The difference between dreams and reality

Have you ever had a dream that you loved so much that you wanted to relive it? But when you woke up you had forgotten most of the tantalizing details, but beyond all, you hoped that one day that dream would invade your senses once again on one night. If you have then you can maybe relate to my horror or know about the differences between dreams and reality. I certainly know what they are now.


2. The nightmare


Darkness surrounded me. Then a flickering green light casted alarming shadows on the walls. I looked up and saw green florescent lights; massive, yawning gaps lay in between them. The darkness swallowed nearly everything, damp fog licked at my feet and a nonexistent breeze made fields of goose bumps stand up along my skin. I could hear something drip. Drip... drips... drip I turned and where the back wall was red liquid dripped from the ceiling. Rivulets crawled down the wall and was spelling something out ‘Is there mo’ it wrote before forming an r I didn’t want to stay  around to see what it said or where the blood came from. I looked at the long corridor that had haunted me for the last 2 and a half years and sucked in a breath. It seemed to freeze my heart that rested in my throat. Blood pounded in my ears and seemed to whisper a dead language.

As my feet moved the darkness seemed to unfold and the beams of light illuminated the destination ahead. The dreaded door, the thing that conjured so much fear that it almost paralyzed me and created so much anticipation and curiosity that it made me risk everything. Curiosity killed the cat. And it might be the very death of me. The green lights casted a shadow that took shape, it was human. I froze a second before I felt the breath down my neck. “Is there more than this?” a gnarled, distorted voice hissed in my ear. An image rose up in my mind, a man adorned in a scraggly brown trench coat with lace at the throat and ruffles at the sleeve, instead of a hand lay a shining blade and on his head lay a top hat that hid his face.  I gasped and could see the cloud that it made, a gust of cold wind stilled my shaking form and ice ran races along the walls. I looked behind me and saw nothing. I had to get away. But something nagged at my mind, there had to be more than this corridor, where did it finish? Where did it start? My strides became quicker as adrenalin unfroze my veins.

I reached the door. It was patterned with different etches like a picture made from ghosts and a great bronze knocker in the shape of a hand, the fingers bony and skeletal, rested in the middle. A note sat below it. With trembling fingers I took it and I read the loopy writing with a hollow voice.

Two outcomes lie behind,

They might just blow your little mind.

One of pain and doubts,

That will come in bouts.

 Two which you might not endure,

But you’ll see the lady that is pure.

But beware the chasms kiss

And as you fall ask yourself is there more than this?

The note burst into flames once I had read it and it reddened the tips of my fingers. Stings of pain coursed through me steadily like the sea tide. But my other perfect pale hand came up and let the knocker rap the door once, twice, thrice dully. Before I could second guess myself the door swung open.

Inside was a bed, made out of sheets so brightly white that it hurt my eyes and above it floated a lady. Her white wedding dress caressed the bed lightly and long white curls dangled from her head. Her head turned to look at me and her eyes flung open to reveal light blue irises. I backed away slowly and met the back of the door. When had it closed? “Hello little young Miss Long,” her voice was melodic and hypnotic at the same time and drew me closer. Before I could register I was in front of her and my burnt hand rested on her third eye. However much I tried to withdraw it, it was stuck there and my eyes widened as they noticed that the skin I looked at was translucent. I screamed as energy violently left me and the woman suddenly stood up. She looked as soft as poems but she was something not from this world.

“H – How do you know my name?” I asked.

“I chose you; you see I have been trapped here in the place of nowhere. I died a painful death that was reserved for a killer but alas I was innocent. So many souls are killed for nothing, you know. I was entirely alone here and was confined to this single room when a man entered my chambers and told me the secret. He told me that I had to choose a living person to take my place, posses their dreams but make sure that their awaking life was a nightmare itself. He told me I wasn’t strong enough and with his help we could both get out of here.” So she was a ghost and that man that I saw before was real, my heart thudded a death march. “I can get out of here and be known to have conquered death and all you have to do is take your final breath” she cackled “So will it be willingly or not?” I stared at her and noticed that she almost looked whole.  My energy was slowly fading and making her human. I couldn’t let her loose on the living world and I wasn’t ready to give up my life yet. I mean I had so much to live for and if I could just get out of here I could fix everything. I turned to make my hasty departure when the image of the man rose up in my mind again. His blade stroked my cheek and drew blood; I batted the image away and yanked at the door. Blood dripped on my hand, the image had actually happened and the hope in me was dying.

“I’ll never die on my own accord, and you won’t have the blessing of ending it either!” I yelled and pulled on the door again, beating it with desperate fists.

“Tut, tut I’ll have you know that I know all your deepest fears,” her pupils sunk into her eyes and left just plain white. And glowing blood savage eyes emerged from the darkness ahead attached to fury menacing bodies that had always been in my nightmares. I gave one last attempt at the door before I gave up and let my back hit the oak.

“You’ll have to take me fighting,” I spat and the creatures pounced. Their skin collided with mine and claws ripped and tore my skin to ribbons. Rivers of blood ran down my hands and as I watched the same words were painted on the walls in crimson ink. Is there more than this, is there more than this over and over again. Teeth encased my hands and arms or pierced through my shoes and jeans tattooing my skin with puncture marks. Blood wept from my wounds like scarlet tears. The loss of vital liquids numbed my brain. But the thought of death still remained.  Without the pain my mind of left to the torrent of darkness, but then an imaginary sword came up in my mind and fought back. I willed myself to fight, to live.

My arms came up and fought, I slapped and punched and my legs flailed and kicked. Several animals curled up on the floor and several burst into nothingness. I watched as black dust fell to the floor in their places and let my mind forget about the pain, one assault to my chest made me cry for mercy, for the end. My body hit the ground and the floor cracked around me, fractures opened up and the cobbles fell and left a gaping hole. The darkness yearned for new live blood and it beckoned to me.  The animals cowered and fled to the edges where the floor remained and as the ground beneath gave way I gave one last cry and one last breath. I fell and I fell into what I thought was my death.

I felt my stomach hit something hard and opened my eyes; all around me was the interrogation room. Had I escaped? Had I lived? I sat up and my body was scratch free, healed from the recent torture. I looked around and saw the body of the councillor slumped over the table.

“No, no, no, no” I gasped and move towards her, her head lolled to the side and her eyes stared unseeing. I turned to the glass and stared at my family who lay on the floor ghosts of laughs etched on their faces and tracks of tears carved into their features. I ran to the door and hurled it open. Before me lay the very corridor that I had just escaped, swathed in darkness with a ball of light in the centre. The lady and the man stood there with a massive wolf next to them. The man took his hat off and revealed a bald head, a stitched closed mouth and a cut that circled his head like a demonic halo. I screamed and the woman opened her ruby red lips to sing a last song. “I told you I would take your life even if it was without your consent.”

The wolf ran and pounced. I barely had time to close my eyes before the blood shedding, life ending impact.

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