Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)


22. Serano Jum

“Hey” Tyler sat beside me, he looked so happy – like he was floating on a pink cloud.

“’Morning” I answered. He stared at my hand. The poison had slowed my healing powers down – to regular human healing at the moment.

“What happened?” he asked. I smiled to him, hoped I could avoid to answer by smiling and then opened my book. “Hey Ra”

Adrian sat down beside me. “How’s the hand?”

“I’ll be fine” I replied, and kept looking down in the book. After Adrian saved me last night, I had no right to be angry anymore. Besides that I kind of like him… I don’t want to be mad at him all the time. Tyler sighed beside me. I guess I should tell him – but I don’t want him to worry. I’ll be fine!

I kept looking straight down the book. Before I knew it, we were done in class. I got up – and my book fell to the floor. Slowly I bend down to the ground and stretched out my hand to get it. When it reached the book, it flew further away, making me go forward.


Adrian tells…

I stared around, magic is being used. Who is it? That trick is so old! A guy – a few years older than me it seemed – was staring interested at her. I bit my lip – he’s just doing it to check out her ass, isn’t he? It was him – his finger kicked forward as the book did.

Suddenly he got up and walked to her. I saw the golden hair and my memory went to the prince again. That. Idiot.

“Nice view” he said just behind her. She was still bending down, she quickly got up and smiled to him.

“Sorry – “ she said.

“For what?” he laughed. She smiled in the right side of the mouth, and slowly placed the book on the table, before leaning forward on her toes. Her mouth was just behind his ear.

“That you have to make peoples books fall down to stare at their ass” she whispered.

He smiled at her. “I’ll only do that with you, I don’t think I’ll get a way to see it otherwise”

I bit my lip and tried calming down. I want to hit him.

“Probably because it’s not made to stare at” she said and then she took her book. He leaned forward – like he wanted to kiss her, even though she didn’t have a clue – she was only now looking at him. His lips suddenly did a movement and tore her into his arms, I was ready to stand up and hit him when Tyler started laughing.

“Kiss my book!” she said and smacked it into his face “It’s more interested in you, than I am” He was holding around her, with her arms up holding the book between them.

Tyler got up, smiled at me, and then he tore Rachael out of the guys arms. “Stay away from her” he said calm.

“What? Are you her boyfriend or something?” The guy asked. Tyler and her stared at each other for a second and then they smiled at him. “Yeah, I am”.

I stared at them, Rachael suddenly went behind him and blinked to me.

“W-what?” the guy looked confused.

“”I’m her boyfriend, and you should stay away from her” he said “If you know what’s best for yourself-“

The guy stared at them, Rachael suddenly laid both arms around Tyler. One above the left shoulder and one under the right arm.

Tyler was growling of him, and Rachael kissed Tyler on the cheek from her position.

“A lighter and another creature-“ he said “That’s new”

Rachael suddenly smiled to him. “A lot better than a lighter-“

He made a tired sound and walked to his seat to take his bag and go to next class.

Rachael let go off Tyler and they hi-fived.

“Um-“ I stared at Rachael and hoped she saw my expression. I’m confused, irritated and grateful. Why did they do that? They didn’t have too!

Rachael took her phone up and a few seconds after a got a message.

^Tyler and I agreed to play we’re together ~that way I don’t have to deal with this all the time… and Tyler already guessed you and I are dating…So he thought he could react for you^.

I took a deep breath and then nodded to both of them. She smiled at me, and grabbed my bag. “Last to P.E. is a dead squirrel!” Then she ran, and I got up and followed her. Tyler ran just behind her, making us dangerous in the hallway. As a little person she was able to go through much tighter spots than Tyler and I. And the fact that she was carrying my bag didn’t slow her down. Tyler and I ran side by side and sometimes had to slow down and go behind each other to get through all the people.

When we arrived at the changing rooms she had thrown my bag right beside the door, before going into the girls’ room.

Tyler and I walking into the guys’ room before changing. The guy that tried to kiss her – but kissed her book instead – came in the second we left. I was happy that P.E. was out at the football field, and tried finding Rachael with my eyes.

“Guess who!” someone was on my back.

“Rachael!” I said, I had trouble with the balance, but didn’t fall, her fingers where still over my eyes.

“Let me see!” I tried.

“Nope” she said “You have to learn no-“ then she started laughing and her arms was away from me, I looked around and saw Tyler tickling her. “Stop it!” she tried “Tyler!” Tyler was laughing his ass off, and I couldn’t help smiling too.



Silencia talks…

I took a deep breath and got up from my bed. I just couldn’t make myself get up today. The floor was cold, as I walked out to the bathroom. I turned on the water and waited for it to get warm, while gathering the things I need afterwards.

The hot water felt nice, and warmed me up inside. Mom is going to be angry when she gets home. After changing my clothes I quickly cleaned the place and then poured some cereal for myself. A knock on the door made me get up and open. He was tall, and looked weirdly out of place.

“Hello” he said surprised – like he didn’t think anyone would be home.

“Hello, who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Jeremy, and who are you?” he smiled at me, but I tried taking a silent step back and get out of his reach.

“Silencia, I live here” I noticed “My mom aren’t home”

He smiled. “I’m not here to see your mom, I’m here to see Rachael” he noticed.

“She’s at school” I answered and tried looking for a weapon without revealing myself.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you” he said “Besides that, you can’t reach any weapon from there, even if you tried”

I stared at him and he was just smiling.

“I taught your sister most of her tricks” he notices.

I bit my lip and looked at him, why… why is he here? Is he Rachael boyfriend? He could be – but aren’t Adrian that?

“Why… Why did you come? ... to talk to her?” I ask.

He smiled “Can I come in?”

I took a deep breath. I shouldn’t let people in I don’t know.

“Sure” I took a deep breath and walked into the house again, I saw him closing the door and he smiled at me.

“Rachael talks a lot about you” he noticed “But she didn’t mention you skip school”

I blushed and he laughed. “I’m not suppose too”.


Jeremy talks….

She was looking so innocent, blushing, afraid and confused. It makes sense why Rachael protects her so much, but that won’t help if her little sister believes every person alive – or dead- and invite them inside.

“I’m not here to talk to your sister, I’m just looking for something she was holding onto for me”

“Her room is there” she pointed at a door, and I walked to it. The door had problems getting open and the room was smaller than any room I had ever seen. Torture chambers are bigger than this! And easier to go through. The floor was covered in books and clothes, the bed was a mess of sheets and duvet and every shelf was covered with stuff bears or books. I stared looking on the shelf for the stone, I remember she had I made into a necklace. I looked inside the closet, on every shelf, on the floor, in her pillows, in everything. Why aren’t I here?

“What are you looking for?” the silent girl was standing in the door.

“When Rachael was younger” I started “She was told to take care of my most precious item, a necklace. I can’t find it”

“If it is so important” the girl started “It wouldn’t be here” then she got me to sit on the bed and she removed the carpet. Under the wooden floor a little box appeared and Silencia opened it up. Her hand reached down and she showed me the necklace I was looking for.

“My sister don’t trust people won’t search through her stuff” she noticed “So her most precious items gets in this box and is hidden here”.

I stared at her. “How did you know?”

“Because my sister doesn’t keep secrets from me” she said smilingly.

I took it in my pocket.

“What kind of lighter are you?” she ask.

“Ferike” I answered. She nodded.


Tyler talks…

The competition of the year – an alethic competition – was starting, of course all the lighters in the school joins the fighting, while Animaux creatures joins running or something that needs more class. Also none of us want to get our ass whooped by a lighter.

Adrian was in front of Rachael and I was right behind her. Standing in the line to choose a category. Magic is forbidden – so the humans can have a chance – so I think I’ll try out fighting for a change. That could be fun. Maybe I’ll get to third or second round before getting my ass whooped.

Adrian filled in, and Rachel went forward. “Name?”


“Last name?” the lady asked. She looked irritated.

“Just Rachael” she replied, and the lady started looking mad.

“I need you la-“

“I’m signed it with only my first name” Rachael replied, then she leaned forward and pointed in the papers the lady was sitting with. “See?”

The lady got red and Rachael smiled, I sighed behind her. Last name? Why aren’t that registered? I actually think I have never heard her last name.

“Lighter…” the lady mumble. “Fighting?”

“No, Runner” Rachael replied with a sad smile.

“All the Lighters compete in Fighting!” she said “Why don’t you, miss ‘no last name’?” Rachael smiled at the lady, leaned forward and replied. “Because I don’t want to fight, I want to run. This is not your decision, this is my choice” The lady just smiled at Rachael. “So, shall we say ‘fighting’?”

Rachael took a deep inhale, and smiled once more.

“Sorry” Rachael replied “I didn’t realize you don’t know how to spell run, let me help you. R-U-N”

“So F-I-G-H-T?” the lady smiled.

“Why aren’t the line moving?” the principal was standing next to the lady, looking down in the papers.

“She’s a lighter sir, but she doesn’t want to fight”

He looked at her, and smiled. “Rachael, what else do you want to do?”

“Run” she replied. The principal took the papers from the lady and wrote it down. “Thank you” she replied and then she got the green bracelet.

“It’s not your decision” the principal noticed, and then he walked away. I chose fighting, and then I went to Rachael.

“Why can he remember your name?” I asked. She looked at him. He was standing smiling, and watching the different sports. His suit was black like a business mans, and his eyes green. His hair was brown like trees.

“I kind of… stand out” she said “and he knows that. He wants to help” I didn’t know what that meant, and I hadn’t time to ask, I had to train. She left me, and I walked to the circles. The rules are simple. Fight like you want – no items, no magic, no killing.

I was fighting a human.


Rachael tells…

I have to go to the black market later. Some things I need. As I warmed up, I noticed the fighters, and felt bad for a second. I would love to anticipate in it. But when the kingdom discover me, they’ll ask for every paper the school have on me. Including this one. The principal knows it. He knows everything, As a Ferike lighter he have too. He’s a mix too, both wind and Ferike. As I told him who I was, and what my last name was, he tried pointing me in the right direction, knowing that it wouldn’t help much, being who I am.

So he knows that even though I would love to kick everyone’s ass, I can’t. I can help Tyler train, invite him over to dads place, and train with him. Get Jere to help. That could be fun. I kept running, I didn’t run with the others, I just kept running. The circles they’re fighting in is inside the runners tracks. So I could watch them, watch Tyler. As I ran past them, a hand grabbed my arm.


James tells…

As I fought Veronica, I saw him. Richard just reaching out and pulling a runner inside the circle. Then he hit her, and she fell to the ground. Veronica saw what I was looking at, and we started running. The girl weren’t fighting back.

“RICHARD!” I shouted, people turned around, looking at me, and then at what I was looking at.

“Rachael! Are you alright?” A guy ran into the circle to pick her up, but Richard kicked him out again. The girl – Rachael? – was passed out, on the ground. But he kept hitting her.

“RICHARD ARE YOU CRAZY?” I tried, this times more guys interfered, I finally reached, and saw seven guys holding Richard down, while I took the girl out of the circle and placed her on the green grass. Is she breathing? Is she still alive? Blood was running out of her nose, and ears. Her eyelids were turning blue. Her arm was laying funny.

“Are you okay?” I asked. I took my ear down to her nose and could hear the sound of a little breathing.

“She’s alive” I mumbled for myself. “CALL 911” one of the girls yelled. A guy fell on his knees on the other side of her.

“Rachael?” he asked “Rachael wake up” he looked calm, but I could hear he wasn’t.

She took a deep breath before her eyes opened, but it was hard to see.

“Are you okay?”

“What happened?” she asked,

“Richard pulled you into a circle and started beating you” I replied. A guy threw me and the other guy some paper towels.

We started wiping away the blood.

“Who?” she asked confused, then she laughed. “Oh… I think I know who actually”

She tried getting up, but the other guy held her down. “You have to stay down just a little bit, okay? You can barely open your eyes, I don’t want you passing out again”.

She smiled. “Don’t worry about me, I can take it”.

“If she says she can take it, let her” the principal was standing behind me, looking serious.

“But-“ the other guy started.

“But nothing, let her”.

He let go of her, and in front of us she got up, having trouble with the balance, but none the less – able to stand.

“I’ll be fine” she noticed to the principal “Make them cancel the ambulance. I’ll… just need to rest”.

“No more running for today then” the principal said, then he walked to Richard – still being held down by the other guys.

“You are banned from the training area the next two months, if you ever do something like that again, you’ll get thrown out of this school” Then he walked away, and the guys let go of him, and started staring at the wounded girl.

“Rachael” one of the guys that held him down walked to us “I can always train later, what about I help you to the benches?”

She nodded and before she could refuse he took he up in both arms and carried her to them. He sat down, and she was laying down, with the head on his lap.

“Why, Richard?” I asked him “What did she ever do to you?” He looked dead serious as he turned his head towards me. “You wouldn’t have helped her if you knew”.

The rest of the day I watched him. He was more aggressive today, in the cafeteria he threw his food after the cook, and broke the door when told to go home. What ever happened to him when he saw her, must have been heart breaking.


Rachael tells…

The guy left the tracks, and I took a deep breath. My wounds are healing, but this won’t help any.

“I wonder why he attacked you” Tyler noticed “You were just running”.

“He saw my mark” she replied “So he knew who I was. And mostly those that knows… are those my dad have been near” as she said it she turned around and fell asleep. So Richard lost someone in his family… to her dad? I have only seen the good things of that place. I wonder what the bad looks like? I actually don’t want to know. Before class ended she decided to go home – and concerned for her health I followed for once.


Jeremy tells…

“How does you sister seem to you?” I asked. Silencia smiled at me, before sinking and looking down in the table.

“My sister is so perfect –“ she started “That it’s actually kind of creepy” Kind of creepy? Most people described Rachael like that when she was little. So perfect it’s creepy.

“Does it bother you?” I asked.

She smiled at me. “No, I’m lucky to have a sister like that… even though I’m sick, she doesn’t give up on me, or get irritated… she does everything she can for me. Even though there’s nothing I can do for her”.

Sick? I don’t think Rachael ever mentioned that.

“Sick?” I looked at the sister and she nodded.

“My sister don’t tell a lot of people… but when I get into situations where… I don’t know what to do… I freak out, I start screaming, and I can’t stop before someone brings order into my life again. Sis and Mom always fight because of that…” I could see tears in her eyes “But in the end, it’s moms decision, and Rachael knows that… so she aren’t home much”

I thought Ra just didn’t like her mom, if you look at the past. All the times she yelled at Ra, controlled Ra, fought against the rest of us to put boundaries at Ra.

“Does Rachael have a lot of restrictions?” I asked.

The smiled looked like I had told a joke. “No, As long as I can remember, Rachael have taking care of herself, and the only rule is that mom have to know where she spends her night. Like if she sleeps at Tyler’s’, or if she goes to the club and get drunk…”

Tyler? I bit my tongue. Tyler is so god damn cute. Does Rachael really spend that much time with him?

“Mom treats me different” the little sister noticed “I’m not allowed to stay to long out… the only time I’m allowed to do such a thing is if Rachael picks me up and follow me where I need to go. Also Mom is going to be angry at me for skipping school, but if Rachael does it, it’s okay”

I smiled at her. “It’s because you’re Human, Silencia”.

She looked weird at me. “Huh?”

Why is Tyler walking with me all the way home? It’s not like I’m going to faint or anything… he’s just worried I guessed. Oh god, Rachael is close!

“I have to leave know, your sister is coming” I noticed “And I promised her not to visit you. So I’ll see you someday” Then I walked to the door, and ran into the forest. I want to stay, I want to see Tyler. But I can’t do that. I cursed on my way back to the castle.


Rachael tells…

As I walked in, I saw Silencia and my mouth smiled.

“Hello” Tyler said, he was blushing, and I wondered shortly why, before Silencia hugged me, and started mumbling she was sorry for skipping school.

“I don’t blame you” I laughed “I’m skipping school right now… anyway, I’ll only be here for a while”

Tyler looked weird at me, and waited to hear where I was going, but on purpose I went to my room and ignored him. After a little searching I found it.

“I have to clean this mess” I noticed while going out in the kitchen to them.

“I can do it for you!” Silencia smiled at me “I’m home anyway”.

“Thank you” I hugged her.


Tyler tells…

I can smell him here. He aren’t here, but I can smell he has been, and recently! Rachael said goodbye and walked out the door. I sighed and looked at Silencia – I have to ask. I want to know if my nose is cheating me.

“Have Jeremy just been here? Don’t worry, I won’t tell Rachael” I whispered. Silencia nodded silently, and I nodded to her. Then my feet ran after Rachael, who was waiting on me, on the lawn.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Somewhere you can’t come” she noticed “Serano Jum”

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