about your world. We gods try not to interfere. You see we move to the center of Western Civilization, which is currently in the United States. Every 'myth' has just been transferred to the country, for instance the Labyrinth used to be under your very feet until it was destroyed almost 7 years ago. Now we must return to Olympus." And all the gods disappeared into the Empire State Building.

I turned to Annabeth filled with worry and took her in my arms. "Everything will be ok, I will protect you. I hope this doesn't change everything." I said.

"Seaweed Brain, everything is going to change."  



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