Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)


17. I'll Never give up

“Sis! Where have you been?” Silencia was staring at me, still in her silky pajamas, what’s the time? Suddenly she stepped forward and her nose went to my mouth. “You smell like alcohol!”

I laughed “How do you know, how alcohol smell?” she blushed instantly and I just smiled. “Don’t worry sis, I know how to take care of myself”

I could see the worry in her eyes. “Where have you been?” she repeated. I sighed. Silencia isn’t usually like this. I guess it’s the effect of her discovering the truth. But she had to, sooner or later.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m home now… And there’s school tomorrow! Why are you up?” I stared at her, who was blushing and looking down at her hands.

“I just… I was worried… I heard the door close, and then you were gone. If another one of those monsters appeared here, how-“

OH! My teeth slowly bit my lip. She don’t feel safe?

“Sit down and relax, I’ll tell you a secret”

She sat down instantly, and I took a deep breath.

“The one who sends the creatures, isn’t going to send so many in one day… I know who sends them, and if something happens to you… I’ll personally kill him” I promised “So go in and sleep again”

“Goodnight” she hugged me and silently walked to her room, and threw myself at the couch, wishing for the night to be a little longer.


Tyler tells…

“Jeez! We were so worried” I hugged him. He didn’t answer, he looked dead tired. His clothes were all dirty and had holes everywhere.

“I’m fine.. I just needed to run it off” he mumbled.

“I need to go to school, please relax the rest of the day… okay?”

He nodded and walked towards his room, I grabbed my backpack and swung it around my left arm. “Tyler, before you leave… who are the Lighter that follows her around?”

I sighed and smiled to him. “His name is Adrian” He nodded and disappeared into his room, leaving me alone in the kitchen. The little sun stripes on the table looked warm, and reminds me of the weather in my own country. I miss Diamond, I miss the school. I miss Fewi, and the birds Fewi. I would love, just to see it. Just one more time. Ray left the country after his mother and dad was killed by Lighters, George left the family ‘cause he couldn’t take their way of living. (They lived in the human world… with no money, on dirty savannas, killing bypassing humans and animals… eating ‘em raw)

He don’t dream of going back, he dreams of finding them, and take his little sister with him. As soon as he gets more money, and a chance to take care of her. That’s why he works so hard. But he can’t seem to get any money in the little jobs he got. If I had any, then I would give it to him. My heartbeat started rising as I looked at the clock. Damn! I ran down the stairs and took the short cut through the forest. I ran through a little clearing; suddenly something hit me in the back, pushing me through the air, and into a tree.

“Freak” he laughed. I sighed. A lighter, clearly a wind lighter. I know they aren’t allowed to kill us, unless we are in our real form. But some don’t care.

“You’re breaking the rules” I noticed, with almost no breath left.

“So?” he laughed “Nobody will care if you die!”.

I raised my head and looked at him. I know him! He’s in the same class as me!

“I don’t think anyone really cares about you” he suddenly laughed “If I have heard correctly, then you’re running around with lighters, and that’s a rumor we have to kill at once” he laughed “Do you really think any of our kind will ever love you? Filthy beast”

My back is wounded, I let the backpack slide of my back and I raised myself. “I… Why are you following me?”

He laughed “Since I saw you in Omicron with the wanted Lighter, have I planned to kill you” Rachael? I got up, my right hand got bigger and more furry. As soon as the whole claw was out with the big black nails took I a deep breath. “Aw? Did I hit a sore spot?” he asked mockingly, I waited, staring down in the ground. He’s right. Nobody really loves me. Not my mother, not my dad, my own country threw me out. But I won’t be forgotten, I’ll be remembered. If not by Ray and George, then by Rachael. And I don’t want to give him a chance to kill her too.

He ran towards me, I blocked with my right arm, Lighter powers can’t go through my skin, only their knives. I missed the shot of wind, it cut me in the forehead, making a little blood run down, as soon as he was two meters from me, I hit him in the stomach with the arm,  leaving him breathless. If I continue this battle, then I’ll die. He slowly raised himself on the one arm, I ran to my backpack and grabbed it fast before running as I turned my arm normal again. I reached the school, being happy to dump down at the seat next to Rachael, who was banging the head down into the table, so she’s having a hangover.

“I’ll never drink again” I heard her mumble. I laughed “Good morning”

She turned her head towards me and then she stared. “What happened to you?”

“Nothing” I answered and found some paper towels in my back and started to dry of the blood. She didn’t stop looking. She sighed. “Who attacked you? I can smell the lighter magic from here” I sniffed, but I couldn’t smell anything like that. I could smell an apple, some flowers, different kind of perfumes, but nothing I could call ‘Lighter magic’.

“Nobod-“ I started, but suddenly she was right infront of me looking me straight into the eyes. “Tyler, Who attacked you?” I could see something in her eyes I have never seen before. Worry - for me?, and also disappointment - is that also directed to me?

“Just - someone from our class”. She mumbled something low for herself.

“Do you have a patch?” I asked, she laughed “Let me help you” The tip of her forefinger touched the wound.

“How’s that going to help?” I asked. She smiled at me and leaned close before whispering in my ear. “I healed you, remove the rest of the blood, then it will look like you never got hit” I cleaned it up, and class started. I never seen her participate in class so much. We reached pause and got some dinner. She didn’t ask more, she just listened when I told about Ray. She didn’t stop me, didn’t interrupt.

“I hope he’s fine” she mumbled “I didn’t want to upset him..”

“He’ll be fine” I promised. My apple tasted sweet, and the juice did too. The grey table made a little bump sound and shakes a bit, I stared at her, and she was blushing faster than ever.

“What?” I looked around, only seeing one person that could make her do that. Adrian was sitting at a table filled with lighters. Both girls and boys.

“I wonder what you see in him” I said and stared down into my little red apple. Of course he is sexier than any other boy I ever met - if you don’t include Shawn - but she doesn’t seem like the type that goes after looks. And there aren’t anything else good about him. He’s an idiot.

“I don’t see anything in him” she answered and looked down into her sandwich “I really don’t” she mumbled. Was that for me, or did she say that for herself?

“Why don’t you ask him out? If you like him so much?” I laughed. She sighed.

“It’s not that simple” she mumbled.

“It is” I answered “Just walk on your feet and-“

She smiled at me fast and just yawned “Anyway… I was wondering if I can trick you into coming home with me Saturday?” she stared into the table and played with her thumbs.

“Sure” I answered.

“I mean at my dad’s house” she noticed.

The evil dad? I bit my lip. “Sure” I answered, this will be interesting. I guess she wouldn’t ask me if she didn’t think it will be safe.

She got up, and a whole plate of spaghetti landed on her clothes.

“Sorry” the Lighter from this morning said without any regret in his voice.

“No harm done” she said, and obviously didn’t catch the ‘I did it on purpose’. His eye twitched as he turned away “Low class Lighter” he walked to steps away and then Rachael started laughing out loud. “Says the Rabbit” People are starting to turn around and look. This isn’t good.

“What did you call me?!” he turned around, looking furious. She laughed again, and just smiled at him. “A rabbit”

I pulled in her shirt “Rachael - don’t”

“I don’t care” she told me “About my clothes, but there’s only so little a person can get away with in this world”

He took a deep breath “Like I would care about a person in so low class-“ he started again.

“Knock it off” Adrian appeared beside Rachael and pushed the guy back “What’s your problem?”.

The guy - obviously outnumbered - bit his lip and started to back off.

“You’re lucky for now Rachael” he said. Then he ran off.

We sat down, all three of us.

“He should watch out” she noticed while looking after him “A little rabbit like him, shouldn’t pick a fight with a dragon”

Adrian laughed “Since when did you become a dragon?”

“When I measured my powers to his” she answered laughingly.

“Still” Adrian started “You shouldn’t pick fights with anyone, you know better than anyone, that even if you didn’t start it, you’ll get the blame”

I stared at him. Why is that? I know lighters sometimes hate each other, but Rachael is so sweet and normally silent, so nobody should be mad at her… why is this suddenly happening? It can’t possibly be because of her - getting her memory back… can it?

“What?” I asked “I’m confused”

Adrian sighed as he looked at me. I know Adrian well enough to know he has the normal attitude for a lighter - I’m just a freak in a disguise, he’s not allowed to kill unless I turn.

“Rachael is a ferike, which is the race most commonly known to be… evil” he said “Therefor they are… taken care of, if they cause to much trouble”

Taken care of? As in killed? I stared at Rachael, who looked into the ground.

“Not only if they cause to much trouble Adrian” she noticed “Whole families are killed, just because of what they are…” I could see something in her eyes when they met mine. The same kind of disappointment as when I told her it was nothing.

I reached out and grabbed her hand. “Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s not so stupid that he’ll try again”

Adrian started laughing “If he has any pride, he will”.

Rachael didn’t laugh. “That’s what I’m afraid for” she said “He’s pure wind lighter to the bone, direct descendent from The original Wind lighter ‘Elleine’, only one in the world like that. But because he’s so pure, his powers are weaker than most”

We stared at her, both of us looking surprised. “How did you know that?” Adrian ask surprised. She smiled at him. “Don’t look so surprised! I’m ferike, you know that…”

“Yeah you are, and I don’t know what kind of powers Ferike has, so you’re freaking me out a little bit” he noticed while looking dead serious.

“Don’t worry” she just said “Class is starting now, we should get going-“

Adrian weren’t happy, but I didn’t care, we got up and left him at the table. Jenny caught us midway into class and made Rachael go to the principal’s office to register as a lighter. I guess it’s kind of a big deal for a school to know who are and who aren’t magical. Also the Gethernight is coming up here on Friday, if she aren’t registered she won’t be invited.

The class was boring - that was actually new. Normally Jenny is full of life, makes jokes and such. Not today, she seem strangely tired, I went up to her desk, when class was over. “Are everything alright?” I asked. I have seen Jenny much home at Rachael’s. So she actually worries about me - she has always taken care of me, just like Rachael, since I met her.

“Yes, Tyler” she said “I’m just a little tired, I have so many classes to teach, and recently I have had other stuff to take care of too, so I’m in a little need of sleep”.

I nodded. “I hope it’ll get better”

“Thank you” she said, then she walked out leaving me alone in the classroom. Rachael never returned from the principal’s office. She came in half-way through the next class, carrying lots of little folders. I remember getting a few when I came into this school, but not that many. I couldn’t talk to her, it was impossible since I was sitting in the back, and she was sitting on the front line - since the only seat available was up front.

The teacher was rude and yelled at her for being so late, when he asked where she had been, she answered at the principals - for an hour and a half. Everyone stared at her.

“What did you do?” he asked confused.

She smiled. “I didn’t do anything, there were just something wrong with my registration in the system”

The teacher suddenly nodded and class continued. My feet was tingling after getting up and running to her, to see and hear what happened. This isn’t normal. Not for other creatures like me - Lighters are different from others.

I ran to her, as soon as class ended, she seemed tired.

“Can’t we just… relax at my place today?” she asked before I said something “I’m a bit tired”.

“Sure” I said, and kept myself calm the whole way to her place. Nobody was home, so we found some popcorn and relaxed in the couch.

“I know you’re tired” I started “But I’m curious… What happened in the time you were gone?”

She smiled to me, looking at me from my lap. “He just… wanted to see my powers, then we talked about possibilities after school”

“Like extra classes?” I asked, she laughed. “No, like a job… What happens when I’m done in school”

We never talked about that before. Mostly because creatures like me are told to lay low and take low class jobs with bad pay - to not get killed. We have talked about university, but I’m not sure now…

“Can I see the things you got?” I asked. She nodded and said they were in the backpack.

I took them up and realized one of them was a book. It was a big thick book - not a little brochure as I thought.

“What is this?” I asked.

“All the jobs with description in Amalion and in the human world - and in other worlds for that matter” she said, half way to dream land. I opened up. The first chapter was jobs for Earth lighters.

Guard of the Amalion castle, where the king of our race lives, is the training hall for the young and promising earth lighter. Lot of space, lot of the beautiful country to see, and possibility to find the love of your life - since the law of ‘none love in the job’ is removed many years ago. The job is relaxing, the paycheck good, and there are possibilities of getting promoted throughout the years. For further information, contact your information center.

Most of the other jobs for earth lighters were kind of the same thing - some other jobs like being a maid in the ‘finer’ end of Amalion appeared also, but that didn’t look too good, and the pay was ‘average’. I’m not sure how much that is.

I read to the next chapter - she was sleeping really deep.

The fire Lighters… their job was all dangerous. Of course since their element is fire - the danger comes with the power.

The next was Water lighters.  I read the first introduction.

As all know in Amalion, Water Lighters are extraordinary good fighters, therefor the main population of water lighters joins “FFTC”, but there are other jobs - like search parties in the ocean - that water lighters can have.

I guess Adrian will become a fighter. That only makes sense… with his attitude.

I skipped that chapter - the thought of Adrian made med mad.

Wind lighters! I was looking forward to this - Seeing the possibilities that she has.

The most wanted job as a wind lighter is - of course - Stormaxio. Not all Lighters know this, but in the beginning of our existence created Natrona a never ending storm. This storm would kill every living being in Our World if not for the Stormaxio. Their job is to take care of the weather in our world. Houses are built in different strategic places, to control the area’s weather and then a wind Lighter move in. The paychecks you get are extraordinary, and the bonuses as a Stormaxio are always better than most other jobs. But of course the demands are high. One of the demands are your magic, if your apply for this job, you’ll be tested in how high on the Guilin-scale you are, you have to be over nr. 7 to enter. After that you’re background will be checked, and then a leader will decide if you’re qualified for the job.

That sounds hard. What is the Guilin-scale? And how high is she on it?

I kept reading…

Wind lighters are known for travelling, long and in all kind of weather. Most of them buy a lot of stuff during their trips and sells it once they get home. They are known as salesmen, and need no qualifications.

The list kept on going, then there were the ‘Everyman jobs’, mostly small and not very good paycheck. When I closed the book I realized something. Ferike - why aren’t they in the book? Did I skip it? I looked in the start; there isn’t any chapter with ferike! Why not? I threw it down and looked at the small brochure. It was for the ‘Stormaxio’.

The specific pay you get, actually stood there. 230.000 golden coins a month. That’s way too much, aren’t that a mistake? A typo perhaps? If gold coins have the same value as it did in my country, then… this is the most overpaid job ever. I looked at the other brochures both that were just the rules and so of the school - which she hadn’t gotten since she weren’t registered. I know she’s changing… but I hope she’ll not become a total stranger… 

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