Percy Jackson and the Olympians: A Whole New World

What happens when the Mist dissolves? The mortals are now seeing clearly for the first time in millennia, Percy and the gang must figure a way to live in this new world.
(This is set after Heroes of Olympus. Some intimacy may occur.)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything!


5. The Duel

Percy's P.O.V.

I walked with Annabeth towards the arena. I pulled out Riptide and turned to our audience "As you can see" uncapping Riptide "this is no ordinary sward, this is Riptide, made of celestial bronze, it can only hurt those from our world." I turned to Annabeth "Ready Wise Girl?" I smirked playfully.

"Lets go Seaweed Brain." We charged at each other a began dueling. Annabeth was smart, but I still had more practice with a sword. We swung and slashed, no one getting the upper hand. I drew closer "Ready to give up Wise Girl?" taunting playfully.  

"Never in a million years!" Se swung again and I blocked. I whipped around a slashed again and I heard a cry "ANNABETH! Are you ok! Gods I am so sorry! That shouldn't have even come close! Gods Annabeth let me see it!" I crouched down to Annabeth holding her face "Annabeth!?" I asked worried.

Next thing I knew I was on the ground. Pinned. Annabeth was laughing "Your brain really is full of Seaweed! You didn't even touch me!" I growled, "I was really worried about you!" Annabeth laughed again and let me up "You aren't getting off that easy!" I yelled and tackled her to the ground and smothering her with kisses "Stop! Percy! Stop! WE. Have. Guests!" I got off Annabeth smiling. We walked over to our guests, in shock. "You spare and battle every day?" the reporter asked. "Yes, well, we have days off, we do different activities and such. But we are all trained to defend ourselves against monsters." 

"What kinds have you fought?" She asked. I sighed "Well, there was a Kindly One, a minotour, and well, pretty much every monster in the book." 

"A Minotaur, you mean THE Minotaur that Theseus defeated in the Labyrinth?" The reporter asked.

"Yes, I was trying to get to camp when I was 12. You seen the gods thought i had stolen Zeus's Master Bolt and a Kindly One attacked me. My mom then tried to get me to camp to protect me and the Minotaur attacked us. I was able to defeat him and rip off his horn as a spoil of battle."

"Amazing Percy, what other battles have you fought?" The President asked.

  "Well, when i was 12, I journeyed to the underworld to get my mother back from Hades. He wanted to blackmail me for the Bolt. I found it and stopped the war between the gods, before Luke and Kronos could start it. When I was 13 Thalia's Pine Tree was poisoned. We travel to the Sea of Monsters, or the Bermuda Triangle,to get the golden fleece. When I was 14, that winter, me and some of the hunters of Artemis traveled to save the goddess and Annabeth, Me and Annabeth actually took turned holding up the sky. You see, only a god or Titan can truly carry the burden but, very powerful demigods can hold up the sky,only for a short amount of time. We have grey streaks in our hair to prove it. Then that summer we traveled in the Labyrinth to stop Kronos, we ended up destroying it when Deadulas took his own life. You see, he made himself immortal by building mechanical bodies. Then the next year, before I turned 16, the 2nd Titain War broke out and we defended Olympus from Kronos. I defeated Kronos in Luke's body by allowing Luke to overpower Kronos and take his own life. Then Hera switched ma and Jason to unit the Greek and Roman demigods. We traveled to Greece and Rome to stop Gaea and her giants by closing the doors of death."

They all looked speechless. "And you survived ALL of that? As a kid?" 

"Well, I am the son of Poseidon, and have the uncanny act of getting myself out of sticky situations." I smirked.

"Percy, Annabeth, I would like to personally thank you for your hospitably. I never realised how much we depended on you for our very existence to continue. i thank you for all that you have done. I just don't know how the rest of the country will react to all of this. I promise you my help in any way possible. I am going to start working on an official pardon and declaring the two camps, fully protected by the US Government. I hope we can still live in peace." The President said.

"Thanks Mr.President! We only want the same, we never hurt mortals, only monsters." I said. turning to Annabeth and wrapping my arms around her.

"Thank you all for coming, we can escort you out, but you may not be able to renter as you are still mortals." Annabeth said.

We walked out of camp and saw then all off. All of the news crews had left and camp was peaceful again. 

"I hope everything will turn back to normal." I murmured. "i don't think normal is a possibility now Seaweed Brain, like it ever was." Annabeth looked down.

"Hey, I promise nothing bad will happen when you are with me Wise Girl" I lifted her chin up and kissed her again as we walked back to the Big House.

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