Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

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13. No secrets, only hatred

“I don’t have the Guidion virus or education” I noticed and stood up. If I need to discuss this - to even think about it! - I’ll have to be equal with him.

“It doesn’t matter for us” he noticed “As long as you’re a lighter, we’re happy”

I took a deep breath. “You said the council had chosen me… do you mean the vampire community counsel?” Long ago dad taught me about the vampires and their community, I can only remember so little…

“Yes” he looked surprised when I said it. “If you say yes you’ll naturally get paid for the work you do, every month”.

“Before I answer anything, I’ll have to know what you want me to do” I noticed. To help other creatures with such things is illegal in every way. I guess I don’t have to care, since I’m pretty sure I’m already wanted in Amalion.

“It’s easy” he smiled and gave me a paper “Other kingdoms will contact you, to contact us. In that way unfriendly killing will be harder to achieve… You’ll be making contracts and deciding if the things offered from both side is equally good, you’ll make sure that people follow their contract, and will have a contact in each kingdom. If you say yes I’ll be the contact person, which would be a downside for me, it would mean I get no vote in the counsel, but this is better for my race”

I nodded. He makes sense. Vampires are killed all the time by not only lighters, but also other creatures. Since they live of blood they can’t just seal off into their own world, making them needing. “What do you wish to achieve by doing this?” I asked him. He smiled.

“Before you answer yes or no, I’ll ask you to follow me into the nest…” he noticed. I tried not to look surprised. The biggest honor you can get as a lighter in the hands of a vampire is to see their nest - they protect it with all their power.

“What if I decides to say no?” I noticed on my way into the elevator.

“I trust you, Rachael” he smiled at me “You don’t seem like a person that would betray so many people”

The elevator started to go down.

“You see, we keep count in how many dies every year, months, and week. All because we need blood. If we can trade protection to other races for blood, our deaths would minimize” he noticed “Of course there can be other trading’s than just blood ones, but that is mostly what the counsel is looking for”.

The elevator stopped and I looked shocked at the cave.

It’s like an egg, the inside, with no egg inside. Just a lot of air!

Stairs going all the way down - longer than I could see! - people chatting and talking around on the stairs, some buildings have multiple seats for them. Even though I can’t see so much, I can see enough to say it looks beautiful!

“I know you can’t see in the dark” his hand fell on my shoulder “but I hope you can see enough too-“

“It’s beautiful” I mumbled. He started laughing.


A long time ago…

“Hey” Ray opened the door, George was right behind him, I was in the kitchen - I’m lucky. I can warn them now!

I stopped them at the door. “I have someone over, she isn’t magical” I stepped back into the kitchen and kept working on the dinner… Homemade pizza.

“Hello there” Ray went into the living room-part and winked at her. I hope she doesn’t mind guys like that - she is a girl, perhaps she likes it a bit?

“Hello” she mumbled, I guess she really likes that game. She doesn’t stop, she just keep on going and killing. Ray took a look at the screen and stood like he had been hypnotized.

“Rachael, do you mind onions?” I yelled at her.

“Nope” she answered, I threw a bit on, and took some random things on before getting it into the oven.

Ray and George was both sitting beside her, staring into the screen. The beer I gave her so many hours ago is still untouched at her feet.

“How many years have you played this game?” Ray asked surprised. Rachael’s eyes didn’t leave the screen.

“No one” she said.

“It’s Rachael first time playing videogames like these” I noticed, Ray and George stared at me for moment, then at her.

“Mind if I join?” Ray asked.

“Nope, while you do that, I think I’ll borrow your bathroom” she got up and walked out into the kitchen.

“She is so hot!” Ray noticed.

George laughed “You only like her, because she can play videogames”.

She came out and smiled at us, before sitting between Ray and George again. She yawned a bit, making Ray stare at her.

I think I heard him mumbles something like “So cute!”

Typical Ray. I have seen him fall for smaller things than that.

“Rachael perhaps you should call your mother to tell her you’ll be late home, if you wanted to eat with us” I noticed “Before you enter the game again” If I want to be her friend I shouldn’t make her mother mad.

“Of course” she said and got up. She found her phone in her backpack that was lying on the kitchen table.

“Hi mom!” she started; the other side started talking fast and loudly so she removed the phone from her ear. Is their relationship really that bad?

“I’m at…” I wrote down the address, and she repeated it into the phone. Her mother probably knows that this is a bad neighborhood.

“Yeah, I know its dark outside…” she said laughingly “It’s just night, mom. You know… it comes every day”

The other side started yelling again.

“Don’t worry mom. You know I can defend myself” she smiled to the ground and swung her legs towards the ground. The chair is too high for her to touch the ground with her feet, when she sits. It looks so child-like.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!” she said, while coughing.

Her mother started talking again. “No, mom… Yeah, I’m aware”

“Yeah I know… Yes, no… no… yes… bye” she hanged up and shrugged her shoulders.

“Your mom afraid of you going home from here?” I asked smilingly.

She smiled “She knows she don’t have to worry, I can defend myself if necessary”

“Yeah, I know that too” I touched my neck, it’s still sore.

She ran back to the couch and threw herself between them again, and started playing against them - she took them down easily. Without hesitation. They both sat speechless after the game, she was laughing very silently while covering her mouth.

“One more time!” Ray demanded - he did that twenty-seven times before I told them to stop and eat some pizza.

Ray and Rachael was loudly discussing his mistakes, while George just laughed and took it with a smile, and I laughed at them discussing it, like it was important. I looked at the watch. Two in the morning! We all need to get some sleep!

“You know, I can drive you home-“ Ray noticed “I got a motorcycle”

“You don’t seem old enough for that” Rachael noticed but then she smiled “Thanks, but no thanks. It’s healthy to walk a bit. Besides if I cut through the forest it’ll only take me thirty minutes to get home” the idea of her walking in the woods at night made me see horror movies images every time I blinked.

“I don’t think it’s that good an idea at night” Ray noticed “There can be creepy people in the forest at night-“

She just smiled. “Like I said, I can defend myself. Besides that, it takes a lot to scare me” She jumped of the chair and took her bag. “See you at school” she noticed and walked out the door. Ray was sitting with a dreamy expression in his face, while George helped me do the dishes.

“I think I’m falling for her guys!” Ray noticed.


Adrian tells…

I hate this. Why did he tell? Couldn’t he just shut his mouth?  It’s not like it’s that important!

He smiled at me, goldilocks. “I had seen you before!” he laughed “You are an excellent protector!”. Yeah everyone knows… everyone who knows the score…

“Why did you tell I survived?” I stared at him. He smiled while looking in the ground.

“Not many people do that” he noticed “No one actually. We even have a trace of the lighters he works with now! They keep going in and out of their portal”

Huh? They don’t have to! Oh well… if they keep track of Rachael… I guess they do.

“Besides” he smiled “I’ll like to meet the lucky girl you saved to”

Rachael? The girl he kissed. I guess he don’t know that the one I saved is the girl he kissed, or as he said - kissed him.

“Really?” I asked polite. I hate being polite, perhaps I should tell him that ‘his girl’ actually is the one that I saved.

The doors opened and the king stood before me.

“Adrian, nice to see you again!” he smiled at me “I have heard from my son that you saved a girl form the darkest lighters and survived!” He sounded happier than ever. I guess I have to tell him everything - if I keep anything back I can be seen as a dark lighter, making everything worse for her and me.

“Hello” I smiled at him “There is more to the story than that”

“Let us eat! While doing that you can tell us everything!” a table with food, and chairs appeared. The food was some of the most wonderful dishes in this world, but I’m not feeling hungry.

“Thank you, sir” I said polite.

“So start with the beginning Adrian” he asked “You got in, then what? How did you get pass the guards? No! Tell me about the girl first”

He took a Videre and placed on the table. He wants me to show her… I grabbed it and bit my tongue while remembering how she looked.

She appeared on the table standing smiling in the dress she wore the night her granddad took her.

“She is a beauty!” the king said smilingly, I laughed silently, I guess he won’t say that when he hears about her dad.

I looked at goldilocks. He was stunned while looking at her - I guess she was wearing the exact same dress the night he met her, huh? That is the dress she wore the same night, she visited me.

“Yeah” I just smiled at him. “She is… Well it starts with her being human and attacked by vampires - I saved her one night, and the next she walked the same street again, but this time she recognized me, and since we went to the same school I had to tell her about lighters…”

Suddenly a light appeared for goldilocks; he then bit his tongue and looked down in the table. I guess it’s not so nice for him to know she actually is my responsibility, and he just helped her for one night eh?

“Of course! Then what happened?” he sounded happy.

“I took her home, so she could meet my parents, that wanted to know if she perhaps was a lighter” I smiled at them “But after the visit, we were standing at the door and this Fronta barged in. She was hit by the door, barely escaped it, and killed it with a knife. It wasn’t completely dead, but my brother and I was too busy studying her wounds. So the Fronta got up and ran towards my little sister. The girl ran in between them and took a hit that would have killed my little sister. She took a lot of damage, but nothing deadly at the time. Then she decided to stay the night since she couldn’t walk, and human mothers aren’t use to teenagers getting home so wounded”.

I could see my words about her being hurt hurts him, but I like that right now.

“The next day she walked into the bathroom to take a shower, when one of the darkest lighters shows up. My older brother got my little sister out of the way while we fought with him a bit, I’m sure he could have killed us if he wanted to, but that didn’t seem to be his objective…” I mumbled and then sighed “Apparently he wanted to see every last person in the house since he heard the girl in the bathroom and headed for her. When we all entered she was standing in two towels and he was holding a knife at her neck”

The king looked exited. Not a lot of people survive a meet with the darkest lighters, I know that.

“The girl suddenly gave him a real good punch in the face without knowing who he was at the moment. He grabbed her and they disappeared together”.

I bit my lip; I think I shouldn’t tell his dad about my meeting with his son in the woods. I can see him getting more and more nervous, is it for Rachael? Is he afraid I survived without her?

“When I found the castle and got in, I was there for a few hours I think, I was caught by the youngest of the dark lighters. He took me down like I was nothing” I admitted “they got me in a torture chamber, and tortured me for countless hours. The girl in the meantime was being killed by them injecting vampire poison into her veins” I said it without any emotions in the face. I don’t want to think about her screams.

“The older one saw me, and thought it would be funny for them to put me in her cell, so I could watch her die”

The King was staring at me with the most interested look ever.

“She was dying, barely speaking and sleeping half of the time. When… When I saw her chest stopped moving, I started shouting at her to make her regain consciousness. I called out her name, and the darkest lighter showed up and unhooked her from the wall” They were both staring at me, I took my hand of the Videre and sighed.

“I fainted and woke up in a bed. When I got some new clothes on I was taking to a dinner table with the darkest lighters” I said and took a deep breath “they didn’t really talk to me, until my friend appeared healthy in the doorway”

The stared at me for real now, I looked down in the table.

“Apparently when I shouted the name of her, the youngest of the darkest lighter heard me and took her down because…” it is hard just saying. But if I don’t… she’ll be hunted down by every lighter…

“She is the darkest lighters daughter” I sighed.

The king stared for moment where the picture of her had been.

“But…” the son stared at me “Didn’t she think she was human?”

I nodded. “Apparently when her mother left her dad, the mother took her and got some medicine that wiped all her memories of being a lighter. Seeing her dad gave her a sense of truth and… now she is slowly regaining her memory of being a lighter while living with her mother”.

The king stared down in the table. Another powerful person… it must be hard to be king and keep everything together without losing your own mind.

“What type of lighter?” asked the king slowly. I smiled at him “She is a mix of a wind and a ferike”. The son stared at me for a moment. I guess he wants to talk with me again after his dad has left. That would be nice too; I have to talk to him about him and Rachael kissing.

“Does she see herself as a dark lighter?”

“No” I answered “I don’t see her as a dark lighter, and I think she does that too”

The king nodded and got up. “Is there a way you can get her to Amalion?”  That was coming even before I got a word said when I arrived. They would like to meet her as the lucky human, now they’ll meet her as the lighter condemned to be evil by every lighter that ever lost a person dear to them to the dark lighters.

“I can talk with her. But I don’t think she’ll be able to come here… not yet. Her powers are draining her of energy, she is tired all the time, so she aren’t healthy enough to visit right now”

The king just nodded. “Excuse me” then he walked out the door, I’m sure he’ll kick something on the way.

The prince and I stared into each other’s eyes without moving a finger. So goldilocks… the one that kissed the girl of my dreams before I even got a date with her. The one that saved her just one night and got her and me in all of this trouble.

His girl as he calls her. I compared our fighting styles and try to figure out who would win in a battle. I know Rachael will be against such primitive things, but I think I’ll love it.

“The night I met you, did you know that I was taking about her?” he asked without his eyes leaving mine.

I smiled at him. “The second you mentioned her wound on the arm I knew”

“But you didn’t tell?” he laughed “I guess you are her boyfriend?”

I bit my tongue and smiled at him. “You know the law better than I, she is a lighter and I’m a protector. The law is against it” Even though many falls in love despite what they are, no one ever gets children and marry.

“I’m aware that the law doesn’t stop some” he noticed “Are you two dating?”

“No” I answered without hesitation. It’s a straight lie, and I’m sure he knows, but right now I can’t say anything else.

Then he laughed. “You are a true liar. If I were the protector I wouldn’t be able to keep away from her. I would love every second I spend with her. I could feel that just from the moment I met her. I would protect her with my life gladly. I can see the same in your eyes, but I don’t think it’s the same”

I giggled. “Even if I weren’t a protector do you really think I would go out with her?” this is the hardest thing I’ll ever say

“She’s a mess, and only brings trouble” so stay away from her, ‘cause she’s my trouble.

“Do you want to hear my opinion of your relationship… If you had one?” he asked.

“Sure” I said and tried to seem bored.

“I think” he started “That you will hurt her so bad… That you will break her heart into a million pieces… I think your relationship with her would end up killing her of a broken heart. I have seen you in Amalion many times. I don’t fancy your way of being in a relationship with women. And I’m sure that when she gets here… she’ll see the same thing that I see in you, and that will make her realize that she is making the biggest mistake in her life” 

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