Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)


2. Ready to Kill

The rain was pouring down, while I walked towards the school. Luckily it doesn’t bother me much, my mascara is gone I’m sure (it’s so cheap), my hair is wet, and my cheeks will be red again, just like last night. When I reached the school, I had to take of my shirt (Luckily I had an underskirt on under that, so I wasn’t showing anything I shouldn’t), but anyway people stared at me. Jenny had asked me (Over the phone) if I could meet her and the new student in her classroom, before class started.

“I’m here” I said in the empty classroom. No one was there, it turned out I was fifteen minutes to fast.

“Oh god! You look so wet”. Jenny sounded surprised. My hair was wet, so is my undershirt, my bra, my pants, everything actually. I was dripping on the floor.

“I’m fine” I said, even though I’m sure I’ll catch a cold of this. If that happens I can always just stay home and read a day or two.

“Don’t you have any clothes you can chan-” I interrupted a bit fast “No, all my clothes is at home, I’ll be fine”.

I looked over her shoulder, a guy - the new dude! - was staring at me with surprise in his face. His eyes was blue, a weird kind of blue, reminding me of the blue water in the warmer countries. His hair is black, and his skin a bit pale. Perhaps he doesn’t get out much?

He’s taller than both Jenny and me.

“Well… “ Jenny sighed “Anyway, this is Adrian”

The guy looked surprised at me, like he had never seen a girl before.

“Hello, my name is Rachael”. He was still staring at me, without saying a word.

“Where are you moving from?” I asked smilingly, Jenny noticed he was stunned, and elbowed him.

“Eh…?” he looked at Jenny, which was hiding a smile.

“He’s moving from Europe” she said. He nodded and then pulled himself together.

“Nice, lived there long?” He bit his lip and nodded.

This is starting to get annoying.

“You have the same classes so if you just can take him around it would be nice” people was starting to get in, and I sat down. Tyler came in, staring at the new guy, who was staring at me.

“The new guy?” Tyler whispered to me “Why is he staring?”

The same reason everyone else is, I guess. I know I’m wearing fewer clothes than normally, but seriously?

Jenny started the class by introducing him. He is a guy of few words, and said nothing more than yes, or no. I got bored, and started looking out at the forest; I could feel my head getting hot, while my nose started to annoy me. “Acchuuuu!” I sneezed, “Bless you” someone said nearby, and I didn’t recognize the voice. “Thank you” I whispered. Opened the book in my book, and started reading about the creatures in the story. During the class I slowly got more and more tired.

When class ended Tyler looked worried. “Are you okay? I think you should go to the nurse’s office” he noticed.

I got up. “I’m f-fine” I stuttered slowly. The new guy walked over to me. “Next class is P.E. right?” I asked them, they both nodded. We walked over to the class in silence. Adrian not liking Tyler, Tyler not liking him, both concerned about me, and me tired more than ever. P.E. started, we started by the girls playing tennis, and the boys soccer. I hardly moved, I lost fast and in the end my energy was so low that I fainted. Teachers and students gathers around me, I got send to the nurse. Since I could hardly stand straight, Tyler came over to carry me again.

“I’m sorry I should have listened” I mumbled into his chest.

He just laughed “Its fine, you just need to relax a bit”

In silence he brought me to the nurse, I got a checkup, and she sighed. “You need rest, and you got a cold”.

“That was fast” Tyler was stunned “Shouldn’t there go a few days, since she was soaking wet today?”.

The nurse nodded “But her system is fighting with her body not sleeping so the process is a bit faster”.

Tyler sighed, and I just relaxed. “Sleep here for a while, in the meantime, get back to your class”. Tyler left, I fell asleep after getting a pill from the nurse. My dream felt weird. I was walking down the street, where I was attacked, the people from before was there, staring down at me. I could feel the sweat on my forehead, when I screamed for help, when he bit me again.

“WAKE UP!” my eyes opened and I sat up in the bed. Adrian was beside me; his hair was messed up, like he had a rough day.

“Are you okay?” he looked at me wondering “It looked like you had a nightmare-”

“I’m fine” I lied, I could feel the sweat on my forehead, my hand touched the little pearls, my forehead is burning up.

“You look very sick” he noticed “Are you okay?”

He sat down, touching my forehead, he looked scared at his hand.

“I’m fine” I repeated, and tried to stand up, he caught me midair, and laid me on the bed again.

“I brought your stuff” he laid the bag beside the bed, and handed me my food. “Thank you”.

He nodded, and started eating his own food.

“Anyway, where are you from?” Europe huh?  I always wanted to travel.

“You haven’t heard about it” he just laughed.

The silence continued while eating, until my phone rang.

“Rachael here?”

“Why, are you at the nurse? She called, telling me that you couldn’t even stand up! What happened?” She was in panic.

I laughed “Nothing… I was just a little tired, and I have a little cold-“

“Stop right there! Why are you tired? Can’t you sleep?”. God dammit!

“I… I haven’t slept very much lately-“

“RACHAEL!” mom shouted through the phone, I took the phone away blushing as he laughed at me. When she was done I took the phone to my ear again.

“I know you have been going to that bookstore I don’t like - you need to go through that creepy neighborhood, what if something happens to you?”

He was stunned.

“Oh stop it mom, like I can’t defend myself” I bit my lip, like I can! Against the guys last night.

“You are just a girl! I know you can fight a grown man, but what if there is a group? What will you do then?”

“Die” I just answered annoyed, the other side got silent, and Adrian starred stunned at me.

“I’m kidding” I said in the phone.

“THAT’S NOT FUNNY!” Mom shouted again.

“Just like you” I mumbled, I looked out the forest “Mom, I’m... going to rest, I’m tired”.

She hanged up, and I lay down again.

“Death isn’t something you should make fun of” he noticed.

I just laughed. “Why not?”

“Because people wouldn’t laugh if you died”.

I sighed “If we take everything seriously in this world, I’ll die of boredom”.

He looked surprised. He left me alone, so I could sleep. After school I could walk actually, I went to the café with Tyler - he wanted me to go home.

I gave back the shirt to Maria, and started doing my homework, this time I actually did a lot.


Adrian tells…

I was sitting on the roof, the vampire’s favorite hunting street is right down below me, but humans avoid it. Last night they got away, because Rachael was so hurt I had to look, to make sure she didn’t need help. How could she lie to her mother like that?

Telling her it’s not dangerous. Rachael fainted, probably because the vampires took so much blood from her. I could hear steps, I jump roofs so I could see the person, I was stunned. Her again! This time with headphones on, with her bag on her shoulders. I got mad and annoyed at the same time. Does she have a death wish?

“You better not get attacked” this time the vampires didn’t care about being careful getting caught, the hit her in the wall, wanting to kill her instantly. I was stunned when she pulled out a knife in each hand, stabbed the vampire in the stomach, while hitting her head once hard into his. The three others was stunned first, but then tried to fight her, I was stunned myself. Da fuck? How does she know that kind of fighting?

She tripped one of them, killing him instantly with the knife in his chest, then one of them got the knife from her, with her energy low I started moving. This can’t be right. The one how got knifed in the stomach got up, ready to bite her.

“SCREAM BITCH!” I threw my knife in his back, and started fighting them; she was fainted along the wall, tired like in school. I killed them, and then walked to her; she was so still and pale.

Rachael, what were you thinking?

“I’m surprised seeing you here” she laughed. Her eyes were open and staring into mine “So... you are a killer for fun?”.


I paid for the coffee, we were walking towards her home - I’m not leaving her to get attacked again.

“Why did you walk the street again?” I sighed, and she just smiled at me. “I’m a bad loser, so I thought I could take them out one man”.

One man? She is far from being a man, I don’t think she realizes that.

“Where did you learn to fight like that?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders. “My dad taught me, later on I took different classes, my mom suggested it”.

“Why?”. Normal humans doesn’t know much about the danger.

“She was afraid my dad would kidnap me” she said bluntly, without an emotion running through her face. Her lips touched the edge of the coffee cup.

“So you live with your mother?” I asked, She nodded “My dad left when I was three, about there…”

“I’m sorry” I noticed. She laughed. “I’m not!”

I wonder why she denies her feeling. I guess it’s the feeling of sorrow; it must be too much for her…

“But know to my questions” she demanded “Why are you killing random people?”

Not random, I would never kill a human.

“It’s hard to explain” I answered.

She winked at me “You better, or I’m going to turn you in to the police”.

“That’s blackmail!” I noticed scared. She just laughed. It’s hard explaining a human magic stuff.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” I just said. “Try me”.

“I’m a Light protector”. She spit out her coffee “A what?”

“A Light protector, that’s all you need to know”.

“A descendant of Fria and the god of the ice kingdom” she mumbled. This time I spit out my coffee. “How did you know that?”

She took a book out from her bag and opened it. It was the original story of my race.

“So Larissa and the god of nature?” she asked carefully.

“It’s true too” I was staring at her. Fighting like one of us, knowing our history.

“Do you have any magical family members?”

She shrugged “Not of what I know of” Something else was on her mind; she was stunned, looking at the forest beside us. So she lives near the forest?


“The ones who attacked me, were they vampires?” I should be careful, not all humans can take the information.

Her face had no expression, but I’m sure something I going on in that head of hers.

She fainted, and I only caught her in last second. Why does she keep fainting? It must be the poison in her veins.

“Are you okay?” her eyes were opened “I’m fine, my head hurts”.

She suddenly stiffened, looking at me, but looking through me at the same time.



Rachael tells…

I looked up, seeing the face of my dad laughing at me, telling me I did well in my training, he did something with his hands, and butterflies emerged from nothing but air. I saw myself laying my bed, my door shutting and opening. My mom with scars everywhere, my dad crying, yelling, and getting hurt.


“I’m fine” I lied, while tears ran down my cheeks. He hugged me, and I led him. The pictures are both scaring and making me happy. I have almost no memory of my dad, but still. The scars! He helped me up, and suggested I got home. He followed me in silence; I got home, lay in my bed and fell asleep almost immediately


My head was pumping hard, and I could feel my cheeks were wet when I woke up. When I was walking towards school I noticed Adrian was following me.

“Join me up here” I demanded, my headache is bad.

“Good morning, how are you feeling?” he asked smilingly.

“My head hurts” I just said angrily. His blue eyes looked into mine.

“It’s the poison disappearing from your body” he noticed “You should have stayed home”.

“No thank you”. We walked in silence, while I tried not to think about all the stuff that might be real, and what might be fiction after all.

“Are you sure? You can still turn around”. Shut up, stop talking, keep walking.

He didn’t get the idea about silence, or about the fact that I was ignoring him. “It’s not healthy doing, what you are doing”.

I kept walking, thinking about the butterfly dad made.

“You really sh-” I got enough of this; I turned around and laid my lips against him, forcing him to shut up. When done, he was stunned, and I started walking towards the school, he didn’t say I word, so I guess he understood the point of the kiss.

“Hey Rae!” Tyler ran over to me “Shouldn’t you be resting at home-“he looked at Adrian “Did you two walk together to school?”. Adrian still shocked, didn’t answer, I ignored him, and walked to my desk with Tyler. Adrian decided to ignore me, so he started to stare out the window, he did that through every class, even through break. When I was walking home he took a hold at my shoulder and dragged me into the forest.

“Why are you messing with my head?” he yelled at me, holding me up against a tree.

“I’m not” I answered annoyed.

“Why do you go on suicide missions, knowing you can die? Why aren’t you shocked? How do you know about my kind? Why can you fight?” he looked frustrated and angry at the same time.

“I’m not doing that to mess with you, that’s just who I am, and leave me alone!” I tried to push him away, but all strength was gone, I’m still sick.

“Why did you kiss me? I doubt you ever kiss Tyler just because he talked!” I bit my lip, I don’t know. How could I know? I just did it, because my instincts told me.

“I follow my instincts” I answered “and they told me, I didn’t have to listen to you, if I just kissed you”.

Then his face turned to stone, like that wasn’t what he hoped. He laughed scornful “Well, you can hardly call what you did a kiss”.

“Like I would ever really kiss you!” I yelled at him, wishing he would just leave me alone. He hit the tree behind me, looking angry at me. “I would never ever kiss a little girl like you! I have had ladies, real women in my bed, women you will never reach”.

I felt something inside me hurt a bit, I don’t know why. I wanted to hit him so bad, wanted to hurt him.

“Why should I care, sleep with whoever you want! It’s not like I care!”. He bit his lip so bad it started to bleed, it dripped onto my shirt. “Yeah, because you have Tyler, right? A little puppy dog doing your every command!”

I punched him in the stomach “Don’t talk about Tyler like that, keep him out of this!” His hand was holding on his stomach; bend over me, looking down at me.

“At least, I know how to give a real kiss” then he walked away kicking a rock deep into the forest. I walked home, angry and irritated. 

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