Percy Jackson and the Olympians: A Whole New World

What happens when the Mist dissolves? The mortals are now seeing clearly for the first time in millennia, Percy and the gang must figure a way to live in this new world.
(This is set after Heroes of Olympus. Some intimacy may occur.)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything!


3. Complications

Annabeth's P.O.V.

I woke up next to Percy, still drooling in his sleep. I got ready and Percy woke up. "Hey Seaweed Brain." I smiled, if the world was going to explode I was content we were together. "Hey Wise Girl, did you sleep good?" I sighed "Sort of, I am still worried about what is going to happen." I looked down and Percy wrapped me in his arms. "Don't worry. I will protect you no matter what."

"I love you"

"I love you too Annabeth. No lets get going, got a busy day."

Just as Percy said that Nico busted through the door, breathing heavy ""

"WHAT! How???" I looked at Percy and we ran out the door. We saw Chiron and a couple head counselors talking at the Big House. We looked down the hill and saw a dozen news vans. 

"Chrion! How did this happen?" Percy and I yelled at the same time. 

"I don't know, but the protection is still holding and they can't get in. Jason and Thalia are working up some strong winds to keep news helicopters away. I suggest the you, Percy, work on the currents in the water to keep any boats at bay." 

"Yes Chiron!" Percy ran off to deal with the boats. I looked back at Chiron "What should we do? i can go and talk to them" 

"Yes Annabeth, you go and ask them nicely to leave. Say anything! And pray to your mother before doing so, we don't want the mortals to get more worked up."

"Yes Chiron, can I borrow some food?"

"Of course my dear." I through a pound of food into the fire for my mother and prayed for assistance. 

I walked up to Thalia's Pine Tree and the golden fleece protected by Peleus. I stayed behind the barrier, just in case. As I walked up many of the news reported turned and started asking questions and trying to get through the barrier. 

"Hello everyone, you may remember me from yesterday. I am Annabeth Minerva Chase, daughter of Athena. I am going to have to ask if you could kindly leave, please."

I was assaulted with questions. "Why can't we get in?" What are you doing with a dragon?" "Is that the real golden fleece?" "Are you planning an attack on the United States?"

"Ok, wait one at a time! Ok, you can't get in because you are mortals. The Dragon is named Peleus and is protecting the real golden fleece from Jason and the Argonauts. And no we do not want to attack any mortal, we just want to live in peace! We protect you from the true 'bad guys' the monsters! They want to destroy you and we stop them. Please, now can everyone just leave?"

I looked around and no one was moving. "Look, this camp is one of the two safe places for us. We train for monsters and quests, not war!" 

A reporter walked up and was stopped by the border. "Please! We want to know what is going on!" 

"Ok" I sighed."Let me talk to Chrion and the other head counselors and we will see I ONE of you can come in."  Just as I was about to turn around and walk back to the Big House I heard Rachel.

"ANNABETH! Wait!" I saw Rachel running towards me threw a sea of reporters "Ms.Dare! Are you a halfblood?" She ran throught the barrier and turned around. "No, I am mortal."

"The reporters looked very confused. Rachael sighed "I am the Oracle of Delphi." She said proudly. "What exactly does that mean Ms. Dare? do you have ESP?" 

"Well, sort of. The spirit of the oracle is passed from maiden to maiden over the years. The spirit comes to mean at brief moments that I cannot control or remember what she says. No if you excuse us, we have to go now." 

We started to walk back to the Big House to talk to Chrion.

"Chiron, they still won't leave! What should we do? I think the best course of action is to invite one into the camp to see that we are not dangerous and then they will leave."

I looked at Rachel and she nodded. "My dad and company have had to deal with the press a lot of times, that should work. Once we pick one the rest might leave." 

Chiron looked away. "I think you are right. Rachel, pick the one you think is best, and won't turn what we have hear into a war propaganda. Annabeth, you will show them around." 

"Of coarse Chrion." We walked away and Percy came up. "Hey! Annabeth, Rachel! How are you?"

"Aren't you supposed to be dealing with any boats?" 

"I got some of the nyads to take care of it. They really want one of my dad'd sandollars." He winked.

"Well the reporters won't go away so we are going to show one of them around camp. Can you go around and make sure the campers are aware of this?"

"Sure! And i will help you show them around!" Percy pecked my check and ran off.

"Ok Rachel, lets get started." We walked towards the sea of reporters. 


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